Half-Life: Alyx VR Game Announcement Trailer

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The Half-Life Reddit and PC Gamer have more info.

Damned if they don't make it sound like a game-changer. In a way, I haven't had this kind of interest piqued for a game since Mario 64. We can only hope it's executed anywhere near as well.

I know I said I don't care, but honestly this is making me feel saltly all over again. It very much feels like someone who promised to go out on a 3rd date with you, never did show up for the 3rd one, refused to talk about it for a decade and then suddenly goes "Hey, want to go out for lunch? We cool right?" like nothing has happened.

Seriously Valve, it would be one thing if this had come out 5 years ago or if you had just admitted "Half Life 3 isn't happening. Sorry". It's the fact you've been asked about it over and over again and just refused to talk about it at all before pulling this that grinds my gears.

Now, if they had said "HL3 on VR" I'd be annoyed but also start looking into a reasonable VR rig. This....this isn't gonna get me to buy VR. HL3 would get my interest for sure and probably get me to cave on VR, but not this.

TLDR No HL3, no VR sale. Valve. Don't pretend a VR only side game in anyway is what we waited a decade for.

For me, worst thing is that it's a VR exclusive.

Is that really an issue? Other characters have been playable in the series, and Freeman's not even really a character anyway. Also, if you're doing an interquel between Half-Life 1 & 2, I'm not sure how you could have Gordon being playable without undermining the intro of the second game.

A bit of one, yeah. If they would actually release Half-Life 3, it wouldn't be. Of course, the worst offence is it being VR only.

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