need to make out with a Game Character...who?

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Im gonna beat this thread right here and now



Oh gosh



hmm... well, not sure... I guess I pick Veronica from Fallout New Vegas

is my first choice! After her I pick either my female created character from Saints Row 2 or Shaundi.

YOU STOLE MINE (But she isnt a gaming Character_
OT: either Liara from ME2 or Athena from God Of War 2

Oh gosh



That girl? If she's meant to be older than 11 I'll eat my own face.

Unoriginal, but I'd pick Laura Croft.

And I'd pick her sister, Lara. Especially her redesign in that CG trailer. I normally laugh at you all for thinking about game characters but... that shit's real enough for me in that trailer.


Rosa from Assassins Creed 2



Miranda from Mass Effect 2

I think we're done here

To you guys who said GLaDOS, im gonna kill you all XD

since half of us go both genders anways, my guy choice would probably be...idk. Kurt from the Haloverse is a good lookin guy, maybe Nathan Drake or Altair (since Ezio's come up so much).


I would pick no other.

Kasumi from Dead Or Alive, I mean she probably haven't kiss a guy let alone dating a guy to due the fact she is always being chase by the ninjas

i cant believe i am gonna do this,(nearly died from laughing four times now) so here it goes. Cassandra from soul calibur, Yuffie from FFVII,(i like ninjas) Kasumi from DoA, and Nidalee form LoL (also like cougers). Now that i think of it Yuna also.

Cortana from Halo. Not the one who posed above though.


Oh gosh



That girl? If she's meant to be older than 11 I'll eat my own face.

Get eating. She's like 16. Just flat.


you already said Samus Aran... :(

Zoey/L4D! Tali/ME! and my cleric/Aion ^^
although... they're all too nice to just make out with them; they totally are wedding material!
come to think about that... Zelda ^^

p.s.: the captcha agrees: "i'm blessed" xD

EDIT: how could i forget Therese Voerman?! gotta love them cold and strict and totally mad types :D

Adult Alma. She just wants to be loved :(.

Bayonetta, things are bound to get kinky :)

My obsession with Tali aside, I would choose her:

Aribeth from Neverwinter Nights is definitely my choice.

<------- without a hesitation. I full on told my husband to be happy he didn't really exist. I have a thing for Zander/Mal combo plates.

I guess if I had to go with a girl, probably Rikku from 10-2. My husband would like that, and I dig spunky girls.

Luka or Basil from Lost Planet.

Oddly the internet fails to have adequate pictures of either of them. That is without taking Rule 34 into account.

Luka is the nurturing sister like character who has no problem driving a snow sled through an abandoned sub zero city under a hail of gunfire to save your sorry ass.

Basil attempts to kill you with a mecha the first time she meets your character in one of the most frustrating boss fights in the game... not the hardest, just most frustrating.

Yea, I would probably stick with Luka.

moderately bitter with Lost planet 2 for abandoning all but one of the old characters

....or Shaundi.

Seconded! mmm Shaundi...


is my first choice!

good god she is so hot. and not only that she is a real person too.

as equally unattainable as the fictional characters others are choosing, but real nonetheless!

I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate it if I was to get off with Tifa.
Just saying.

Someone a few posts up said Shaundi... that too, she would definitely not appreciate that.

Chihiro Fushimi.

she's a minor character of sorts from Persona 3 fes. She's just... heavenly.

And we'd got the whole (6)9 yards.

It's the Escapist drinking game! Every time someone says 'Lara Croft' take a shot!

*looks at first page* ... Seriously? That's actually oddly unexpected.

Like that CGI picture of peach though; that one's pretty well done.

Mileena from MK...

Naw. Probably Tali from Mass Effect. Mostly because I'm curious about what quarians look like.

man from Line Rider!

jokes aside i'd pick... Lightning/Fang/Vanille from FF12... and i haven't even played the game

If all the Transformers suddenly become human...I'd make out with Bonecrusher as a human.

Now my second choice would be....hmm....I'd say this;

or this;

EDIT; Shit forgot the guy I'd marry.

Leliana from Dragon Age. And if she was open to it, Morrigan as well. Then again, I feel like Morrigan might kinda kill me afterwards... eh, it'd be worth it.

is this even a conteast? One of the twins from DNF, well, before they got murdered you know. that or Alyx Vance

I have to pick just one? I can't like get a harem going on? If it's just one I gotta go with Chun Li. She was my first video love.

Bayonetta, things are bound to get kinky :)

That girl's a bit TOO kinky for me. I gotta say unless I'm Alucard (from Hellsing not Castlevania) I'm not trying to do anything but get to minimum safe distance from that crazy lady.

Well,here are a few in no particular order: Kerrigan,Morrigan,Bayonetta,Tali(after taking off her helm obviously! :P) and that is about it.

Nix from Infamous 2

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