Poll: Have you ever had gaming-induced hallucinations? (Like the "Tetris Effect")

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The "Tetris Effect", for those who don't know, is a fairly well-documented phenomenon in which people who've been playing a lot of Tetris tend to see little falling Tetrominoes in their peripheral vision, even when they're not playing the game. I've never played Tetris enough for that to happen to me, but I've had some similar cases (for the sake of this post, I'm including cases where I found my way of looking at things warped or affected by the games I played, even if it wasn't an actual hallucination per se):

-Deadly Rooms of Death is a top-down puzzle game in which each character moves in discrete steps from one square to another. After playing DRoD for some hours, I thought I saw little objects moving in discrete steps in my peripheral vision.

-After pounding through some Morrowind, when I focused my vision on something interesting or gold-colored I found myself expecting to see its name, weight and value hovering over it.

-After playing a lot of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (wooo), walking around I could only see all the places I could do grinds, wall-rides, etc. (but a conspicuous lack of half-pipes)

-After several days of Halo, when I first got it, I started looking at the world in terms of what I could hide behind while my shield recharged.

I think I've had more that I don't remember. Life is fun. :D How about you?

The only type of hallucination that's been game induced involved me hearing muffled sounds of a game: gunshots, explosions, some dialogue or small muscial cues. I don't know if those count.

Yes. Many times, generally over games. Oblivion, Morrowind, Mass Effect...

But the worst occurred a couple of weeks ago, when I'd been doing lab reports on excel for 10 hours a day for 3 days.

I had the tetris effect with excel. Quite possibly the most boring hallucination one could ever imagine.

After being addicted to Team Fortress 2 for about two weeks, I kept hearing the sentry's bleeping sound everywhere.

More recently, I bought Bad Company 2 on Sunday, and it's been the only thing in my Xbox since. I keep hearing explosions and gunfire.

Myself, I've blinked and had a crosshair in the centre of my vision.

after playing a lot much BC2, i often hear motion sensors beeping

Not so much, but I've had some crazy game-induced dreams. Like one night after playing MW2 a lot, I dreamed of being in a wooded area and making a ton of headshots with this crazy gun - it was like an old rifle but the barrel was pretty big like a shotgun. Also, there wasn't any gore lol.

I went to Olive Garden (hardcore) after playing GTA IV for five straight hours, and I looked at the cars and checked my phone to see if I could spawn a better car or if I should steal one of these cars.

After playing all of Portal twice in one sitting, I walked around my house, and my house has plenty of white walls, so I was wondering where to put the portal to get down the stairs.

I had a dream that I was a Dark Angel sergeant who found a set of terminator armor in the vault of a planetary governor (similar to the Dawn of War 2 angel gate quests) I remember calling for a couple of servitors to help me out of my own power armor and into the terminator dregs.

Last thing I remember was loading a storm pistol and grabing a power sword.

That's about the closest I have ever come to living a game... and it was awesome.

Well, after playing WoW a few years back, I started not being able to see right. Parts of my vision would disapear (hard to explain), some parts of it would go all.. fuzzy. Then my arm went numb, like falling asleep, which spread to my face.

It was scary as hell. This happened a few times after, too, not even when playing WoW and one time my parents took me to the emergency room.

Turns out it's just Migraine Aura but it was scary as hell.

Also, another time, I was playing some weird flash game into the night. I went to bed but kept seeing it and couldn't sleep for most of the night. I think I slept an hour and woke up with intense pain in my arm for some reason, which kept me awake for the rest.

I've had a serious case of the Tetris effect after an all night marathon of Tetris 2 against my brothers.

We stayed up all night and went to the movies the next day looking like hell. I have no idea what the movie was, because all I could see on the screen was Tetris 2. That is the last time I ever did that.

Well, the Mass Effect style speech interface is slowly taking over my mind so yeah.

After playing Guitar Hero it used to feel like everything was moving away from me

Not so much, but I've had some crazy game-induced dreams. Like one night after playing MW2 a lot, I dreamed of being in a wooded area and making a ton of headshots with this crazy gun - it was like an old rifle but the barrel was pretty big like a shotgun. Also, there wasn't any gore lol.

Same here. Lot's of dream based (loosely) on games.

An example would be a Halo dream and a Standard Army Squad Based FPS dream.
Too long ago to remember the details though. All I remember is the Halo dream somehow leading to a Giant Spider boss battle and my friends always played minor characters.

