So, PS3 owners....

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Well I hardly play online but this downtime is annoying for me, because I recently got Demon's Souls and want to play it while logged in to PSN. It's a completely different experience. If it was any other time, I might not have even noticed.

Also, I like the travelling. One of the (numerous) things I disliked about AC2 was the removal of the free-roam area between cities.

They didn't remove it. They just included a fast travel system for those who didn't want to bother. Win-Win.

I've been hung up with school. It's the Finals crunch time, and I get NO gaming in.

I've been waiting for my order of Mortal Kombat to arrive :(

I also been playing the first game in the Tomb Raider Trilogy.

netflix does work. it'll say it won't, and try to connect you to psn twice before just giving up and letting your movies screen load.

I wasn't even aware that PSN was down. But then again my PS3 has been gathering dust since I got my copy of Dead Rising 2 and Halo Reach a couple weeks ago. But it wouldn't have bothered me that much since I have never played any online games on it. All I have are InFamous and the God of War trilogy.

been playing RDR single player so im good.

But i have the Infamous 2 beta which i can't use. Stupid PSN

Sadly my PS3 hasn't seen much use since I got my new PC. I did however get a used copy of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, mainly to play against my brother offline, so I'm good. Hell, even before I had my new PC I spend 90% of my online time on the PC, so I'm not too bothered.

Sir John the Net Knight:
People actually use PSN? I swear to god, there's never anyone on it.

Expand your friends list :)

It hasn't effected me at all, Ive got plenty of games that are SP or have SP and the MP ones I play coop anyway so they usually have SP avaliable.

the answer is LIVE

98% of my games are sp and i have no friends i just wish it worked to i can activate portal 2 on steam

It's slightly miffing since I wanted to play Portal 2 co-op with an amigo and I've done all the singleplayer aspects of it and it means he can't play co-op because we said we'd play it together!
Anyway just been passing the time on Oblivion. Also I love travelling, don't know why, it's just fun, I hate how in games like the elder scrolls and Fallout I'm a bit addicted to fast travel and don't get to explore the world as much.

Don't really care about multiplayer games, so I don't really mind. I'm never really inconvenienced by things like this, I don't even have internet for my 360 so I can cope.

Eh, not really that big a deal for me so far. Sure it's a pain to not be able to sign in, but I'm too busy playing games to bother (most of my games are singleplayer anyway since my friends are Xbox-owners)...

Been replaying some GC/Wii games lately, so I haven't played me PS3 online for the past few weeks unless my friend calls me up to play Demon's Souls together.

So that's why I wasn;t able to sign in. I really haven't played a lot of videogames recently. The only game I can actually play right now, is the Minecraft demo.

Only really use PSN for Bulletstorm Echo leaderboards. Your offline scores get uploaded anyway so other than not knowing what to aim for points wise it hasn't affected me much at all.

So PSN is still down huh? Well I might have rethink purchasing Portal 2 on the PS3 at the moment...

I haven't been really using my PS3 lately. I'm currently playing through Metro 2033 again, and after that I'm going to go back to playing Vindictus until Brink is released.

Psh, playing online is stupid anyways

My only regret is that I can't hit 20th level on Battlefield... but I enjoy the singleplayer experience anyway

I just bought Portal 2 on the PS3, so no Steam version or coop for me. I mean, I enjoyed the singleplayer, but I bought it on PS3 so that I could also play it on Steam.

The only really annoying thing was not adding my Portal achievements to Steam, and I just beat it on my computer so either way, meh.

haven't played a ps3 game on my launch ver ps3 since '09

so it doesn't effect me.

Now that I actually have a game that I play online somewhat regularly (assassin's creed brotherhood multiplayer), it is slightly upsetting but nothing too bad.

Has everyone forgot that games also have NON-ONLINE components? God, c'mon people, if this is the case, what was gaming before this generation like? O_O

My point, too! What the hell? You don't want to play games unless you're not playing against someone else online? Here's a though! Get a friend to play with you! Jeez...

/goes back to playing her single player games and enjoying them.

Test candidate Outright Villainy is fine.
I mean, I am fine. I am too busy doing science to notice any problems.

Everything is fine.

This is why I got the PS3 version of Portal 2, free PC copy.

Started on Tuesday on PS3, save to the cloud. Finished up the next day on PC.

Now I have time to play any of the other hundred or so games I have on Steam, or just beat ME2 ...again.

I would have done this too, but Mine arrived the day it went down, so I haven't been able to get my free pc version, so me and a friend played the co op on splitscreen instead

Since I'm home on holidays, going out, being with old friends and not having my ps3 around, I haven't noticed it at all.

Its really annoyed me as I've been unable to activate my copy of portal 2 on ps3 and since I want to play it on PC its really annoying

Hasn't bothered me, I rarely use PSN.

Cant care much about playing against other idiots online, so i just stick with offline Mortal Kombat.

Haven't been on the PS3 in a while (PC gamer mainly); probably won't do until LA Noire (PS3 seems to be the lead on that one) and inFamous 2 arrive.

Its really annoyed me as I've been unable to activate my copy of portal 2 on ps3 and since I want to play it on PC its really annoying

Doesn't Steam on the PS3 launch separately to PSN?

I'd rather play Little Big Planet than play some generic, online FPS. So, I'm fine. Much happier building a huge church on my friend's Minecraft server, or hanging thugs over rooftops in Spiderman 2.

Firstly; I'd like to make it clear that I've lost a bit of my faith in humanity, having read this thread checking how people are coping after only 2 days without online gaming!

Secondly; as an Xbox owner, I'd like to say 'Har Har Har' :)

I like it.

Gives me time to do combo videos. And play games where people aren't whining in my ear. And getting a job.

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