first fps youve ever played

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First "real" one was probably goldeneye. My first actual first person shooting game was probably Oregon Trail.

I believe it was Halo 2(Yeah, I was kind of late to that party) but it may have been Metroid Prime.

Goldeneye... those were the days.

Marathon Infinity. My dad had it on his computer and only let me try after I spent days spying on him while he played and begging him for a chance to try it. It scared the shit outta me when I finally got on. ><

that tank game from atari, back in the early 80's

Goldeneye 007. It was and still is fucking awesome!

If I remember correctly it was Wolfenstein. Ah what a game!

Seconded! I still play it from time to time even now!

Wolfenstein 3d

Wolfenstien 3d!!

Wolfenstein 3D, way back when.


Nothing have ever come close to beating robo-Hitler as a final boss.

I played... Doom 1 or Quake 1 multiplayer with my dad when i was around 3 years old. I can't remember if Doom 1 had multiplayer though... I think it was Quake.

All I can remember is the shitty graphics and some kind of weird rocket launcher that was an insta kill in small hallways. Fuzzy memory.

Omnific One:
CoD2. Great game, even now.

my thoughts exactly, mine was The Big red one, and I loved it, until the later Call of Duty series came out, and then I switched over to playing them.

I'm pretty sure it was Doom!

The first one I really remember playing was Redneck Rampage. I had just gotten my first computer and my uncle sent it to me for Christmas.


You kids make me feel old.

Shadow Warrior. I particularly liked the variety, in both weapons and enemies.


First "real" one was probably goldeneye. My first actual first person shooting game was probably Oregon Trail.

you mean the hunting section counts as a shooting game?

Golden eye and guess what i still beats the crap out of must of the current gen.

Either Wolfenstein 3D or Iron Soldier on the Jaguar, heady days. You kids don't know what you're missing with your polished graphics and sense continuity.

Goldeneye :)

Duke Nukem 3d , hail to the king baby!!!!!

Red Faction...
Don't judge me!!!

My first FPS would we Star Wars Republic Commando on PC, which I was playing back in 2005. I was ten at the time. My dad said "hey, I have this game Halo, it's a lot like this," and that's how I got into console gaming.

Wolfenstien but I wasn't all that fussed on it but then came Doom and I was hooked.

007 - The World Is Not Enough....

awful, awful game... i always thought fps's sucked... until i played turok and not much later the first halo
...then the shocking revelation came to me: games like this can be... FUN?!


I think it was Hidden and Dangerous, I might be mistaken.
There was something like, Operation Eagle or something, or something.

doom i was so little i had trouble spelling it in a dos prompt

My first FPS...was Quake.

I occasionally have nightmares about Shamblers...

Depending on what you consider to actually be an FPS it was either Operation Wolf (1987), Hovertank 3D(1991) or Wolfenstein 3D(1992)

System Shock 2... man i love that game.

Golden Eye on Gamecube.

Good times

First FPS I played extensively and on my own PC was Half Life. But I do remember playing either Doom or Heretic 1st on my godfather's PC when I was little and being terrified of it when he would leave me to play alone in the room.

Either Goldeneye or Perfect Dark....

Not too sure.

Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight
At the age of 8, my odd infatuation with Kyle Katarn began.

For me it was the original Dark Forces, at, I think the age of 12. Still, an absolutely fantastic series that's been dead for far too long.

I THINK it was Quake 2, not entirely sure.

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