Cheat codes you still remember.

Post cheat codes that have been permanently burned into your memory.

Yoshi's Island: Hold Select, press X, X, Y, B, A. Lets you play the minigames.

Press B, A, R, R, Y on the title menu of The Lion King on SNES to access level select and toggle invulnerability on.

All the Age of Empires cheats. Big Daddy, Photon Man, Coinage, Pepperoni Pizza, etc.

Klapaucius on Sims for money.

Yodajammies on Jedi Knight II does something but I forget.


Also these:
16, 65, 09, 17, press C + start, hold A + press start
impulse 101
how do you turn this on
robin hood
rock on
cheese steak jimmy's

Warcraft 2:
deck me out, every little thing she does, glittering prizes, on screen
show me the money, power overwhelming, black sheep wall
Total Annihilation:
+atm, +nowisee, +sing

And I used to know the level select cheat for Sonic, but that one is lost to the mists of time (or perhaps just to encroaching old age).

Forget the cheat, but it's in Donkey Kong Country 2. Y, A, Select, A, Down, L, A, Down. YA SAD LAD.

Also, free money in Sims: rosebud

Up, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, UP.

My first system was an N64, and one of the first games I had was Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. And I used that code constantly. What did it do, you ask? It made the player character dance. That's it. I'd be playing with friends, standing on the pitcher's mound...start dancing...and then pitch after a second or two.

Blizzard's RTS classic cheats:




Also the code for Gradius (which used it first), Turtles III (which reversed B and A), and Metal Gear Rising.

Sonic Level Select: At the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right. You should hear a noise like a ring being collected. Then, hold A and press Start for a level select.

Streets of Rage 2 level select: Go to the main menu. Hold down (A) + (B) on controller 2 while selecting Options. Press start on controller 1. You now can play mania mode and select any stage or lives.

Mortal Kombat blood code: At the story line screen, press: A, B, A, C, A, B, B.

Devil May Cry 3 Unlocking Everything: Hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + D-pad Up/Left + Left Analog-stick Down/Right.



Also the code for Gradius (which used it first), Turtles III (which reversed B and A), and Metal Gear Rising.

And about a 100 other games.




Also the code for Gradius (which used it first), Turtles III (which reversed B and A), and Metal Gear Rising.

And about a 100 other games.

Really, that many? I have to look that up later.

I tried playing starcraft when I was a little kid, didn't know what an RTS was and couldn't read english, so power overwhelming, show me the money and black sheep wall were pretty much necessary.

I think there used to be a feature (bug?) where if you had cheat code on for too long your character would do a lot less damage or something like that, I used to get it all the time when I did 1 v 7.


Show me the money

Azure Dreams: press and hold triangle then circle to slowly regenerate health in the dungeon <-- That just skips your turn repeatedly, but you'd be surprised how often it's listed as a cheat. It's even mentioned in the game's tutorial!

Descent3 type byebyemonkey to get a third-person camera

Revenge of Shinobi: Go into the options menu, set shurikens to 00, wait a few seconds and it will morph into an infinity symbol.

Sonic 1: during demonstration mode, simultaneously press A+B+C to mess with the demo, causing Sonic to act randomly.

The previously mentioned level select cheat from Sonic 1 is how I remember left from right to this day. No one yet has noticed my eyes, head, or thumb dart up then down before I choose which way is left or right.

L + C-Up,
L + R + C-Left,
R + Up,
L + C-Right,
R + C-Left,
L + Right,
L + R + C-Left,
L + C-Right,
L + Up,
L + R + C-Down

Voila: You're now invisible in Goldeneye multiplayer.

Duke Nukem
DNKROZ - Pretty sure this was god mode.
DNSTUFF - All guns, items and jazz.
DNITEMS - The shittier version of DNSTUFF which gave you everything but the guns for some inexplicable reason.

Heroes of Might and Magic II
32167 - Gave you 5 black dragons. I remember making one huge stack of black dragons, then realizing that this was inefficient. So I took the time to put the dragons back into a castle, so I could add another stack for a full party of multiple stacks of black dragons and thinking I was a genius. But looking back, there probably was a way to split a single stack of units into multiple stacks so I probably didn't need to use my 'workaround'.

Raptor: Call of the Shadows -
Backspace - Gave you a deathray. I used to grind money for gear for my plane, so when I discovered this cheat I decided to just cut the crap and abuse it to load up on Phase Shields and whatnot by selling the deathray and repeating.

YOHOMIES (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater)
YNGWIE! (Rogue Squadron)
'black sheep wall', 'power overwhelming' and 'there is no cow level' (Starcraft)

Maybe someone can help me, because I've looked around the web, and have been unable to corroborate this cheat's/easter egg's existence, but I swear on my living parents' graves that from one of the opening screens of Sonic 3, I accessed hidden bonus stages, the ones where you're running around collecting the blue balls. After completing each level, you were given a code that you'd input to replay it. I stopped after collecting 300 of those codes, but there didn't seem to be an end in sight.

The only one that immediately comes to mind is "BLLTSRRFRND" (bullets are our friend) from Turok.

move_objects on

There is no cow level

... That's all. I never used cheats all that much.

Nooooooooooooooooooo. Double post D:
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