What is your favorite Nintendo system of all time?

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GAMECUBE SUCKA'S! Endless hours of fun with Kirby:Air ride, super Mario sunshine (my favourite Mario game), Legend of Zelda: The wind waker (my favourite Zelda title) and not to mention SSB: melee!

SNES hands down. There are so many incredibly awesome games for that system I don't know how I could pick anything else. Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Super Mario World etc.

Quoted for motherfucking truth and I'm adding Chrono Trigger to that list. That game was freaking awesome.

Has to be the N64.

I still have it set up on my TV along with my most memorable games.

Super Mario 64, Star Fox, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye, Mario party 1/2, Silicon Vally...

Gamecube, just for the fact I could change the dinky little faceplate on top to whatever I wanted. And Smash Bro's Melee.

SNES and Gamecube.
oh the hours I wasted on super smash brothers and various zelda titles.... XD

Snes for me , just the amount of great games on that system.

Though the gamecube gave us baten kaitos

N64 or Gamecube. Love both of those systems so much. The SNES was pretty good as well, but I didn't play it nearly enough to say it's my favorite.

I probably had my most fun playing the super nintendo.

Either the SNES (most games were pretty good, in fact many are among my favourite games), but the GameBoy Advance was also very good. I'd guess you could say the SNES was my favourite CONSOLE, but the GBA was my favourite handheld. :p

My fav non-Nintendo console will probably be the PS1 or PS2, judging by the sheer number of games I own for it and how often I replay them.

The Gamecube! Loved this console so much I even bought a spare in-case my first one breaks


I personally feel Gamecube is the best console ever made to date by any company. This is despite having grown up with NES, SNES, N64 and GBA prior to owning it. Of course I'd never claim Gamecube is the actual best console ever. This is simply personal preference.

Games that I still look back on fondly today for the system are:
Viewtiful Joe
Tales of Symphonia
Eternal Darkness
Wind Waker
Resident Evil 4
Metroid Prime

SNES followed by the DSi XL

I flipping love my 3DS... seriously! I love the DS games in general, and I like how the new 3D ones feel and play! My MGS was posted the other day, so I will hopefully have it by next week!

I really liked my gameboy when I was little, but I think I am having a lot more fun with my 3DS now! Especially as I have my favourite GB games on it!! :P

Probably the Gameboy Colour and the DS.

GBC because it had all of the games that I cherished growing up (namely Pokemon Gold and Silver) and the DS because it had more of those games.
Heart Gold and Soul Silver and some of the best remakes ever made and Black and White are just plain fantastic as far as a Pokemon game can go.

Other than that, I hold absolutely no love for Nintendo. Their constant 'trying to be ahead' with things like the Wii and all of the shitty, shitty choices they make which spoil even their greatest games (Pokemon, WHY U NO LET ME TRADE MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME??) quickly led me to disdain for Nintendo.

Also, this may sound like sacrilege, but I fucking hate Mario.

Tie between SNES and N64, although I'd likely lean toward the latter if I had to.

I guess I'll go N64. I still play that system more than any other to this day.

Snes, just...just SNES. Why, because in its time it was undeniably perfect.

I think it still is. I am still playing SNES games I have never tried before and they are a blast. The way games looked/sounded/played is something that somehow made most entertaining even if they were bad. Renting was actually a fun experience because I was never disappointed.

I got a NES at 5 years old, and I have SO MANY fond memories with it... but putting nostalgia aside, the fact of the matter is everything on the SNES was just amazing. You can judge a system by it's weakest links, and even bad SNES games looked and sounded charming. I just couldn't stop playing new games.

The NES era games can be very hard to go back to, and the PS1/N64 era was the first big leaps into 3D, so things looked abysmal (even though I am very fond of the PS1 style, I admit it's a preference thing). As they have said before on GameInformer's replay shows: the SNES was the sweet spot in gaming, and it stands out as being truly timeless. I agree entierly to that.

I gotta go with the main vote... SNES all the way. It had the best selection of games for its time, many of which are STILL popular nowadays, if not just highly regarded.


my friend got one of these for christmas when we were kids, man I wanted to kill him!

I have to say a toss-up between the SNES and the GBA (which is basically a portable SNES).

So many great games... what happened?



Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, The World Ends with you, etc.

Its a system that you didn't need Mario, Zelda series to enjoy

Hell I love them all. Even had a good time with a Virtual Boy a friend happened to have. We were having a bunch of friends over and had a great laugh at each other taking turns to play it.

The 3D on the VB I must say actually works extremely well and the depth is even clearer than on 3DS. Even the red color doesn't bother me that much. The problem is that the thing is extremely uncomfortable to wear...if you can actually figure out how...we tried using the stand to prop it up on a table and leaning in to it, that worked but was uncomfortable...the best solution we found was to attach the thing to a headband, but with the batteries it was really heavy and kept falling off. Plus it REALLY started to hurt your nose after a few minutes.

Despite never having owned one, I'm gonna say the N64. Why?

Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Banjo-Kazooie (why is this one so forgotten by time?), and Super Smash Bros.

Can't beat that lineup.

Nintendo 64. As my all-time favorite Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, was released on it.

Game cube and game boy.
The Gamecube had the OG Animal Crossing, Gheist (which some people didnt like), Super Smash Bros Melee, Wind Waker, Pikman 1+2, Sonic DX (the only 3D Sonic game I've liked), and Kirby Air Ride just to name a few. It was so easy to set them up in cars too.

The Game boy had the Pokemon series, Mario, and the Megaman Battle Network series.

N64, mainly because my single greatest gaming memory with my friend was going through Ocarina Of Time together as the great hero AndyBen. And the satisfaction when we solved stuff together (we were about 7) was damn good as well. Not to mention other games like Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, the list goes on and on.

Couldn't pick any sort of order after that though. Well, except the 3DS in last, but that's because I've spent so little time with it

N64 and the DS are the only things I like by Nintendo. I wish Sega was still in the console race.

By far the SNES.

It had so many good games it was ridiculous. Squaresoft was a big part of that. When I heard that Square wasn't going to make any n64 games that's when I jumped ship and went to Sony.

Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World 2) specifically is probably the game that I hold dearest to my heart. My memories of playing that game are, believe it or not, some of my childhoods fondest. Also the final fight with Bowser in that game isn't just the best boss battle in the mario series, but one of the best in any videogame ever.

Gamecube by far, so many underrated games on it.
Viewtiful Joe, Wind Waker, FF: Crystal Chronicles, Mario Kart: Double Dash etc. etc.

The Gamecube so many of my favourite games on it. Lost Kingdoms 1 and 2 (which seriously more people should have played), Starfox Adventures, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and DX, That awesmoe Wind Waker and OOT double pack.

Sadly it was neglected with too many multiplatform releases.

Hmm... N64's the last Console I've had until the Wii...

I can't decide between SNES and N64. SNES for the reasons listed above... but N64 for:
007 Goldeneye
Sarge's Heroes
Ocarina of Time
Super Smash Brother
Did I mention BattleTanx?

SNES. Although it's hard to pick from that and NES, since SNES is missing a few of the games I loved for the NES, but its still better in every other way.

The NES, 2nd the SNES, all the other home consoles are utter rubbish.
And the only good handeld was the original Brick Gameboy with the +30 hours of battery life on 6 AA alkaline batteries. Lets have a Lithium-ion battery do that?

I'm going with the SNES, it had a huge library of various titles, still has most of my favorite RPG titles and it's the only legacy system I still have plugged in.

A close second is the Gamecube, My N64 and Wii are pretty much just expensive paperweights.

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