Poll: New Vegas, will it PWN or FAIL?

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I'm incredibly hopeful that it will be awesome see as how I already pre-ordered the Collector's Edition (It was $20 more and you get things that total to more than $20)

have to wait and see, Fallout 3 is my perfect game so I've got very high expectations

some great elements such as new weapons have been shown, but the shit with orbital laser has given me doubts. Also the cowboy elements mentioned make me angry, I fucking hate westerns, and everyones recent fixation with Red Dead has further put me off, if its too cowboy-y I may just return it.

I think people are a little too critical of Obsidian given that there seemed to be problems with their patrons that hurt them on things like "Neverwinter Nights 2" and "Knights Of The Old Republic 2". Both of which were allegedly kicked back to earlier builds before release for content related reasons, which is why there are incomplete areas still in the code of KOTOR 2 for example, or such is the story I've heard.

I thought Alpha Protocol was pretty good, not one of those massive "OMG, it's so awesome it's beyond everything else" games, but a lot better than people are going on about.

Assuming there was no problem with being forced to go back with an earlier build with New Vegas, and not being rushed on development (which hardly seems to be the case), I expect it will be just fine. Especially seeing as it's using the same engine as "Fallout 3" and "Oblivion" which was broken in well and is just being tweaked.

Average,not a lot of expectations

I'm not considering most of the things they were bragging about, have been done with mods...and the game visually looks like Fallout 3 with not much new at all.

I'll probably give the game a look if enough people are like "WOAH, this game is the best thing since super sliced bread" or it drops in price...significantly.

For all I know it could be great, but I'm not exactly overflowing with money so I'll stick to what I have

"PWN" and "FAIL" are overused mindless outdated gibberish words used by immature 12-year-olds spending way too much time on counter-strike subjective terms, so one man's FAIL is another man's PWN. It's all personal preference.

Everytime someone writes the letters "pwn" I honestly want to stab them in the face. What is going through your head when you type something like that...sigh

Anyway. New Vegas looks good, way more similar to F3 then I thought it would be.

It will be exactly the same as FO3, and I'll be happy to buy the mega-expansion pack to that great game

Aren't the guys who made Fallout 1 and 2 working on this? If so then I think its going to be AWESOME, who better to work on New Vegas then they men and women who brought Fallout 1 and 2.

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