Asmongold Encourages Leach Uploaders

I thought this was an interesting article. Asmongold is the most popular WoW streamer on Twitch and is infamous for his neckbeard persona. Many people love him, perhaps more hate him. But things like this pop up that show the true person behind the streamer and Asmongold is actually one of the most grounded and reasonable people on Twitch IMO.

So basically what has been happened is people have been downloading VoD's of his streams and reuploading them either by clips or entirely onto Youtube. They montetise these videos, and essentially make shitloads of money, $10K+ per month, off of Asmongold's content. That's a lot of change for stealing someone else's work right?

Asmongold has every right to stop them, either with DMCA claims or whatever to stop these people from basically stealing from him. But he doesn't, in fact he has reached out to those people to come together to make an offical reupload channel.

Asmongold says, "I could DMCA these people and stop this, but the fact is the number of people that come to a live stream after watching one of these VoDs is huge. Why would I stop that? It benefits me tremendously."

This just shows how level headed and reasonable Asmongold really is.

I personally don't care for Asmongold, but frankly I don't like watching live streams anyway so i don't have any dislike towards him either. I know of him because he is a big name in the WoW community and I knew of him from my 12 years in WoW, but aside from that I also hear about him in articles like this and discussions around boards I view. People seem to be very split about him, some love him (obviously because he makes a shitload of money) and some people hate him (they are probably jealous and hate on every successful streamer).

I saw a Vlog by Asmongold where he addressed the fact that he still lived in his Mom's attic despite being worth a couple million bucks at least. He says that his mom is old and he likes being there to help her if she needs him. But he also said that he doesn't know how long his Twitch thing will last. He is popular due to WoW but that wont last much longer as people are falling off of WoW in a major way. He understands that audiences are fickle and the next game he plays might not retain the audience. So instead of going all in on big spending, he lives at home to help his mom and save up as much as he possibly can so that when and if the Twitch thing dies off, he can simply retire.

Which honestly is incredibly level headed. And it got me thinking after another article about Ninja, who went on a cooking show and struggled to make a fucking sandwich. Now obviously it was a struggle to make a gourmet sandwich, but he cut fruit and bread like he has never done anything for himself in his entire life. The dude is almost 30, how do you get that out of touch with basic life skills that you can't make a sandwich.

Two very popular streamers with two very different life policies. What do you guys think?

With all due respect, please don't talk about these people like if you know them personally. The guy you see behind the neckbeard persona is another persona created for PR purposes.

With all due respect, please don't talk about these people like if you know them personally. The guy you see behind the neckbeard persona is another persona created for PR purposes.

Wait what? I'm merely discussing the approach that a streamer is taking towards the public, and giving reasons for that behavior in contrast to another streamer. It's not personal. I know no truth of either of this people that isn't shown in video evidence.

You act like these people are able to put on different faces depending on the situation, but that is only partly true. Even the best actors show you who they really are eventually and twitch streamers are not actors and are not nearly as good at hiding who they really are from people. There are always cracks.

How do you feel about the way this situation was approached then?

Personally, I am kind of thankful for how the situation has unfolded. I was sick and tired of getting bombarded by duplicates of the same stupid Asmongold Vlogs anytime I watched anything even remotely related to WoW or Twitch. All of the uploads funneling into a single channel should improve the overall Youtube browsing experience for people like me.

As for Asmongold himself, I find him more or less entertaining, but how he was handling the situation prior to YouTube demonetizing the leechers annoyed me. Even if he is cool with others monetizing his content, he should have been more mindful about how people use his brand. A lot of people actively dislike him simply due to the fact that the YouTube algorithm spams them with duplicate Vlogs.

I find him insufferable to be perfectly honest, but how he deals with misuse of his content is his own affair.

I do wish his popularity would nose dive to oblivion but I'm petty like that.


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