Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

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There was this random old game they had on the school computers...you got trapped in the body of a kewpie doll and transported to like a fairytale land or something where you had to solve puzzles based on nursery rhymes... anybody else ever play this? This was back in the early nineties...

PC game isometric topdown view, strategy, you had to build a city on an alien planet and defend against waves of alien attackers, you could build tanks and missile launchers. It never let you attack you could only defend.
This is pretty old as well, was the game that got me into strategy games :D

Doc Funky:

It's a PC game, at least 10 years old I'm thinkin'. It was a horror game where you played as this woman whose husband/boyfriend gets possessed by a demon or something and goes around killing women, and you're supposed to stop him. From time to time, there were cutscenes showing different women being killed in different ways. At one point, he captures you and ties you to a chair with a guillotine blade above your head and you have to somehow free yourself before he releases the blade to kill you.

And that must be Phantasmagoria.

Yes, yes, yes! Thank you so very much! =D

A game where you played as a robot who had the yellow and black stripes of caution somewhere on his body. I think his arms. I also believed it transformed (into a tractor maybe?). It was on the N64 or PS1.


the second is a demo i once played; not a game i could forget: you played as a mosquito and the game was about sucking the blood of a family in their house. oh yeah, on the playstation...though i honestly dont remember if it was PS1 or PS2.


I don't think thats the game you are looking for. That was definitely "The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid". That game was the bet as a kid. It was part of a series. I played them when they first came out.

Stupid things don't work on my Mega Advanced computer...

Okay, I have one. It's an old game me and my friend Ryan used to play everyday. Either for the N64 or SNES, I'm not sure. But you can pick between a male or female, or both. It's a view from the side and you walk through different levels fighting enemies. We never got through the first boss, she was a witch or something and she would throw fire or lightning at you. The background was white, like clouds, maybe? But I can't for the life of me remember the name of this game. But when you chose your player, they were in this weird futuristic pod like thing. Please help me out!

I recall a game (for the original PlayStation) in which two co-op player could simply fight their ways through missions, using many things as weapons (such as blowing up a car and taking a piece from the metal frame to whack someone).

There is one. It was a side-scroller on the Sega Genesis (I think) I remember playing as a werewolf...thing. I vaguely recall a forest level, and a level on some kind of mothership. My recallections are sketchy at best, though. There was another on the PS2, or maybe it was the PS1...anyway, it was an FPS. I just remember shooting dinosaurs in the jungle. Also, I think there was a part where you had to dodge pterosaurs after falling out of a plane. Again, sketchy. Veeery sketchy.

I never played it myself but I remember seeing this RTS that was sort of sci-fi but I don't think it had anything too advanced. It had 2D graphics and the part that I watched the enemies mainly had these little fixed turrets that I guess must have been pretty powerful because the player I watched used a lot of troops against each one. I also remember seeing a gunboat sailing up and down a river near the left side of the screen once, and I'm pretty sure the player said it was on his side. The main thing that stands out in my memory is that the player could sell units to the enemy (I guess, since they stayed there but changed colors, and then he had another unit attack them). The AI probably wasn't that good since I don't remember the sold units actually doing anything. I don't recall the exact year but in that same place I also saw people playing Warcraft 2.

ok here's one
prob over 10 years now thou, but i remain hopeful!
two-player game with a split screen. there is some alien swirly colourful planet, and then there's the earth planet. and both are globes stuck in some maze.
the aim is to attempt to find the other one and shoot them before they shoot you. you basically hunt around the maze trying to find your opponent before they find you, and you can see where they are, but of course you're in diff parts of the maze.
anyone? lol

There's one i remember for the Sega Genisis. It was top down. I don't remember story or anything but you would be able to mug people and such kinda like a GTA minus the driving. Only problem i have remembering it is i always try to remember other areas that weren't the city and it is always the same thing. Zombies ate my neighbors.

I recall a game (for the original PlayStation) in which two co-op player could simply fight their ways through missions, using many things as weapons (such as blowing up a car and taking a piece from the metal frame to whack someone).

Sounds Like Brute Force or a game with relatively the same name. 4 playable characters. One was a big Tank type guy and another was a agile female. Can;t remember the exact name. i think i own it though lol.

I recall a game (for the original PlayStation) in which two co-op player could simply fight their ways through missions, using many things as weapons (such as blowing up a car and taking a piece from the metal frame to whack someone).

I think this is it. If i double or triple posted sorry. My comp messed up lol.


I have been trying to remember a name of a game where a dad who i think is in the military and he has his dead daughter who he brings back as a robot or cyborg. Please can someome help me with this game

There was a game on my friend's SNES or NES when I was a kid I thought was the Legend of Zelda for the longest time, and even bought Zelda because I though that was it. (Not that I was disappointed)

It was a side-scrolling adventure, where you played as a character that I recall looking like Link (but it might be that because I associated it with Zelda, my memories have changed), and perhaps another character, maybe playable, who I recall being a girl.

Anyways, it was a game with platforming and fighting enemies. I remember clearly a power-up that made boulders circle you, protecting you for a while.

I played this game a long time ago. It was for an old PC (not sure which one, maybe Acorn or Apple) and you were a sphere (I think it was coloured to look like Earth) in space, and you had to maneuver and jump across the platforms. That was it. I played it a lot then and it always bugs me that I can't remember what it was called...

