The most disturbing thing you've seen in gaming.

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Just play this. It shouldn't take long.

Gears of War 2. Let's hope I do the spoiler tags right, if not then there be spoilers ahead.

A tie between the scene in God of War 3 where Kratos pulls that guys head off with his bare hands, and some of the stock footage of World War 2 they played before missions in Call of Duty: World at War.

Okay but seriously. Probably those giant ant missions from that one Red Alert expansion. Those things were creepy as all fuck. They also made nasty sounds and were powerful as hell. I don't think I actually finished those missions because I was too creeped out.

The Geek Lord:
So you know what? I'm going to say THE CONDITION OF USED GAME DISCS FFFFFFFFFF God of War II. Not that it, by itself, disturbs me, but when you get down to thinking about it, it's all about some bloke who needs more anger management sessions than Jimmy Hopkins running around committing what is evidently omnicide. "It breathes? I'll cut it into tiny little pieces! It's twenty times my size? No problem, I'll just STAB IT IN THE EYES."

And yet Kratos is meant to be the hero..? Next you'll tell me exploding penguins can star in their own spinoff of some silly grindfest RPG of silliness.

You know, it gets progressively even worse in GoW3 where in he deliberately murders every bystander around the area by causing a massive flood and a violent plague. All of this because he essentially has unresolved daddy-issues. And remember that all of this was his fault: The gods had every right to banish Kratos and he caused the corruption in the first place. To this day I believe Kratos has been the villain of God of War series from the second game onward.

I am also having a hard time to come up with an answer. The only one I can think of is this:
In LA Noire a murderer had quite violently removed a ring from the victim's finger. So violently, in fact, that the skin of that part of the finger had wrinkled to the side and the bone was showing. The thought of that happening simply sent shivers down my spine.

Well, seeing how C&C 4 was utterly butchered was probably the most disturbing thing I've seen in gaming so far. Realizing that certainly took its toll.


Although if you've sought that one out to see in the first place, then you'll most certainly be prepared for what's coming - and can hardly blame anyone but yourself for having seen it - given how patently and immediately obvious it is from the title what it's all about.

I should point out two of the best zombie moments ever. One, in Thief: The Dark Project, dead bodies will moan at you. If you back off, that's your one and only warning. In Left4Dead, you try walking by that dead body (anywhere) and it starts moving. L4D infected, even though they're technically alive, can be very, very still.

Speaking of Thief: The Dark Project, the haunts are pretty scary, seconded only by the Servants in Thief 2: The Metal Age. And the servants are non-combatants.

An especially creepy experience came in Jedi Outcast and I had been disarming opponents all the way through Bespin. Finally, the pathway just ended, and with time, I figured out what happened. A Reborn was supposed to attack me, but he's activated by all the previous opponents being dead. The devs at Raven hadn't considered that some of us might be Jedi-like and actually spare the myriad of goons we had encountered. So I had to go back and take a walk on the Dark Side hewing down unarmed foes as the Reaper himself.

In Requiem: Avenging Angel, when you kill some human combatants, they don't die immediately, and they'll wail and sob like... well like a guy who's down and bleeding out unless you put them out of their misery. The ESRB has since pressured developers to actually tone down the humanity of enemies, especially as they respond to pain and injury. According to them, a person lying there screaming because you blew their leg off might be disturbing to some players. Seriously, it has made the difference between AO and M for more recent games.[1]


[1] This would actually make for an excellent deterrant of friendly fire on civilians, or any other inappropriate targets, if they collapsed and started screaming from their injuries the way that real people, including soldiers do when injured and dying on the battlefield.

Many moments in Silent Hill 2 disturbed me, also the broodmother from Dragon Age Origins and a quest in Dragon Age 2

That thing in DNF, where you have to kill those women who were impregnated by aliens. Thats not the opart thats disgusting, what is is that its treated as a joke.


The final scene from Condemned: Criminal Origins ... yeah, the one with the mirror.

And then it turns out to be noncannon due to a sequal they never thought they'd make and shouldn't have been made.

Oh god... that sequel >.>

The start of one of the splinter cell games where they are torturing the guy with the car battery. I can't recall which one it is now. 3rd one? I made sure every one of those feckers died.

If you played I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, then you know what I mean. Seriously just take like any scene from that game, it's just one huge disturbing event.

System Shock 2

The U.N.N. Von Braun. Deck 3 - Hydroponics. Audio logs detailing Nurse Bloome.

Nurse Bloome herself.

Admiral Crunch:
The part in Silent Hill 2 when you see Pyramid Head raping two manniquins.

Maybe I was just suprised by it, but it made me fucking sick.

You read my mind, bud. Totally [email protected]#ky!

