Freebie Info - Carcassonne & Ticket to Ride [ENDED]

Pandemic was also slated for this weeks new batch of freebies, but is notably missing. They probably decided not to, considering the situation in China. Still, the remaining two are both board games and I know at least one user really likes those. Today, for you:

Carcassonne & Ticket to Ride

Carcassonne & Ticket to Ride will be free at Epic Games Store until February 13th. As always, you can get the game through the link above, or straight from the Epic Games launcher. Either way, the game will be added directly to your Epic Games library.

Have a look if interested and enjoy.

Next weeks Epic Game Store giveaways will be Kingdom Come: Deliverance & Aztez starting February 13th.

They're both pretty solid starter board games.


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