Best game Storyline Ever.

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Halo. It's not just another generic space shooter, and the backstory is one of the most immense out there, not counting things like Star Wars and Warhammer that take backstory to obscene levels...

Halo definitely has one of the best stories I've seen in a game for a long time.

Well... Now wait...

Not to be a jerk or anything, but I'm thinking one of us is confused. I assume by backstory you mean the out-of-game content. Books, so on... The in-game stuff isn't any more deep than any other plot-based shooter I can think of off the top of my head. Hell, given the proper perspective DOOM 3 is as deep, there just aren't people around to help you get the plot, you have to actively seek it out and use the environment. If we're talking out-of-game story content, then I think you've sold a lot of other games short.

The Half-Life universe is immense and deep, and solid story-telling in and out of the game universe. You already tossed out dawn of war, but you also specifically seemed to be talking shooters here... I suppose if you want to specifically say 'Halo is the best Halo game out there' you can hand-wave all of my examples aside, but we could go on. Out-of-game story, the team fortress 2 universe is starting to flesh out through the developers. It's more light-hearted but you can't deny that they tell a damn good story. Both the companies going head to head controlled by the same puppet-masters...

Please do enlighten me if I'm just missing something truly epic in the halo storyline within the games that gives it the most immense backstory. Do you specifically mean that it has books written about it, and so obviously it has more? Because to use the same example as before, half-life doesn't have books but the full lore perspective of the invasion and the events leading up to, as well a gman's origins...

If we're not talking IMMENSE, but instead immersive, honestly the left-4-dead series does a great job of getting story across while still facilitating the fast and furious gameplay that it was meant to give. That, in my eyes, is a stroke of literary genius. I mean, the story guys should really pat themselves on the back for the fact that you know exactly what's going on and why it happens in left4dead. Everything from a chair and some molotovs on a roof next to a shotgun, to a character saying where you should head next... Sometimes it's blunt, but it's the subtle things that make that world believable and immersive that tells the story of a world ravaged by disease and - well, for lack of a better term - zombies. If you only know that left4dead is about zoey, bill, francis, louis, coach, ellis, nick, and rochelle trying to escape certain death; you didn't pay enough attention. (insert joke about the people driving the rescue vehicles and a witty retort about how that's not what I meant here)

I guess this response isn't even so much directed at you as to the thread creator. The best game storyline ever... Does this indeed just mean within the confines of the game, or all lore attached? Because arguably, the warcraft storyline is the best saga (if you neglect some of the more recent additions, ala WoW)

Wait, where am I? Did I just... oh god. I better just press post now and pretend this never happened.


2) Suikoden 3

This is probably my favorite story EVER! You have multiple viewpoint storylines, each that gives amazing insight into the overall plot, in little bit to increase the interest. Example: In one of the story lines you play as Hugo, the son of a clan's chief, where your village gets burned down by a group of knights from a society who you just returned from giving a peace treaty to! You feel betrayed, angry, and sad because you just lost your best friend in that fight.
However, when you play the story line of Lady Chris, the leader of those knights, only to find out that they had to burn down the village because the clans had attacked them during negotiations and it was their only way to open a hole to get home. The story keeps up this viewpoint-wrenching story that even shows the reasonings behind the ultimate baddie. This game actually caused me to try and look at every side of a story, it is that AWESOME!

Well shit. I do believe I am going to have to try out that, it does indeed sound awesome.

OT: I haven't finished it yet, but something about Venetica's story keeps pulling me back to playing it. But I have to put in a vote for Warcraft, all the way from the first, although my favourite part is playing the origin of Orgrimmar story on WC3.


Metal Gear Solid was whoah! Released 10 years ago and if I'd play it today, I'm sure I'd discover something I had missed before in the story. Awesome, awesome game.

Grim Fandango had a wonderful, feelgood story :D

Little Big Adventure is propobly going to win the whole thread :P

Legacy of Kain was interesting as fuck.

KotOR aswell.

Basically there's just to many games to be mentioned :D Sadly they don't make many games today with awesome stories and fantastic characters. Only mainstream bullshit and generic assholes in the market today. Shame. Sometimes a gem would appear and I am thankful of that

Bioshock hands down.

I'd have to say Chrono Cross, with Chrono Trigger a close second. First RPG where I actually bothered to replay for the alternate endings. As for non-rpg storytelling, I nominate MGS3, can't go wrong with Cold War era political subterfuge.

I'd say Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops or MGS3.

Valkyria Chronicles had a very good storyline, loved it to bits.
MGS is also near the top.

