Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

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I will try my luck with another one i remember.
It was a point and click game also had only DEMO version. You were on a farm and you played a young pretty lady. In the intro some old lady, your grandma (or mom) is yelling at you for something you have to do while your father is sick i think. In the middle of the farm was water well, barn, a house and some animals i think, all i remember you had to was to milk a cow, and when you had to leave farm to go in city or other place a game ended as it was demo. It was like Broken sword game series only i think graphic was more cartoon like The Walking Dead 2012 expect this game was made around 2004 so i presume graphic was worse than i recall.

This one was a little harder to track down. But it has to be "Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya" (2005) or ("Vaeterchen Frost und die kleine Nastya", if you're German).

Wow man thats IT! you are awesome! thank you very much, how do you find those games? you remember playing them or just having better ways of finding games?

It's a mixture of both, really. Eg. I got Joan of Arc on the CD of a long-gone games magazine, so, yeah, I played it and also bought it on Steam to try on a newer PC.
And I did read PC gaming magazines back in the day and sometimes remember bits of it, like (p)reviews, pictures and stuff.
So I have to dig for it too to confirm.
Always a good place to start is MobyGames.
Often abandonware sites are helpful too as they usually break the games down into categories and have images etc.


Patrick Postma:
Please help me! I played a point and click PC-game like Freddi Fish and Pyjama Sam but it was in a house with monsters. You play with a small character and you can search for items just like in Freddi Fish. I guess the character you play as is a monster of a boy.
That's all I remember.
Please help!

Anyone?? I've posted this also on 7 march 2018 and now its 29 june 2019

Could that have been one of the games based on Mercer Mayer characters?

Another possibility is Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery, which unlike other Math Blaster games, is not sci-fi themed.

No neither one of these are the game I am searching for... But thanks for answering!


Here?s one I?ve been struggling with: late nineties game, probably on a shareware disk. There were rats running around, male and female. If they met they produced babies, puting more rats on the field. I remember really weird rat mating sounds. It was the player?s job to get rid of the rats. That was iirc the whole game. Really simple but i can?t for the life of me recall its name....




Ok more clues that I remembered
-there was a redheaded woman who was one of the main characters and she says "i haven't touched a thing" as her clue
-you can get a clue from the guy at the newsstand
-a handkerchief with embroidered initials was a clue
-something about a fat man sleeping in a chair was important
-i believe you were trying to make a movie, but to do so you had to pick clues that made sense in the story and you couldn't progress or make your movie if you picked the wrong clues


this game just came into my mind, i do believe i recall it being played on ps1, but i'm not sure..
all i recall from it, you play as a little girl with a living scarf around her neck, that is shaped like a hand!
and you walk into some other NPCs and interact with them, the gameplay i recall the most clearly is when the girl approaches some really busty women walking around and using the scarf's hand she somehow deflates their boobs!
the graphics are very old. and i am not sure but i think it's an action adventure game.
any idea about its name?

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