Return of Spirits of the Season: The Kindest Character in a Game

I liked this thread when I posted it a few Christmases ago, so thought I'd try it again:

While the majority of gaming worlds aren't exactly places where it pays to be generous or giving, there are some out there who still follow the spirit of the season.
Whether it's an NPC who always brightens your day by giving you a handy item when you need it, or a mighty ally who helps you not from self-interest, but out of the goodness of their hearts, who in games do you feel belongs on the nice list the most of all?

Most of the cast of Undertale and Ralsie from Deltarune. Also that one kahjit woman from Morrowind, she really just hung out in her house and you did a few simple quests for her and even got her a couple roses, she was the only character in the game and really most elderscrolls games that I actually felt something for, like even with their crappy limited character growth, this one felt like more then just en exposition robot, at least till you finished her simple quest line and she stopped being able to do things.

Claire Redfield

Christopher - The shop guy from Shadows of the Damned.

Elena - Street Fighter 3


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