Anatomy of an exploit: The Sens Gate Skip

Pretty interesting, especially for SoulsBorne fans.

Feel free to post up any other neat examples of exploits you've run across, whether for speed runs or otherwise.

While I dont have examples, I do admire the amount of exploits the Speedrunning community has found in Zelda Ocarina of Time. They continue to find out how to break that game and its nuts really because you have to ask yourself "who the fuck would ever think to try that?"

Interesting. I always romanticized the discovery of exploits like this, hoping they were happy little accidents someone somewhere discovered and perfected, but it makes total sense they're more clinical endeavors involving collaboration, unsexy tools and tinkering purposefully under the hood. Either way, bravo; it's a skill set I'll never possess.

I saw that. Kinda cool, I'd admit. I never really thought that much about how the gates loaded into the system or how the death camera worked. It is occasionally fun to see what's going on under the hood of games, though sometimes it does spoil the mystery when you realize what the AI can and cannot do, or how certain systems are set up.

I've seen all of one DS speedrun(I believe it was the 36 min one) and I do remember glitching through Sens gate, and yet ironically ringing both bells later on. I'm usually more interested in "How do I beat this boss?" and less "How can I finish the entire game super quick?" since I already know the people speedrunning have spend FAR more time memorizing/playing the game then I ever could have the patience for.


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