So, PS3 owners....

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How you been holding up these past 48 hours with no PSn. I find that I actually do not want to play video games unless I am laying online competitively. I tried going for the platinum in InFamous the past two days (I just need 16 more shards, drain 750 gigawatts and unlock the rest of the evil powers).

Subtopic: For some reason, I find games like RDR and Assassins Creed boring because of the fact that you have to spend most of your time traveling to missions. You are bound by ingame laws to not go on rampant murdering sprees so you can't do anything entertaining on your way to mission markers either. Got AC2 when it came out, only completed about 10% of it, got RDR 2 months ago, barely did anything. (Traveling on horse from city to city was very annoying.)

I havent minded so far, but I just got home, and dont usually float around the PSN.

Hasn't affected me too much. I recently got a PS3 and I wanted to set up netflix on it, but I can't until this BS is over. I guess for now I will just stick with my PC for online gaming.

I've been stuck with the same few games for quite a while, so I don't play the PS3 much these days. Whenever I do play, I usually play Battlefield 1943/Bad Company 2, so yeah, I guess it sucks a little. Don't really care, though.

Also, I like the travelling. One of the (numerous) things I disliked about AC2 was the removal of the free-roam area between cities.

I have just been playing Mortal Kombat. I found that without being logged on, I kind of lose my want to play games, even though I rarely play competitively.

Perfectly fine, I find multiplayer games boring anyway.

Beating up guards on Arkham Asylum > generic multiplayer FPS games.

People actually use PSN? I swear to god, there's never anyone on it.

Been playing Crysis 2 Single Player and watching Bones.

I only used my PS3 to play Mortal Kombat story as of late, my PC gets all my love. Still waiting for friends who bought the PS3 copy of Portal 2 to get it running, so I've been killing time with Bioshock 1 and 2 that I got on steam sale for 5 bucks each. I personally don't get why people go nuts over it, I find it to be dreadfully easy, but this is coming from someone who played most of the old school FPS RPG's such as System Shock 2 and Deus Ex.

I rarely play games for 100% completion with the exception of Metroid games.
RDR was good for story and atmosphere for me, traveling is always a pain, while Assassin's Creed I've never found too interesting anyway. I'd like to see an Assassin's Creed take place in Feudal Japan, enough of Italy.

I've just been playing Portal 2 on single-player... (I'm waiting for a friend to get his PC up and running so we can play co-op) I frankly didn't notice PSN was down until this evening.

With all the good single-player games out there, do people really need to play online?

Hasn't bothered me that much. Can't use netflix, which I barely use anyway. All I really lost was my third browser, but that's hardly a big loss. I suppose I might feel inconvenienced if I actually wanted to play multiplayer on something(War for Cybertron is about the only game I do that with), but I'm so engrossed in FF Tactics right now I couldn't care less.

I just want to know who's fault it is that it's down. Is it anonymous trying to punish Sony again? Did sony fuck up when they were installing more privacy invading, totalitarian-esque DRM to prove how much they own your console? Does the thing in china that Amazon was suffering from have anything to do with it?

Answers to these questions and more coming up after your irregularly un-scheduled interuption in service.

None of the games I play require online or are more fun online than offline.

So I've been fine. However, I did want to check the PS Store for the first time in four years... and it was down. The one time I check the store!

Wanted to play some KZ and CoD, but I've been sticking to New Vegas.

Ive been messing around with my old PS1 games, I forgot how many times I played through crash bandicoot (the first one) when I was a kid. I was going to buy marvel vs. capcom 2 since its on sale but it looks like I'm gonna have to wait.....

It wouldn't have affected me so much if I hadn't just bought Portal 2 and wanted to play Co-op!

Whenever I play RPGs I log off of the PSN cause "so and so signed on" totally kills immersion, thus I do not mind the PSN situation...though I do want it to be fixed soon otherwise my blazblue skills will start to rust.

World of Tanks, that's how I've been holding up!

Ok, I guess. I play PC 80% of the time, my DS 15% of the time and PS3 the other 5%. So, I haven't actually noticed the down time at all.

I rarely play online so nothing has changed for me.

And since I'm not picking up any new games till June(I think it is safe to say it'll be fixed by then) I won't be using PSN until then.

It's not fun having an itch that you can't scratch (like some bad company 2 with a friend or two.)

But I'm a big boy, I'll manage.

It's a pain, no CoD is the biggest killer. So I've been sticking close to my computers - readying myself for Skyrim later this year by replaying Oblivion and Morrowind.

It's given me some time to play Gran Tursimo 5 and Fallout 3 again, been pressured as of late due to NHL 11 EASHL, RE5 trophy boosting, etc.

looking on the bright side of things, this is a chance for people that only play online to realise games just aren't only about multiplayer.

been continuing my pacifist run on Big Boss Extreme difficulty on MGS4, so unfortunately I cannot vent my frustrations our on people online for the moment.

i just hope it get back up soon i want to play with portals on pc but i need psn to be alive for that to work

This is why I got the PS3 version of Portal 2, free PC copy.

Started on Tuesday on PS3, save to the cloud. Finished up the next day on PC.

Now I have time to play any of the other hundred or so games I have on Steam, or just beat ME2 ...again.

I really only play singleplayer on it. All my multiplayer games are on my PC.

I got lots of single player games, so I'm fine.

I've been playing Mortal Kombat's story mode and arcade mode. I only play one game online for the PS3 and I'm probably going to trade it in soon.

Aside from missing some trophy notifications, I'm good. I would like to download Fancy Pants Adventures, though. =3

I haven't played with my PS3 for a month, so I'm taking it quite well

been playing some single player games on my ps3 and playing garys mod

Perfectly fine, while it's down I've just been trying to ace levels on LBP and LBP2. I rarely use PSN anyway.

As a playstation 3 owner... what's PSN?

Okay, I'm joking, but in all seriousness, I don't think I've ever really used the PSN, so I'm not affected.

its not that big of a deal. Almost all of my games are single player anyway.

Has everyone forgot that games also have NON-ONLINE components? God, c'mon people, if this is the case, what was gaming before this generation like? O_O

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