Hey guys I am looking for this game i played about 10 years ago. It is a vertical-side scrolling game on the pc in which you drive this car on a road and you come across all kinds of enemies like planes and choppers and stuff and you shoot those up. You can get weapon upgrades and i remember you could have 2 enormous launchers on the side of your car or even one big laser which killed anything and was on for 2 seconds. Each level contained end bosses. I think it was on a cd or even a floppy and a msdos game.

Please help me out, thanks!!!

I remember the name actually -- but I was kind of wondering if anybody else played it. I actually thought it was friggin' amazing but aside from playing it back in the day I've never heard anybody else's opinion.

The game was for Sega Dreamcast -- and was called Toy Commander. The title sounds kind of lame but it was an awesome action game. I miss it, I thought it was great.

I have a tough game that I barely remember..
I think it was SNES, maybe NES..I swore it was a roadrunner style game, but I remember there was a boss, perhaps wile coyote, or it may have been another looney tunes member flying in a helicopter or a plane overhead, and while youre trying to complete the level hes throwing a rope down like a lasso and if he gets you he pulls you up and carries you away, and you have to restart the level or something. I have no idea what game it was!!

No one remember anything about that game I posted??

Uhh Well...
I remember playing it on a ps1 demo ageees ago but I lost it so I can't find the game T.T
Basically, you played as a miner person and the screen is like dirt, rocks and gems. You collect the gems and if you dig under a rock it drops on you and you die etc.
Yup >.>

EDIT: Oh gosh I found it with not much trouble xD
Rocks n Gems :)

I know there are some but for the life of me I cant think of any right now.

I remember one off the SEGA Mega-Drive. It was a side scrolling adventure game about a wolf that shoots fireballs from it's mouth

There was this arcade game that i once played where you had to shoot various targets except avoid hitting a guy with a mustache or anything that looked like him really it was actually lots of fun

Still looking for help on my game..:(

ah man, I have been trying to remember this one forever. It was an old PC game. I remember my aunt had to start it up for me through DOS. You controlled a little space ship, top-down view. The game world was quite large, you could fly around, gather equipment like cloaking devices. It was quite sophisticated. I kept getting blown up by npc ships though...

i have one that me and my brother played a demo of once in like a Wal-Mart or something. All I remember is that it was on the PSX (or possibly PS2 but i don't think it was), it was a sidescrolling action rpg game and you chose either a guy or a girl and they each had different weapons and abilities. I remember the guy (who was the only one a chose) and he could like, capture the essence of the enemies and transform into them. and i believe he had like...a staff or chakram for a weapon. oh and it was in a jungle/forest. i've been searching for this game like forever because i remember i loved it so much.

I remember this one marble game that was on the school computers a few years back. basically you have a huge system of switches and metal railings that the marbles would slide down along and you had different goals, like line up the marbles in this sequence of colours or just get all the marbles to the bottom. Almost everything in the game was gold, brown or silver except for the marbles which were a whole bunch of colours depending on teh level. Hope someone can help me find it, it was really fun, haha

Well, this thread seems inactive but I remembered a game I couldn't recall the name of. Here goes!

It was included on this CD back in the 90s of like 100+ (maybe 250?) computer games and featured you landing on various planets with different gravity that would pull you down. At the time I loved the physics of the game, you could run out of fuel and crash or land too hard and crash and there were different levels of gravity from Moon, to Earth, Mars, Jupiter, at least as far as I can remember.

It was a moon landing game, essentially: simple but amazingly fun. If you could help me find it my eternal gratitude lies in the hands of the one who can. :D

Edit: My first Escapist post of 2011. Gonna shoot for my Neo badge. Or is it Morpheus? The badge with 1000 posts without a warning or probation!

Edit 2.0: I remember, too, it had pretty decent graphics so it was definitely a 90s game, not an 80s. I just found Lunar Lander and thaaaat's not it. Though maybe it was a port...possible.

Edit 3.0: Hm. Thrust seems accurate but not quite it, too many elements. My game was kind of simple.

THANK GOD I FOUND THIS THREAD! This game has been killing me for months!! It's a puzzle platformer, with some enemies involved. Two of the main aspects I can remember is you had some sort of hook arm thing, and when you got killed by the crusher things on the platforming sections, you got put in a tin of tuna... or something like that! Please help me!!

Seems that this thread is inactive but I really cant remember one game which me and my dad played. It was a bit old racing game. The quality was blurry. So, you pick a car, the race starts and there were some random put rockets and shields. You pick them and you can activate them by pressing a key. The rocket was red and the shield was green. I think there were some oil spills on the track but I'm not sure. The objective is to win by overtaking the other cars or shooting them. If anyone figures it out I'll be very greatful of them.

there is one game i still cant find tho i did search for it...
it was an fps, playing as a guy, you could go down to the metro, shoot women, go to the WC, shoot hobos...it was a DOS game, thats for sure, and some people said it might have been Duke Nukem, but I checked...im not sure. resembled, but was not the same.

This one mecha game where you go down linear corridors and kill stuff, it's in a snowy/remote planet setting, and it eas really hard. It was for the Play Station, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called. You walked down these corridors and areas in a suit, FPS mode and you shot machines and sometimes monsters. :o

I remember this old Nintendo 64 game I rented a lot back in the 90's. It was this game where you controlled a minature helicopter in a back yard setting. The first level (what I remembered most) was a patio, with rain pooring. I forgot what you objectie was..I'm pretty sure to rescue some wax soldiers but I wass young so I remember little.
Anyone know what I'm talking about? Pleasse! This has been bugging me forever!

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