Sony skipping E3 again


I was curious as to why beyond the excuse they gave this year, and found this article about why they skipped last year.

Can't blame them either; E3 has been a joke on several angles for a while anyways.

This leads to the almost certain indication that Sony will officially reveal the PS5 next month at their own dedicated event (more on that below). One can presume they'll also have some games to show off too, since a 2020 holiday release (guessing early/mid November based on past cycles) means most of them would have to be pretty far along by now. Gamesradar also had some interesting tidbits a while back on some new controller details, where haptics will replace rumble and the analog triggers will have programmable resistance.

Furthermore, there have been rumblings of a memo leak (not going to post links til it's official) that further details the PS5 being revealed next month, with full backwards compatibility of the PlayStation library, a $500 single sku price tag and immediately available preorders being most notable. This sole model is also apparently comparable in power - albeit slightly less - to the high end sku of the next Xbox, which aims to be comparably priced. Microsoft's other sku would be significantly lower, and possibly sans risk drive. Wonder how that will play into game development, especially if the cloud ends up playing into that more.

Yeah I mean E3 is gonna start becoming a dead convention, most of the major companies are going to try an get ahead of the E3 news bomb and announce early, or at least have their shows early and leave the actual convention for show floor demos and game showcases.

Which honestly might be a better way to treat E3 overall.


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