Of all the obtuse ways people have played Dark Souls...

This one probably takes the Estus.

I wonder if he used this tutorial..

In any case, like all the other weird ways people have posted playing a game for the "Hey, look at this!" factor, I wonder how enjoyable it actually is.

As silly as this might be, it's oddly apropos. How many threads have we had wherein we've argued the merits of games like Dark Souls and how some believe difficulty isn't merely an aspect, but a defining, feature quality? Why not ratchet things up to eleven and play it using a toaster? Hell, if he was really hardcore, he'd have done it whilst in a bathtub.

Please tell me that whenever you die the toaster launches a piping hot slice in your face?

Cuz it really, really should.

.........what the dizzy fuck is that?

And I thought the Guitar Hero Controller and Bongos were crazy. But this....what sorcery has man created? What's next, a vacuum cleaner?

i remember seeing a video about a girl playing dark souls on a ddr mat.


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