So, PS3 owners....

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Meh dont really have a new online games for my ps3 latley so I just went into my living room I turned on my xbox 360.

A bit of a pain, I don't play online multiplayer much but psn went down just before I could link by psn and steam accounts, so no achievement sync for me, but that won't bother me much. I Jjst finished Portal 2 enjoying every second of it. Also just played some Civ 5 and New Vegas on my pc

I will say, amongst the complaining, that it does take a lot away from Mortal Kombat 9 after you beat 100% of basically everything else in the game.

Portal 2 isn't out yet in my country. Still, it affected me quite a bit, since during those couple of days I went through my usual indy/budget game withdrawal syndrome and really wanted to play Might and Magic Clash of Heroes and Stacking, but I couldn't. Instead I raided my local rental place and got Crysis 2 (really unpolished, glitchy collision, blurry graphics, 30 minutes between checkpoints, respawning enemies, fuck me that was bad) and Killzone 3 (pretty great, although the battles were more small-scale, I kinda preferred KZ2's massive battlefields but 3 was intense too in a different way). Also, due to lack of gaming PC, I hung out at my cousin's internet cafe and played through Amnesia in an utterly horrifying marathon 8 hour session that I will remember for a long, long time.

I've been playing Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, so I really don't need PSN. There's no DLC or DRM to worry about, and the single player game is well over 50+ hours of content.

I really don't mind it being gone...

Still working on platinum for Demon's Souls. Damn that pesky Reaper in 4-2, and it's bedamned minions!!

It sucks since i have one game that doesn't require online, mainly because it has no trophies and i can't play a game otherwise i'll get an achievement and won't be able to get it again.

Been playing Crysis 2 Single Player

One more SP trophy to go!

I'd like to see an Assassin's Creed take place in Feudal Japan, enough of Italy.

First, the AC series is heavily tied up in Judaeo-Christian mythology and history, so I really don't see how that would work.

Second, Assassin's Creed in feudal Japan has been out forever: it's simply called Tenchu.

been recovering my lost data of ghostbusters...after ill probably play RdR undead nightmare with cheats

Get ready for the 360 club to come here...

ot: Its a bit annoying but im not too fussed. I recently got a new computer filled with epicness so im fine for gaming at the moment. I hardly play online on PSN anyway, its too cold and lifeless. I think its because not many people have headsets.. GETTING OFF TOPIC

back ot: Not bothered by it too much. Lets just wait it out...

Well, I find that It's a good time to play through my older games, which I've never really had a chance to, Eternal Sonata for example.

I've mostly been missing out on my netflix on it. That's really all I do online with my ps3 anyway. I've got my PC for multiplayer should I get the TF2 itch. It is a little agitating though.


gnu/linux for a catchpa. I lol'd.

Been quite annoyed because i picked up Portal 2 on release day and can't experiment with Steam or cross platform play with friends. it's not been to bad since iv'e been keeping busy with the campaign, but its fairly short and i'm almost on the last chapter.

I'm a big user of PSN and have a Playstation plus subscription, so its annoying since i'm not getting what i pay for. Xbox Live subscribers must get the same feeling when Live is down.

:( wish it will be fixed soon.

I've mostly been playing through Saint's row 2 again, this time without the wacky cheats and resulting glitches. I've discovered that the hispanic voice (voice 3) is the least irritating of the female voices.

I want to download the additional missions for Valkyria Chronicles, but alas I cannot.

Its a good thing that my World at War binge ended a few days ago, otherwise it would be cracking me up right now.

Even before this I was unlikely to buy another sony product in the forseeable future. This hasn't exactly inspired me to change my mind...

Try playing good singleplayer games instead of collecting crap in InFamous mate :/ That is NO way to have fun...

And also, just a note to EVERYONE...

I've bee catching a bit of flak from my Xbox 360 owning friends. I mean I have one myself but they're kind of fanboys about it... Anyway, they seem to think it's some huge great flaw in Sony's console, as though some douchebags dos-ing PSN is a reason for my choice to purchase it in the first place being wrong? I love my games and have been playing them without a care in the world. This PSN outage doesn't even affect me at all, I can go without for a few days and so can everyone else. This is temporary. It'll be over by this time next week, and I'm sure Live is just as susceptible, just they haven't attracted the attention of some hypocritical dumbass losers with 1337 h4cking skillz. I'm sure if they did this would happen to them as well...

Rant over I guess.

EDIT: Ha. I guess I was ninja'd by an idiot saying exactly the thing that I was calling people idots for saying. Just because some dumbasses close down the network temporarily, does not mean a console is not worth getting...


