Freebie Info - SOMA & Costume Quest [ENDED]

I'm bored Bored! BORED! Wanna go home. Today, for you:

SOMA & Costume Quest

SOMA and Costume Quest will be free at Epic Games Store until November 7th. As always, you can get the game through the link above, or straight from the Epic Games launcher. Either way, the game will be added directly to your Epic Games library.

Have a look if interested and enjoy.

The next freebies from Epic will be Nuclear Throne and Ruiner starting November 7th.

For a moment I read "SOMA Costume".

Gonna need everyone to play SOMA. It's a really fun game, even if you decide to play it as a spooky walking simulator.... which I did. It's still tense and spooky, without any of the annoying stealth mechanics and enemies being able to go to places where lore and audio logs are.

SOMA is probably the best Frictional game IMHO. It feels like it nails just how to make the bottom of the ocean seem cold and dark and oppressive and while the killer robots feel a bit unneeded, other then to keep a sense of tension, the themes are rather well done for the most part.


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