Poll: Poetry 101, "Pillar of Autumn," vs "Spirit of Fire"

Something that's always bugged me is name of the ship in Halo Wars, "Spirit of Fire," an extraordinary poor imitation of the "Pillar of Autumn." Just because the imitator has two nouns and a preposition, does not make it a Bungee worthy christening. The Pillar of Autumn has at least three symbolic meanings off the top of my head. Autumn is traditionally the symbol of the decline of old age, while Pillar contrasts this with an image of the mighty oak. A third image is the pillar-like tornado of Autumn leaves, representing the nimble agility of the fighter support.

"Spirit of Fire," just doesn't have that bite of contrasting images, while conjuring up a rather generic picture of a wispy, flamey, humanoid of some sort. How this is suppose to relate to a capital class space vessel stumps me.

And yes, I was an English Major ;) And yes, I spelled autumn wrong in the poll :P

Cool story, bro.


I love both ships, but prefer the Spirit.
Just did. Not sure why, I preferred the characters on board by far to the Autumns, the presentation in Halo Wars was amazing (Cutscenes of course), and it had proper space battles and all.


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