EPIC games store Spring Sale

Thought I'd throw this one out for everybody. I know a lot of people don't care for the epic store, but they've got a pretty decent sale going on right now. The Outer Worlds is twenty bucks off for instance so if you were interested in that one I guess now is the time.

I haven't really interacted with the portion of the store where you actually have to pay money, but skimming through here the deals seem pretty decent. Relatively few massive discounts compared to a lot of steam sales, but like all the Far Cry games (3,4,5 and New Dawn (did that come after 5?)) are 16$ or less.

Sale goes to April 16, plenty of time. I don't think they have daily deals or anything but my biggest pet peeve with Steam Sales was when you bought a game for a discount then it went on a daily deal like a day later so at least that won't happen.

Despite all my misgivings of OuterWorlds, it is definitely worth 20 bucks. Same with far Cry 5


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