The Soldier Update!

We all know about this blog post.

And to add to that this was just posted on

The Soldier:
We've received word from General Walker that the request you men put in has been received and a newfangled piece of equipment will soon be arriving in the field for use!
This fancy techno-mumbo Heads Up Device will allow you to keep one eye on the location of the enemy's intelligence papers and the other on your own control points.
This is the problem today's youth have: brainy cowards that like to know everything so they don't need to get their hands dirty with real work! Men should be winning the war in respectable ways. Like killing the enemy, or maiming the enemy, and screaming in the face of death!

Below you can see the declassified parts of the brief we received.

Link for proof!

Oh and I has a little chat with drpepper one of the Admins at

Never tell your password to anyone.
Friday, July 17, 2009
6:28 PM - The Political Gamer: I <3 you
6:28 PM - The Political Gamer:
6:29 PM - The Political Gamer: The Soldier confumed AND the new HUD!
6:29 PM - drpepper [reddit]: heh, boojum was responsible for that
6:30 PM - The Political Gamer: so it is just ABS messing with us
6:30 PM - drpepper [reddit]: ha no. valve is going to release the hud for us
6:31 PM - The Political Gamer: YES!
6:32 PM - The Political Gamer: Is it ok with you guys that I leak this to other forums?
6:32 PM - drpepper [reddit]: sure, ofcourse.
6:32 PM - The Political Gamer: I mean The Soldier update
6:33 PM - drpepper [reddit]: ;)

Now have fun MAGGOTS!

Lastly in case you guys were wondering this is the new HUD.

meh seemss like the soldier is kind of getting screwed hear. also if you dont have a headset, its completely useless

I'm surprised they chose soldier next, I don't think I've ever hear any say that it was too under/over powered. Oh well, I guess some class had to be next, I hope they go back and change some of the older class updates. Some have just gotten terrible with the updates of other classes.


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