ever broken a game in rage?

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Angus Young:
FACEBREAKERS! on 360 the bosses were so cheap that i took the game out of the drive scratched it with a car key and sent it back to game fly

image Great job sir, you win this thread (so far O.o)

Many mice I've owned over the years have succumbed in a shower of parts and plastic to my game-induced rage.

I make no excuses for my outbursts and I'm pretty lucid when it happens. "No, I will NOT be beaten by a sequence of 0's and 1's."

As for games, I think the only game I ever destroyed was an Amiga Floppy Disk game - I frisbeed it across the room, and it pulverised itself against a wall. Damn near cackled my kneecaps off.

Not so funny story - I once flung a can of deodorant at my wardrobe after a particularly bad round of Oni. It bounced off the wardrobe, rebounded off the wall and went straight into a glass showcase of warhammer miniatures.

Twice and It was a shitty game that I got as a joke (the same game...).

Break? No. but I did take a disc (some old nfs) out of the rom and threw it out of the window, because otherwise I would have broken my keyboard. And I have converted a few mice to small piles of plastic jiblets.

Never. If nothing else, out of respect for the storage medium.

Back in the hey day of floppy disks all the time. Used to rage at pirated copies not working and frisbeed the disk off the wall.

The hard plastic fractured wonderfully and exploded with springiness because of the springs inside :D

I've always found it takes too long to break a game cartridge or disk. You have to get up, go to the console, deal with the ejecting business, and only then can you unleash. Throwing a controller or slamming a fist onto the coffee table is immediate, and thus much more satisfying.

I've broken at least 3 different Xbox headsets if that counts for anything.

You guys have anger issues you know that.

Nope, I've broken two mice and two keyboards though. Granted one keyboard broke because I spilled coke in it : \

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