Activision’s Bobby Kotick hates developers, innovation, cheap games, you

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Ah, the Dark Lord Bobby Kotick. First he'll take our money, next our women, and finally our SOULS!

no demon's souls took our souls. at least it did for me. 0.0


You can assume alot, but SC2 was in production before the merge. You mention:

"It seems the decision to divide SC2 into three was discussed last BlizzCon, and got finalised sometime around new year, and now announced at BlizzCon."

It means that the idea was put on the table almost one year before Mr.Kotick and pals arrived at the scene. It was a Blizzard idea. Something that Blizzard itself wanted to do. Mr. Kotick didn't force them this on them.

And if you read the FAQ that I posted you notice that Blizzard refers the trilogy like this:

The StarCraft II Trilogy consists of the base StarCraft II game and two subsequent expansion sets. StarCraft II is subtitled Wings of Liberty (working title) and will include a lengthy single-player campaign that focuses on the terrans and puts players in the role of Jim Raynor, one of the series' main heroes. The first expansion set, Heart of the Swarm (working title), will follow later and include a single-player campaign focusing on the zerg and Kerrigan, Queen of Blades. The second expansion set, Legacy of the Void (working title), will continue the story experience with a single-player campaign centered on the protoss.

It does scream One game+2 expansions.(Like WC3+Frozen Thrones) Maybe they lying about expansion and they trully are full games. Maybe they not.

SC2, Diablo 3 rainbows, 2.0 isn't Activision idea. At least till more concrete proof shows up. This is what I'm saying. I won't 100% DENY that everything that happened at Blizz in the last year didn't had Activision interference, but right now we can only assume and make crackpot theories.
And I won't bother with crackpot theories right now, bring more tangible stuff into table.

Even that I don't like MW2 I feel cheated to see that the company is cutting modding for the sake of making it equal on all platforms. I mean...If so why don't they just release for the 360 and PS3. Theres really no upside to the PC version and it does happen to be much more pricey than other PC FPS released this year. Even IW can lose money with PC version. It's just one big wrong policy and this is really Activision fault for trying to push around customers.

Now the current issues at Blizzard remains Blizzard doing. When I see the price tag of 60 Euros in the box of SC2/D3 I just tell them to stuck it up Kotick's ass.

I have misunderstood what transpired there then. Thanks for explaining. Then I guess Blizzard will remain untouched.

Kotick should be replaced though. Gamers start buying stock and then write to the company saying you want him gone! lol

This is the biggest catch-22 of all. If you own stock in Activision, you want one thing: for the company to make money so your stock will go up and you can make a profit on your investment. In that situation Kotick is your best friend. Capitalism is funny like that.

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