"Unnecessary? Yes. Inefficient? Yes. Totally awesome? Hell yes."

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The gun in Painkiller that shoots shurikens and lightning :D

A streetlight makes an efficient weapon in some situations.

Real men throw vending machines.

It's already been said, but this:



A streetlight makes an efficient weapon in some situations.

Real men throw vending machines.

And even realer men can do this in a single punch.

Any weapon from final fantasy these days.

Il go with a classic then. The Armageddon weapon in from the Worms games. I will kill everything and will baseicly destroy the whole map but it is FUCKING AWESOME!

The belly spear Cú Chulainn is supposed to use on people.

Couldn't find a picture sadly.

Probably the best weapon to fit this description is anything from Painkiller. All of them are completely awesome, and completely impractical all at once.

The Supernova of Jak 3 qualifies for sure. It clears out all enemies in a flash of light leaving only a cool looking mushroom cloud, but takes up half the ammo, and there'd be like 5 other simpler, less awesome ways to take down those baddies.

The Fatman, sure you can probably get it to be pretty efficient after about 600 hours of leveling, but it's just so useless yet so fun to use that I can't help but think of it the moment I read the title.

Definitely a bowling ball; spiked, of course.

I'm going to volunteer cerberus

A 3 headed nunchuck would be useless, but looks so cool when in use.

Z of the Na'vi:

I'm going to have to go with the Shishkebab from Fallout 3. It's a damn lawn-mower blade jammed into a motorcycle gas tank and then set on fire. It is a damn, FLAMING SWORD!!!

While in the real world this would be useless and the heat alone would cause you to drop it, holding a flaming sword and slicing anything to charred bits is damn awesome.


That's what the oven mit is for

There is a boss in red dead revolver, which has a cannon instead of a arm.
this is set in the wild wild west, but it is just stupid.

Eddie Rigs' solos from Brutal Legend.

Eddie Rigs' solos from Brutal Legend.

And the axe. And the fully-upgraded Duece. And Ironheade. When I take over the world, Ironheade will be my weapon of choice.

The mauler in Halo 3, its a Revolver/pistol/shotgun that shoots white hot spikes and has a double bayonet!

wrong gun, your thinking of the spiker there :P


An elephant with a gun isn't a very good idea.

Just ask the Empire

Mine would be the new fangled-jet gun thingy in the Just Cause 2 DLC.

It's basically a leaf-blower on steroids, that can tornado anything up,up and away, Team-Rocket style.


True, however the oven mitt shatters the bad-assery, as it makes you look like you are preparing a cake with the sword!

My choice would be the Invokers from Persona 3...

Why? So easy to trick someone into using a normal gun instead of it, and all that practicing to just get over the idea of shooting yourself would suck! Not to mention it being worse if you had some really wimpy persona...
Besides, not like you could really just pull the Invoker out and use it whenever you wanted...

Z of the Na'vi:


True, however the oven mitt shatters the bad-assery, as it makes you look like you are preparing a cake with the sword!

But it would be a cake... a cake made for a special day... out of their own corpse, since its their Deathday!

Gunlance from Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Big shield + long lance + massive cannon = All sorts of win.

A chainsaw bayonet is actually incredibly stupid (a smooth one would dispatch guys quicker) but somehow I still love slicing a locust in half with it.

The reason behind the chainsaw beyonnet is because Locust skin was so tough using a blade was innefficient. So the chainsaw is better because it tears through the hide.


Scratch the "Inneficient" thing. It can freaking:
Shoot burning lasers made of pain
grapple people's skulls with a blade with a laser tether
shoots a spinning blade that will instantly kill, but moves slow and takes good aim
And the best, but most simple:
It spins around at high speeds, and anything touched by it is turned to limbs.

The Planet Buster from Spore.
Name says it all, and everyone's gonna hate you for using it, but it is awesome turned up to 11:

That is all.

Lord Mountbatten Reborn:
The belly spear Cú Chulainn is supposed to use on people.

Couldn't find a picture sadly.

Assistance to the rescue!

The spear that the legendary Cú Chulainn weilded was the the legendary Gáe Bulg. There are many things this spear is percieved to be able to do, such as:

-Change fate and strike at a man's heart, no matter what angle the spear was stabbed at
-Grow thousands of barbs to never miss its target
-Grow barbs once inside a man to shred them to pieces

Probably the best rendition I can think of was the one done from Fate/Stay Night, where he was the Lancer class hero.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0EQWDLTCd0 - About 1:30 into the trailer, you see the spear bending fate to dodge the attack. This is an interesting concept as to how bending the fate of the world to strike at the opponents heart would look like.

Awww, it's not from a video game per se, but how bout the "pirahna gun" or "squid launcher" (from Despicable Me). I am shooting pirahnas at you and they are in 3D.

If that's a no go how bout the Ratchet and Clank weapons such as the chicken gun? I mean it turns your enemies into to chickens, yes, but now you have an overabundance of chickens. And if you want to kill the chickens you can't because you have a chicken gun.

The Rail Gun in MGS 4, it's horribly innacurate, it takes a good 40 seconds to fully charge and you only ever get 1 clip of 60 rounds.

But it fires a 20mm rod of steel at speeds propelled by fifteen THOUSAND volts.

Id have to go with the mini/gatling gun, which sadly has been nerfed to hell. I mean really they are firing rounds the same size or bigger of assault rifles yet take twice as long to kill people

The gun in Painkiller that shoots shurikens and lightning :D

You mean this?

The most awesome weapon ever concieved is mah lazer. It wins by a mile.
image(not a spoiler):

Sorry i cant get the nice image buttons instead of the spoiler ones, could someone tell me how?

About half of the available weapons in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the N64 meet at least one of these categories, some meeting all three. The Quad-Rocket Launcher, Particle Accelerator, that one gun that shoots an entire nuclear explosion concentrated into a little red ball that can only hold 2 shots at a time, the Chronosceptor, a minigun, an alien plasma blaster, a bow with arrows that explode on contact...man that game was awesome...I'm gonna go dust off my N64 and play Turok now.

Probably the Rip You a New One, or R.Y.N.O.

Seriously, a rocket launcher that fires 7 rockets at once. 7 AT ONCE!

It could only be more awesome if it had tits, and was on fire.

Probably a scythe. Its a farming tool, not a weapon. It would be completely impractical in a real fight, but it looks totally awesome.

Damn...totally ninja'd.

Agree completely though.

Clawesome Sauce.

I love you.
I say clawesome sauce;) and the flamethrower in deus ex.

Experimental MIRV from Fallout 3

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