Poll: What November game are you most anticipating?

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There are no games on that list that are also on my rather short games list for November, I am more interested in the PC versions of Batman Arkham City and Saints Row The Third.

Both should give me nice, if perhaps brief breaks from playing Sword of the Stars 2, which is probably going to be eating most of my game time for at least the next few months.


Saints Row 3 is a very, very, close second.

I find you choice of poll options disturbing.

Ho-haaah ho-haaaah.

HEY! why is my beloved Saints Row 3 not on that list??
I would've thought a game so well publicised with such a clean (i have to giggle) rep for silliness would be more prominent in Shooter Season 2011.


Wait wait wait.
Why are Skyrim and Saints Row 3 not on that list?
What is this?

My answer is Skyrim.

You beat me to it sir.

This list is idiotic to not include Skyrim.

The one with dragons and Conan and Thor and an obscene amount of crap to do...

No Saints Row: The Third or Skyrim, poll is fail.

Well this poll is fail.....anyway it's, you guessed it, Skyrim. On second place far far behind is Saints Row: The Third.

I am a diehard fan of the Uncharted series. I can't wait to have another grand adventure, especially since this third installment promises more of my favorite character and his sexy mustache.

This poll, I am really disappointed with your choices, I would say Saints Row: The Third and then Skyrim will follow it.

Change ya poll, I feel like you have disrespected everyone here for not putting Skyrim or Saints Row: The third up there, I feel ANGRY!

None of the poll options. Patiently waiting for Saints Row the Third!

Assassin's Creed: Revelations, even if skyrim was on that list I'd still pick AC.

Sonic Generations (those retrospective trailers!) and Uncharted 3 are my 2 most anticipated but I definitely plan on getting AC Revelations, Skyrim and SR 3 as well.

I'm excited for SR3, but I won't be getting it anytime soon anyway. So, I'd probably pick Sonic and maybe Skyrim. I have a love-hate relationship with the TES series.



Have you guys realized that if Skyrim was an option, nothing else would get any other votes?

And the problem with that is?

The title of the thread isn't "What November game are you most anticipating (other than those that are generally considered the most anticipated)?"

No variety, no discussion, no point at all.

About as much point as five pages of people asking where Skyrim and SR3 are.

He may as well have omitted the poll entirely and merely called the thread 'I don't give a fuck about what you all want'!

Saints Row The Third
Disgaea 4 as a close second

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