A few months back when I played a lot of Tetris I'd get that. I've also gotten the HUD from Borderlands all caught up in my vision after playing it for a long time. I usually get pretty mindfucked any time something scary happens, if that counts...I've actually got quite a bit of these sorts of things. Too many to sit around naming while I could be contracting MORE.

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If I get bored I tend to start imagining everything in terms of a Video Game. More concrete example. My friend played Halo for 3 days straight. Then we went out to watch a movie. We're leaving the cinema and he starts raving "They're everywhere. Mini-Master Chiefs and mini-Elites. Get them away." Naturally we both got very drunk that night and played Gears of War 2. It was pretty funny to be honest.

I've seen the Grenade indicator while browsing the video store. I'm lucky I realized it was a hullucination before I went commando rolling to the side.

Also when I used to play wow, and dreamed about playing wow, I'd wake up waggling my middle finger trying to hit hot-keys >.>

I've tried to look at my non-existent Pip-Boy 3000 numerous times.

I dont know about the Tetris affect but whenever I played the flying sequences in God of War 3 I felt dizzy and disoriented.


My God, Minesweeper is the worst for the Tetris Effect. Imagine an unlimited grid full of potential mines and no walls and you clicking away for several minutes without the ability to think of anything else. Not long after I had a Minesweeper marathon to beat my record 76 second score (which I failed to do), I Tetris Effected for over an hour while trying to sleep. I gave up Minesweeper the next day. It is only the second game that I am *officially* retired from (the other being Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7).

I dream in third person, static camera angles.

Im starting to see a health bar in the corner of my vision.

You would be suprised how few Health kits there are in Manchester to fill it.

Whenever I play one of those funny guitar games on an Xbox or the like I have a weird cone shaped 'going down' effect in my vision.

i've had shit tons by shit tons of dreams from just about any game i have played, while in real life most of the time i just see writing or languages from games written o walls or from weird viewed objects from games, such as final fantasy writing or assassins creed stuff, and i always, always, look for nice sniping and cover spots like someone is about to shoot me whenever i walk around campus

I understand that one continues to see things from rhythm games a short while after they stop playing. Fortunately, this only appears to happen the first or second time a person plays the game.

I have had a dream that I was the Lich King, if it counts. One of the best dreams I've ever had, it was.

It's not a hallucination, but when I play Guitar Hero/Rock Band for a while, and look at another screen, such as a different tv or laptop right after, my eyes are still adjusting to the notes sliding at me, and the other screens start distorting.

It's sweet.

Also, I think there has been one point where I was driving down one of the streets in my town, and I could vividly imagine making it into a sandbox horror game, because I had been playing Saints Row 2.

ever heared about insaniquarium?

i played it with another person, he kept spamming new fishes and i kept feeding them at massive rate. we had the screen filled with blue fish......

i saw diamonds for 2 days.(not kidding)

Darth Caelum:
Well, the Mass Effect style speech interface is slowly taking over my mind so yeah.

Me too, let's be friends
Same here

Also after playing a LOT of Morrowind, I found myself either running or walking, never anything in between. And at least one time I expected to see stats hovering over a TV.

Guitar Hero makes everything you look at slowly move upwards for about 5 minutes after you stop playing.

Many years ago, I had a two week marathon of MarioKart. I needed to get out of the house for a bit, and every time I tried to turn around I thought I was going to drift sideways.

Also, after a lot of FFX a while back, I was seeing the little circles from the level up thingy in my sleep.

sometimes when i play rock band

Guitar Hero. Is Evil. For This.

I stood up, the whole room started floating upwards, myself included. I looked out of my bedroom window, it looked like I was 6 floors up. I was nearly sick.

I just finished a self imposed Castle Crashers marathon. (Don't ask)

I'm currently thinking that my dog is floating and I feel the need to smash things more than I usually do. Also, I feel short and angry.

Closest thing I've had, is going from just cause 2 to fallout 3, and i kept hitting LB hoping to grappling hook on to a wall.

also, after playing guitar hero for a while i get the "waterfall effect".

and when i watched the invention of lying, i felt a sudden urge to tell the absolute truth about everything.

oh, and at school every time i saw a group of people in a line, i couldn't help imagining getting multikills on mw2 with a sniper.

I find myself reaching for an Annihilator RPG with unlimited ammo... alot.

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