History is repeating itself

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Elvis Starburst:

I wouldn't call 15 years of development rushed in any sort of way. So with your logic, I'd say they rushed Doom 2016 in comparison. So I don't think age has anything to do with it.

It's not like they spent all those 15 years working on the final product we got. They switched engines a bunch and probably threw out heaps of art assets due to them becoming dated as time went by. The actual meaningful development time is likely a lot less and it isn't unreasonable to assume that it might have been rushed out at the end.

So what? It all falls under development of the same game, and so counts as the one development period. You can assume the final build was rushed if you like. Doesn't mean you've got any legs to actually claim that it was.


Well of course you dislike the new Half-Life, it features a female protagonist.

While HL should only star gordon freeman but the fact that its vr only is slap in the face of fans. Unless its spin off and real HL3 is on way.

100 percent. Huge slap in the face. Valve, unfortunately, is like Nintendo. In many people's eyes, they can do no wrong; therefore, they get away with anything and everything.

Valve has become lazy and complacent. They should be despised, but they're instead revered.

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