What's your next anticipated Game(s)

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Basically what the title says, what's your next anticaped game and when is it gonna be released, if ever...

For me I have 2,
Kingdom Hearts III(Release date unknown... unfortunately...) and Saints Row the Third(Around Christmas Time)

What about you Escapist? Is it Portal 2? Bioshock 3? Half Life 3: Episode 1?

There are too many this year to even remember.. I think next month is DiRT 3 and Warhammer: Space Marine, so I'm going with them.

The Witcher 2 released next month and it has to be good. It's the first game since last summer that have my interest and it's the only game this year that seems worth getting, I am kind of bummed out about the state of gaming these days.

LA Noire and Guild Wars 2

Skyrim, Deus Ex and Saints Row

Warhammer: Space Marine I'm excited

Saints Row The Third, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and the next Hitman game. I think they're all coming this fall/christmas. It will be awesome.

The Wither 2

Deep, branching story thats influenced by your actions, improved combat, stat-building, color, interesting world, normal edition chock full of awesome goodies, and released for no DRM on GoG.com.

Yes please.

L.A. Noire. Only 3 weeks to go. Wooten!

Monster Hunter Freedom 3.
Another Okami sequel.
The next Command and Conquer.

And thats about it.

Portal 2.

Aside from that, not much till Skyrim/Mass Effect 3.

Space Marine is the only game I'm looking forward to right now. I'll probably enjoy Portal and a few others, but Space Marine is the only one I'm considering buying when it comes out.

Most likely;

[STEAM] Mount & Blade: Warband
[STEAM] Street Fighter IV

What I would truely want;

[PSP] Jeanne d'Arc
[PSP] Megaman: Powered Up!
[PSP] Black Rock Shooter
[PSP] Final Fantasy IV

Mass Effect 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Diablo 3
Torchlight 2

I think SW:TOR is the first of those to get released, although I'm not entirely sure. It did just get delayed recently, so who knows.

I'm keeping my eye on Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter X Tekken, but right now I have plenty of fighting game joy from Marvel vs Capcom 3. The last thing I want is to lose all my skill in MvC3 while trying to learn Mortal Kombat.

I keep getting excited for a different game almost every day. Mostly right now it's batman: arkham city, followed closely by mass effect 3. I'm also looking forward to portal 2, uncharted 3, and skyrim

You don't know how much I want this game.

I have too many. The closest is probably Portal 2, since it unlocks in less than a week. Then there's Child of Eden on the 14th of June, then Catherine on July 26th, then Disgaea 4 in September, then Dark Souls in a rather vague "2011" date.

Maybe Anarchy Reigns too. I'm unfamiliar with Masaki Yamanaka's work, but Platinum never disappoints. Q3/Q4 this year.

Oh yeah, and Mass Effect 3.

And possibly Deus Ex: Harmbnlsdhrdl Refolutizationisms

EDIT: and Dreamy Theater 2nd. More of a DLC pack/expansion, but still awesome.

EDIT EDIT: Asura's Wrath, too! CC2, thanks for starting a new IP.

Mass Effect 3 and BioShock: Infinite.
I'd say Witcher 2 but my PC is way to weak to play it :|

A new Fable that makes up for the disaster that was Fable 3. Also, I'm waiting eagerly for Asura's Wrath. Something about it just appeals to me.

The Last Guardian
Street Fighter x Tekken
Tekken x Street Fighter
and Shenmue 3
also, any continuation of Skies of Arcadia would be nice, even if just a remake.

Portal 2 - a few weeks away. YAY!

Bioshock Infinite - October me hopes.

Saint's Row 3 also. Not sure on release.

Portal 2 is the only game I'm actually looking forward to. All the others are just kinda meh. (assuming they make the new Bioshock like the last one) Maybe I'll finally get into the Horror genre, buy some older games. (pm a suggestion if ya want.)

patiently twiddling my thumbs for diablo three.

The up and coming Mortal Kombat has my attention..as does Saints Row 3 and yes, even him..the Almighty Duke Nukem. >_>

Portal 2
LA Noire
Infamous 2

The Last Guardian is up there too, but it just feels too far away to feel anticipated over.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Call me a fanboy for wanting to buy a "remake" of DR2. I don't mind =3

Portal 2, definitely.

Also, Deus Ex HR seems pretty interesting, but I seriously doubt my computer has a chance in hell of running it. Ah well...

Portal 2, La Noire, Duke Nukem Forever, Catherine, and Deus Ex 3. I end my Spring at the end of August. I start Fall listings in September.

N+2, Electric Boogaloo

Several right now. Brink, Skyrim, Portal 2. But the one I'm really waiting for and can't wait to get is Mass Effect 3. November can't get here fast enough.

Portal 2, Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim.

Asura's Wrath, Bioshock: Infinite, Portal 2, and FF versus 13

Child of Eden, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, Portal 2, Bioshock Infinite, Kingdom Hearts 3, Saints Row The Third.

None coming out soon really have me 'wanting' them...but there are a lot of games I'll pick up this year. Zelda, Mass Effect 3. Skyrim to name a few. The only game that had me really excited this year was Dragon Age 2...and Diablo 3 (which probably wont be released until at least next year).

I'm looking forward to Hawken, that indie with the First person Mech battles.

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