Poll: Do you want to live in Tamriel?

Hi, like many of you, I was playing Skyrim the other day and I was struck by how beautiful it is.I would love to actually live there. Morrowind and Cyrodill are also quite beautiful, as I expect the entire content to be quite astounding. I was wondering if anyone else shared my sentiments here on this website. There are a lot of downsides of course, the constant threat of attack, the tiny population and size. But as an advantage, the content is compact and it wouldn't take to long to travel anywhere. Also the third age of Tamriel was peaceful and without political conflict. So if you choose to live in that era it's an added bonus. Anyway my mind is set, how do you feel.

Sorry about the poll questions, I should have given them a second look.

Don't think it'd be much fun unless I was the Nerevarine, Dragonborn, or other hero. Well, not as fun, because they get cooler shit than other adventurers, who seem to all get arrows in the knees and become guards.

No, because most likely some level 50 guy would be running around murdering everyone.

Plus that place was boring and I'd hate to live in a place where an entire city of guards would kill you for stealing a wooden fork.


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