Google Android Ripping Off Zero Puncutation Logo?

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Did Yahtzee copyright his Zero Punctuation logo?

Because it looks like the new Google Android phone logo is eerily similar to his ZP 'mob' logo. I'm not advocating legal recourse or anything, but the similarity between the 2, especially on the head area, are nearly identical.

Google Android Logo :



That looks just like an imp, alright...

But there are just so many ideas in the world, it was bound to make a double sometime

One is a android and the other is a gremlin. No ripping here.

Well, they are two very different colours and the Android imp's limbs don't connect to his body... Sorry, I don't see it.

What TheNamlessGuy said.

It's extremely doubtful that it was purposeful copying.

They have a similar build, but the imp is a simple design, one that works, but simple nonetheless. It would be only natural that such a thing have a look alike eventually.

Nah, but they are kind of similar. KIND OF.

Different colors.

Different shapes.

Limbs not attached to android.

Sorry mate but it's not there.

I don't think it was purposeful, I'm sure that Google has legions in the marketing dept who slaved for months over that logo.

It's just interesting at how close they came, chop the head off the imp and give it a green paint job, ta da!

What's weird is that I TOTALLY see what you're getting at but I look at one and it's DEFINITELY and imp/gremlin/The Darkness thing and the other cannot be anything but a robot.

It#s made of a few simple shapes and two dots. Anyone could think of it by accident.

I can see similarities but thats like copyrighting a more detailed stickman. Its such a simple design that someone is going to have similarities.
I see what you mean but its not the same;or even close.

They look similar but it's difficult to come up with a completely original idea. Plus any simply drawn person with antennae (antennas?) will look similar.

First time I saw the android my first tougth was how the imp got onto the phone but at closer inspecton I saw that they were different. I think it's just a coinsidence that they appear slightly similar.

That Google thing does look remarkably similar to Yahtzee's imps, what Yahtzee and the Escapist want to do about it is up to them.


Oh wait...

It's similar to imp, but not enough for a lawsuit.

I'd still bet my firstborn that if the ZP imp was an Apple(TM) logo, Google would be knee deep in lawsuits right now, with Steve Jobs gnawing at the ankles.

they do look a little similar but not enough to cause a law suit or anything

I hope you're joking.

I'd still bet my firstborn that if the ZP imp was an Apple(TM) logo, Google would be knee deep in lawsuits right now, with Steve Jobs gnawing at the ankles.

If it was Apples logo, they wouldn't have used it in the first place

And why did you just put TM on Apple, but not on Google?
You little fanboy =P

I chalk it up to a complete coincidence that they look even the least bit similar - there's just too many differences to make this worthy of any sort of controversy.

oh god you are correct we must conduct a crusade against google was it

I see how you see the resemblence but they are different enouogh.

That said the android logo sucks ass, i like the ZP one but google did something to fuck it up.

I don't know what.

And anyway, if Google wants that logo they got it, they'll just buy our the whole Escapist website if they want to.

I would worry if it looked like this:


They look kinda similar but then one could make the argument that both are just ripping off the Nick-games logo.

I can see the resemblance, but there's no "ripping off" going on here.

I don't really see the similarity between the two and I don't see enough here to say that it is a rip off. I'm sure Yatzhee has the Logo copyrighted or the Escapist at least has it copyrighted.

now people google are the ones that stood up to china and no they don't look the same

I don't see it, also what's google android?

Perhaps this is a global conspiracy against Yahtzee?

no it wasn't on purpose.

It sortof looks like the result of a classic "green manlike creature from mars" mating with R2D2

No, not really. I mean, there is some resemblance, but not to the point that one could be convinced of plagiarism.

I don't see it, also what's google android?

Operating system for smartphones by google.

I hope you're joking.


android= alien

zp imp= imp

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