Holiday Sale Reviews and/or Recommendations

Sometimes you see a game for 15 dollars on sale, but you still don't know if you should spend the cash. We all have some of these games. Let's try to help each other out, shall we?

Nintendo Switch: Rico $15.99 $19.99

Tags: Time-Waster, Light Gun, Randomly Generated, Rogue-Lite

Ok, so Rico is basically mid to late 90's Light Gun game. You pick one out of four agents, and you're tasked with solving a case. Each case has about twenty or more buildings to go through, but you don't have to go through them all. You can just stick down a path to solve the case. Each case and building is randomly generated. If you die, you lose the case and you must start a new game. All Merits (used to buy things) and the items that you bought are wiped after you lose a case or start a new one.

The Rogue-Lite Elements come in different flavors. Normally is clear the building. But the rest could be destroy these servers, collect cash, collect evidence, disarm bombs, etc. Some are done to get more Merits to buy more gear. Some, like disarm the bombs... is simply not to die.

That's all there is. But I am really big into light gun games. Last night, I took my Switch out while I was waiting in my car and loaded it up. In Hand held mode, it works best if you have a radius around you to move your Switch, as it's motioned controlled (if you desire). But I had so much fun getting better that I didn't notice it turn dark around me

With motion controls, First Person Shooters always become Light Gun games in my mind on the Switch, and as I said I've always loved Light Gun games. There's like no story whatsoever. This is solely a time waster.

Bonus, there's split screen (not in handheld mode). So if you want to clear with a friend next to you, you can do it. Or you can go online and play with randoms

Who Should Try This?:

-If you're looking for a good time waster. Something that you can turn off your brain to enjoy. There's a quick play mode that you can just clear out one building, there's a daily challenge mode that picks the weapons for you, there's training. There's options, but again, as a time waster it isn't replete with different ways to play. You're going to be clearing out buildings.

-If you like aiming and shooting with the motion controls.


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