Games you're going to finish someday, you swear.

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Metroid 1. Honestly, the design has not aged well, but I kinda feel like I should finish it.

Metroid 1. Honestly, the design has not aged well, but I kinda feel like I should finish it.

If you have access to it, Zero Mission is much the same thing with some Quality of Life improvements added and a final chapter added on at the end(which may or may not be an improvement)

Honestly, there are so many to name in my case that any list I would put up would be woefully incomplete.

So...I'm going to put one here's that's VERY out of the box.

Someday I will TOTALLY finish making that really big RPG I started working on like 5 years ago (and have had an on-off relationship with making since then)

I've made 5 out of the 8 planned dungeons, I have plenty of the later cutscenes done...But I keep getting discouraged with two giant bugbears.

1) Making dungeons is the part of RPG design I enjoy least. And for this game, every single dungeon revolves around a central puzzle style or gimmick that makes designing these so much harder than normal.

Like...The dungeon I'm supposed to be working on next is centered on leaving behind party members temporarily. I have no idea how the heck I'm going do design a dungeon like that, that feels properly satisfying while also preventing the player from trapping themselves in it.

2) The combat system is absurdly complex, with dozens of skills and modifiers to skills that the player can swap in and out as they please. And I love that about it. But it means that there's a certain expectation that every battle will have some nifty tricks or strategies to use, which makes designing enemies require a TON of thinking.

See, this is why I prefer making smaller RPGs for contests with tight deadlines! It prevents me from overscoping!

Ugh...Mods as my witness, I WILL someday finish making that game.

Alien Isolation. I had really good fun with it when it first came out, but I then inadvertently heard about a game mechanic regarding the Alien - namely that it is constantly 'rubber-banded' to the player. And this completely ruined the experience for me. The Alien was no longer (well, it never was) something that I could outfox and escape from, something to be outwitted and evaded. I knew that nothing I could do would shake it from my tail, and that just sucked all the excitement from the game. Still, it is an Alien game and I must finish it. I just haven't gotten round to it yet.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. I love the newer XCOM reboots, and there is absolutely no reason why I haven't finished War of the Chosen yet (especially as I have finished the vanilla XCOM 2 a bunch of times) but it is still stuck in my 'to-do' list. If memory serves I put in a save point shortly after tracking down and killing (finally killing, not beaten during a mission) the first of the Chosen, but for whatever reason I haven't picked it up since.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Still. Still. One of the first posts I made on this site was about being stuck on the Oil Refinery level of the Vegas 2 campaign. And guess what? I'm still there. -_-

The Talos Principle. A nice, soothing little puzzle game that's great to pick up for half and hour to just kill some time, but another one that I just haven't put the time into to finish. Sojourn fits into this category too. Need to finish that one as well.

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