A scene that disturbed me the most was the Eyepoker from Dead Space 2.... If oyou played it you know what I mean. I don't know why, but I jsut cant stand seeing stuff like that... Eye surgery... no thanks

fable II and III, these two games are disturbing (but probably not how you ment it!)



Just RapeLay. Urgh. If you know about it, you know what it is.

I know, it's just so...WTF!?!

There were many moments in the Dead Space games where I would go "oh god what the fuck!?!"

The one that ssticks in my mind though for some reason is:

The Ashford twins torturing insects and staring incestuously into each others eyes in Code Veronica was pretty creepy. Or maybe the babies and children in dead space 2, especially when played against the background of the pretty colors of the nursery.

It was really hard for me to face this again, after all these years I've just about forgotten the horror of it... still, the most disturbing thing I've seen in gaming is

In the Resident Evil remake, there's the opening FMV where one of the S.T.A.R.s members gets eaten by zombie dogs. That's just nasty XD

Also, most of Bioshock. Nuff' said.

The best thing I can think of is the entire first area of the Tower of Latria in Demon's Souls. That entire level is just plain creepy, what with the creepy tentacle monster thingies, and the prisoners trapped in the jars. How the hell did they get them in those jars? Did they make the jars around them?

If I get to count it, then I'm going to say Saya no Uta. Pretty much every second of that story is terrifying in a horribly insidious and disturbing way.

And Rapelay? Really? I'd think everyone would be over that by now. It's like one of the most generic rape fantasies ever, and it doesn't actually depict anything that's really "out there".

The start of one of the splinter cell games where they are torturing the guy with the car battery. I can't recall which one it is now. 3rd one? I made sure every one of those feckers died.

Yeah, the first level of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory where they torture a guy to death by frying him with a car battery. I also broke those guys their backs, the only non-required kills I made in that game.

A scene that disturbed me the most was the Eyepoker from Dead Space 2.... If oyou played it you know what I mean. I don't know why, but I jsut cant stand seeing stuff like that... Eye surgery... no thanks

what is weird is that i found the sequence for succeeding way more disturbing than having half you head ripped of.

I've got to say the Pyramid head rape(surprise sex) scene in SH2 I know it's what everyone is using, but if you also count the symbolism behind it of James being a somewhat sexual deviant and Pyramid Head representing his true self... It made me feel kind of dirty inside. Like a Todd Solondz movie... you just kind of want to take a scalding hot shower to wash away what you just experienced, but it doesn't go away. It is forever locked deep down in your soul.

On a lighter note... any scene with Kuja in Final Fantasy IX. It was like someone took Sephiroth subtracted everything that made him a bad ass, then castrated him, then turned him into a drag queen.

Couple of fucked up Oblivion dungeons, I remember one with a bunch of dead bodies that were human experiments or some shit. Never really saw that before, so it disturbed me. Also in Gears 1, when some nameless dude gets destroyed by a berserker behind a corner, so you just see the blood and his shadow. Again, mostly because I never saw that kinda shit before.

Getting raped by the dead chick in F.E.A.R 2

Pyschonauts. Yes Psychonauts. I was like...12 or 11. And the G-mans were just...just...yeah. Hell, everything in that game was weird and strange. I was afraid of the whole 2nd half because the campgrounds were dark and a cougar could appear out of nowhere and light you on fire, right before a telekinetic bear grabs you and mauls you to death.

That and Gloria Von Guten's hair. That's stuff's not natural, man.

If I get to count it, then I'm going to say Saya no Uta. Pretty much every second of that story is terrifying in a horribly insidious and disturbing way

oh. my. god. i just looked it up on Wikipedia. and shit man he eats his friend. fuck! that's really fucked up.

Probably the opening scene of Homefront. That kids mother getting shot in front of him is just... chilling.

Taylor Swift in band hero.....nuff said

Pissing on a burnt corpse of a pedestrian while hitting it down hill with a shovel in Postal 2

Hm quite a lot of things now that I think about it so here is the most recent:

Ever heard what louis from left 4 dead does when he is the last alive? I couldn't find a clip of it but he starts humming to himself like his mind just snapped. Coming from the guy who is normally the most positive guy in the group thats pretty messed up.

I only ever heard it once and normally when there is only 1 survivor left all I can think is "almost got em! pounce him asap!" But when I heard that I genuinly started thinking "I know it's just a game but do I want to torment this guy any further? We are already miles ahead in points anyway." And I let him be.

The Dunwich Building in Fallout 3, granted not the worst; but I can't be stuffed thinking too much at the moment.

I cant remember the name of it, I was only 6, but I remember there was a game demo where you walked through some kind of scientific facility, everything ok, just looks like an office, but then, something goes wrong and a terrifying monster throws a scientist out of a window and charges at you, that scared the shit out of me. I think its possibly the half-life demo, as I remember the zombie monster things looking like the ones in HL2.

Needless to say, it fucked me up

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