Subtopic: For some reason, I find games like RDR and Assassins Creed boring because of the fact that you have to spend most of your time traveling to missions.... got RDR 2 months ago, barely did anything. (Traveling on horse from city to city was very annoying.)

Did you know that in Red Dead Redemption there's not one, but two fast travel systems, so you hardly have to travel anywhere by horse (except during the scripted horseback sections)?

If you're in a town, you can just use a Stagecoach to travel to another town or a way-point of your choosing and skip the journey to make it more or less instantaneous.

If you're in the wilderness, you can just set up camp and choose to instantly travel to any major location or a way-point of your choosing.

Personally, I hardly ever use the fast travel systems because I enjoyed roaming around on horseback and wandering off the beaten track, but if you really don't like riding there's nothing in the game that forces you to use horse outside of missions.

Been playing Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom...And using PS3 Netflix.

It's annoyed me a little because I wanted to see what the steam option is like on Portal 2 and there's some stuff I'm after on the PS Store, otherwise not really an issue.

Just so you know, in RDR you can fast travel via horse carriages and also your campsite, and you ARE allowed to go about murdering people, i currently have a $10,000 bounty on my head from just killing randoms.

Anyway, i was doing fine up until well.. now. I've been playing through portal 2 single player, but completed it last night and now i want to do co-op. I COULD play on the PC but im stupid and want the trophies.

I wouldn't mind if I someone hadn't told me that Spyro was on PSn store now. I went to check it and BAM! No PSN.

Figures, the one time I actually have a look at the PS Store and it's lost to the abyss.

I just got Infamous in the mail today, so I'm not losing any sleep over this.

This is just FYI, but you can fast travel and go on killing sprees in RDR.

What's affecting me far more than this is that Giant Bomb has also been down for 2 days now. FUCK!

I want PSN back online SOOO bad, I just bought Portal 2 yesterday and I have to go back to college! I want to play that thing on my pc if I have the chance... looks like I wont if the thing doesnt come back on by like... 6 am monday

None of the games I play require online or are more fun online than offline.

So I've been fine. However, I did want to check the PS Store for the first time in four years... and it was down. The one time I check the store!

Exactly the same situation here. I recently got a psp real cheap and wanted to browse the store for some ps1 games to add to my collection. Lo and behold this crap happens.

Oh well, beyond that I don't have too much to complain about. I spend most of my time at the PC instead anyway.

fine really xD its annoying cause i want to play portal 2 co-op but it doesnt really bother me that much i still have dw7 if i get abit bored of it and want to play portal2 later

I haven't really noticed since I'm not on my PS3 as much. Last time I got on it I was going to find some games to buy with the $20+ I still have on PSN and anonymous has taken it down. Been busy/playing on PC since then.

It's fine for me, I'm not shy about admitting my dislike of online gaming so sticking with the single player is just fine for me. Besides I've been playing New Vegas for the past two weeks so this is nothing, the only downside I have is that I was going to buy Dead Money but that can wait.

As for your subtopic I actually really like Open World games because it allows alot more freedom but you're entitled to your opinion. If you want to bypass ingame laws, save your game, go on the murderous rampage then once your dead or bored reload your last save.

im on vacation somewhere else so i cant get access to psn anyways ^^

My PS3 is broken. Disk driver is messed but hard-drive is not. So yeah, PSN being down is fucking with me. I COULD be downloading Dino-Crisis but NOOOOOO, that is not happening... I guess I gotta go with GOW and FF 7 and 8 on my hard drive until it gets back up. Oh heavens, what a shame. (Sarcasm)

I haven't even noticed...I seldom play any game online including Rock Band, which is the main game I own for PS3. I suppose if the outage continues for several months or a year...then I'd be disappointed that I couldn't potentially buy DLC for games like Mass Effect 3.

Not really bothered me, been playing Mass Effect 2 for the past week so it doesn't effect me in any shape or form. To be fair I only really go online to talk to friends and see what everyone else is playing.


Has everyone forgot that games also have NON-ONLINE components? God, c'mon people, if this is the case, what was gaming before this generation like? O_O

My point, too! What the hell? You don't want to play games unless you're not playing against someone else online? Here's a though! Get a friend to play with you! Jeez...

/goes back to playing her single player games and enjoying them.

Yeah, you guys! Stop enjoying different things to us! Dicks.

How you been holding up these past 48 hours with no PSn.

Perfectly fine.

Half-Life 2 and the Mortal Kombat demo. Man, I need to get that game. Also, we we we so excited for Portal 2 arriving. Oh, and I'm planning on playing through Shadow of the Colossus again, and then selling MW2 and Blops.

In conclusion, screw online.

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