Achievement hunting

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Johnny Novgorod:


Congrats!!! Did My tips help at all, or did you power through it yourself?

They did! I think the boss is so erratic that sooner or later it comes down to winging it, but the bulk of the fight came down to baiting him so I'd be able to parry that one swing and visceral attack him (followed by a greedy/dangerous R2 attack). I had runes adding +30% to v. attacks and a third rune that gave back +300 HP per v. attack. I think that made all of the difference frankly, more than whatever armor or weapon I was using. Also: molotov cocktails saved the day here and there.

By the way, this video's great for getting down what attacks can be parried, and the exact frame where you want to patty them:

That video is bar-raising for tutorials. It sounds like you have a pretty good handle on the game, so the next question would be starting Old Hunters on NG or wait for NG+.

If you?re looking for it to be a challenge yet, the latter is probably the way to go. Hitting it now in NG after leveling up through the dungeons might leave it feeling a bit anticlimactic. Anything around 100+ is better for NG+

Congrats on the Plat too! It?s one of my most treasured, right up there with Demon?s Souls.

Thanks! I Platted Demon's Souls too, except that took a combined 4 years 2 months (Bloodborne was 3 weeks 5 days). Of course I'd finished the game before that, but the decision to Plat it was spurred when I heard the PS3 servers would be closing (and then my chances of getting a Pure Bladestone would go away forever). The drop rate for those things is absurd.

I'll leave Old Hunters for NG+. I'm BL 161 - ridiculously overleveled - and I'm tearing through Central Yharnam right now.


Yeah, a normal playthrough of 90+% of games is already artificially padded with low-quality content let alone doing everything in the game.

Not to mention some games require beating a game multiple times....and these aren't short games either.

Soulsborne, which I do enjoy a lot, requires you to finish the each game at least twice to platinum, unless you mess around with saves at strategic points to get achievements which are exclusive to each play through(you can't get both Orestein and Smough's Soul in the same Playthrough). And maybe the game does go faster on NG+ and beyond but that's still a long game.

And I'm one of those wierdos who both likes Soulbourne games and has never NG+ any of them cause I got shit to do.

I think the only game I've done NG+ on anytime recently was Nier: Automata because I wanted to get 5 main endings(and a bunch of the shorter endings which didn't require a ton of time to unlock). Before that it was Undertale to unlock the pacifist ending.

Does this count? Fallout New Vegas had a bunch of minor objectives (kill so many and these and get a minor perk). I think I got all except kill all faction leaders, because that breaks the game. That actually took a very long time and pulled me along the boring parts where I've quit before.

Not the actual achievements but something similar

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