Poll: What is the single most important factor in a video game for you?

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I like JRPGs.... so none of the above.

I voted for story.

I dont give a crap about graphics the game just has to be fun

I voted "Story", but "Gameplay" and "Fun Factor" close behind. Take Planescape: Torment, for example, one of the greatest games of all times: without the masterful storytelling, it would be half the game it is.

I don't have any such preferance. It has long been understood that games with cak stories but good gameplay can still be great games, and possibly vice versa. That iplies that as long as one facet of a game is strong enough, it can compensate for shortcomings in the others.

In general, it must be fun to play. For example, X-Play gave The Darkness a 2 out of 5 but I kept the game for two whole years because I had fun tearing up the mob with my tendrils and snake-headed demons. Another game with a 2 star rating is the recent Aliens vs Predator and again I don't mind it because it's fun to play as the alien or predator and tear up the other two poor species.

After the fun factor, the next thing I look for in a game is story, then gameplay, then graphics.

I always find it interesting how many people put story as the most important part, but some of the greatest games of all time (Tetris, Super Mario Bros, etc.) have little to no story whatsoever. Now I love a good story, but not every game needs one.

Really there is no single "most important factor." It entirely depends on the type of game. A racing game needs no story, but it does need good gameplay. An RPG, on the other hand, needs a good story but can get by on mediocre gameplay.

a good story must have good characters so thats kind of a bad choice.

i started erasing variables.
im pretty sure if it was just graphics, controls gameplay or fun factor it can fail if it just has those.

a good story has the ability to keep you hooked even if the gameplay isnt that great

e.g. heavy rain, metal gear etc.
whereas games with little story but loads of gameplay like resident evil (ok bad example) or gears of war which have great gameplay and fun factor.

unfortunately i cant stand them because the story feels like it was written by a child covered in paint writing scripts on a phone book.

only problem with having a good story is very few of them games can have a replay value stong enough to make you want to play it again (exception of heavy rain).

This is my order of importance:Fun factor, Gameplay, Graphics. I have managed to get used to the oddest control systems in the world on PC and 2 different consoles so that is unimportant to me. Here is why fun factor and gameplay are so important: If you are not having FUN PLAYING a GAME then with all due respect, Why the heck play the piece of (use your imagination).

Fun, gameplay, graphics.. All are combined to make a good game. I like the FF series (especially 6) e.g. because of the great combat system and the great storyline. But of course, graphics tend to be a big point too. I've played my share of "good oldies" even when better graphical games were out. If the graphics are not too shitty, it's playable. In my opinion there isn't a single factor that makes a game a good game or a bad game. It's a number of factors combined that make it fun/good, or boring/bad, etc. Therefore, all of the factors above could be considered important.

I can't vote. Because all of them are important to me.

Exactly. A glaring deficiency in any of these categories will cripple a game.

My top priorities would be "Character design" and "story". Before the game is fun, I want to play with characters who I don't hate and who have a decent, likable story.

Great poll there, actually made it hard to choose because of the choices. I was thinking gameplay before I entered the topic, but then I realized fun factor is a lot more important. That's what makes GTA 4 and Saints Row 2 so different. About the same gameplay, Saints Row 2 got worse graphics, but it's fun. It got the one thing GTA 4 didn't, a reason for me to want to start it up after I've closed the game once. I prefer the controls on Saints Row 2, but still the fun factor is what makes me go for that one being better.
No More heroes is a game that didn't really had much to offer, but it had fun. It's all that's needed to make me get the sequel and I can't wait for the release next month!
Kudos to the maker of the poll to make me realize the gameplay isn't always the most important.

Okay... GAME DEVELOPERS LISTEN UP. I'm going to say this slowly so you might listen.

In this poll... From a website of people who love video games... GRAPHICS AND CHARACTER DESIGN... The two things you spend more time on than any other aspect of game development... Are the most important thing about a video game... According to FIVE people... Out of over 170. (That's less than 3 percent.) The MOST important things... Are GAMEPLAY and whether or not the game is FUN... Two things you tend to neglect from time to time... We don't care about how shiny it is... We don't care how many slider bars you have on character creation... We care about having fun... Gameplay that doesn't take a 6 week course to understand... And sometimes a good story.

Did you get that? No? Damn.

Plot. I good plot can make up for a myriad of gameplay issues.

For me it's the story. If the story doesn't interest me, then I'm just not going to really enjoy myself. (most of the time.)

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