I didn't expect someone else to mention Little Big Adventure though, those games were awesome :)

Many people will probably disagree, but I really like the story in GTA San Andreas. Don't know why though, I just like it.

I'm going to have to say the Fallout series for it's morbid quirky humor, but also i'd like to mention GTA 4, which definitely stepped it up for it's own series in terms of story. Sure it's not breaking any new ground originality wise, but it's does a great job at perfecting it's own story and making you feel for the characters, in my opinion.

Duck Hunt. A demon-possessed dog who could only be appeased with ducks.

Mass Effect is a definite second for with Halo taking #1, but ONLY with the books. Without them, it was pretty confusing and the Chief pretty bland. With them, it's amazing.

"oddworld abes oddessy" and "oddworld abes exodus", they're just so origional and the plot goes so well with the game art, it's one of the most abstract games i've ever seen.

Good question.I would go for Half LIfe 2, Stalker and fallout series.

The entire main Metal Gear Solid storyline

MOST Bioware games.

I would have to nominate the Legend of Dragoon for this, although the Mass Effect series comes in a pretty close second.

Deadlock Radium:
Many people will probably disagree, but I really like the story in GTA San Andreas. Don't know why though, I just like it.

It's probably my favourite story in any GTA game, so I'm with you on that.

No-one's said Portal yet. I'm surprised.

Dante's Inferno
it may be based on the Divine Comedy, buts that fuckin original itself. name me a game where a crusader goes into hell with deaths scythe to recue his wife.
Can't think of one? That's what I thought.

I think I'm gonna go with the Legacy Of Kain series. I never played Defiance though.

I also LOVED the storyline to the Prince Of Persia games (with the possible exception of the third installment).

I would have to say Portal or Bioshock, I found Bioshock's to quote Yathzee "Masterfully written story" to have alot of unexpected twists and turns and the atmosphere really helped the mood and idea of an underwater utopia gone to hell in a handbasket. Portal is already a great game you have a laws of physics breaking portalgun, a supercomputer with awesome quotes and fun puzzles...Except the fans ruined some of the jokes for me D:.

The Elder Scrolls series. The story is the evolving history of the continent, with deep political and social undercurrents, and it doesn't take that much poking around to find something interesting about the history of Nirn (the planet Tamriel is on).

My top five would also include the Bioware 3 (Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age), and Condemned: Criminal Origins.

I would say The Longest Journey and Syberia.

Chrono Trigger, it just pulls you in and refuses to let go. Psychonauts is a close second.

.........GTA, no sequel so every game can be a fresh new adventure :). However, in reality GTA4 just sucked

System Shock 1+2 (by extension Bioshock), Shadow of the Colossus and ICO, Metal Gear Solid series and Deus Ex (first one only). They are my top and are so high up there I can't pick just one...

Runner ups are Mass Effect, Kotor and Penumbra.


I would say The Longest Journey and Syberia.

Ah, very good. The Longest Journey is by far the best Adventure game I've ever played, where you couldn't die. Using a guide for this game though was a must for me.

Syberia is also very good. I never beat it though.

Planescape Torment, Legacy of Kain, Half-Life ('really? why half-life?' because it's not the most original but it has such an enjoyable spin and is so well excecuted), Grim Fandango, Psychonauts.

God, add Little Big Adventure and Sonic to that and it's a list of my favorite games. lol

Starcraft Series, Bioshock and Metal gear series

Warcraft, Starcraft, Mass Effect series and DA:O for me.


I would say The Longest Journey and Syberia.

Ah, very good. The Longest Journey is by far the best Adventure game I've ever played, where you couldn't die. Using a guide for this game though was a must for me.

Syberia is also very good. I never beat it though.

Syberia was harder than TLJ. I quit at some point at a cocktail puzzle (Recipe was written with musical notes ). After a month or so I decided to finish it and then couldn't wait for the sequel.


My Favorite Video game stories in no particular order:

System Shock 2
Planescape Torment
Icewind Dale
Baldur's Gate
Fallout 2
Deus Ex
Mass Effect

For me personally its Tales of Symponia.
Likable characters with the skit conversations adding extra depth.
Interesting plot twist that have enough for shadowing so it doesn't feel like it came out of no where.
Both cartoony and well developed villains, with the main villain having enough back story you could make a whole nother game about him.

Metal Gear Solid 1-3. I'm sorry, but 4 just took it way too far.... and by way too far, I mean the last cutscene in the game; seriously, TOO FAR.

Silent Hill 2, as well; the game does a great job of immersing you both psychologically, and emotionally. You actually sympathise with James' plight, and the various obstacles and tragedies he encounters.

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