Nioh 2 - Very VERY VERY early beta Impressions

So the final beta period for Nioh 2 is now available on the PSN, and I've been playing it because I was a huge fan of the original Nioh.

Nioh 2 takes what Nioh 1 did and adds more to it. That's basically the simplest explanation for the game I can give. The layout of Nioh 2 is very much the same as the last game, mission based levels, diablo-style loot drops, and a widely variable combat system based on the core fundamentals laid down by Dark Souls.

There are a wide variety of weapons in Nioh 2, each weapon can be held in a high, mid, or low stance and each stance provides a different moveset. Each weapon has it's own talent tree that you level up to unlock skills for a specific weapon in specific stances only. Killing enemies grants you bot exp and a power meter that when it is full you can summon your animal guardian to go crazy on enemies while slightly invulnerable for a very short period of time.

Nioh 2 has all of that, but also adds in Demon forms. Yes, now all those demons you slayed in the first game get to be terrified of you because you can also turn into a demon now. This functions the same as summoning your guardian spirit but it looks cooler. Additionally demons in the game now can drop their hearts. You collect these hearts and take them back to a shrine to purify them, once purified you can learn a special move from the demon you killed.

For example if you kill a demon with a cannon for an arm, and take its heart back to the shrine you will unlock the ability to summon and use that cannon. This counts as a special attack and you basically fire 1 cannon shot per use. Two of this abilities can be equipped and hotkeyed at any one time so if have even more freedom to mix and match based on your playstyle here.

Nioh 2 is also much much harder than the original so far. I'm a bit out of practice addmittedly, but the game just naturally seems to have a much higher baseline of difficulty. Throughout the levels you will encounter corruption zones which pull you into a demon realm and you have to destroy a crystal or a particular demon to get rid of the corruption. Problem is that in these realms there are lots of enemies insanely close together. It's crazy how hard these sections can be, especially when you are low level and have very little gear available to you.

Nioh 2 feels like it's going to be quite the mountain to climb in terms for the first few levels of challenge. Though once gear drops and you get more and more abilities, this will likely level off for the most part.

I wish they could have found a way to have a reasonable ramp up in difficulty that grows as you get stronger, but i feel like they are front loading this one because they are aware of what the game-end becomes later. Who knows, I've only played one level and the boss is very very hard so we shall see what becomes of the game once I get my hands on the full release.

Yea, I dropped Nioh. When Darksydephil is able to finish the game and I wasn't able to even get past Nobunaga's wife, I knew it was time to pack it in realizing that.

Nioh 2 would probably make me comb it's chest hair before it traded my boy pussy for zoom zooms and wham whams.

I just could not get into Nioh. Something about it just did not grab me and I easily got distracted by other games.

Loved Nioh the combat is simply divine and Nioh 2 is simply more Nioh. Nothing more and nothing less. Will Nioh ever match a From Software title in terms of atmosphere, level design, worldview, art direction or imagination in general? Absolutely not but Nioh can stand on the strength of it's gameplay alone which somehow stays fresh even after dozens of hours. The only reason I got tired of the first game was the low enemy variety and the fact they padded the content way too much. But Nioh 2 already addressed my first complaint as the beta has more interesting and varied enemies than the entirety of Nioh 1.

Definitely can't wait to play it next friday. This is one of those games the more time you put into it the more rewarding it gets. It does take time to deal with it's trash heap of loot and convoluted systems but it's a small price to pay. Nioh 1 was also only difficult if you ignored cheese tactics like sloth and living weapon.

I absolutely adored Nioh-- the combat, the aesthetic, the weapon variety. Almost everything about it.

Nioh 2 is probably my most anticipated game (well, alongside the Breath of the Wild sequel, maybe). Cannot feckin' wait.

Nioh 1 combat and setting was great. Really wish they'd drop the Diablo loot and grinding mechanics, tho.

I bought Nioh and never played it, posts here make me wanna start but I don't wanna overdo the From game (recently Platinum'd Bloodborne all in one go). How different is it from... From games?


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