The Kickstarter Thread for Interesting Game Kickstarters

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Nekro apparently did it, managed to get over the $100.000 barrier with 4 days left, though I don't know if I should be happy about that or not since I saw this on some pledge levels... "Access to One Free DLC Pack for Nekro!", there should be no DLC in Crowdfunding, if people give you money upfront at least be as nice as to not try to gouge them in any way.

This is a glorious day in video game history. I get the feeling they aren't making it right now and trying to sell DLC before the game is even made. It sounds to me like "Once we're done and start making DLC you get one for free." The idea that kickstartered games should never ever make DLC is a little silly, even if that's not what you're getting at.

Dead State is looking more and more promising every time they release new info. They've got plenty to show and seem to know what they're doing, so their Kickstarter should do well. Hopefully.

Time to get a PC, then.

Although I don't see how Nekron (ew) got funded or even Takedown (awful presentation video), but I'd be interested in many of these. And C.A.R.S. *drool

By the way, the devs for the Double Fine Adventure apparently settled on a development platform, they're talking about it somewhat here:

And there some first trials in regards to a Visual Style for the game one can see here: , but it's just testing for now.

Nekro looked quite interesting, so I threw money at it. This Kickstarter nonsense is proving quite expensive, but I just love the concept so much.

Anyway, it's got 12 hours left to go and is 4k away from offering co-op. For those with previous Kickstarter experience: how do these things usually go down if the total is, say, less than a percent away from the next overfunding goal? How strict do Kickstarters tend to be on that?

Zombie Oregon Trail was just launched:

Zombie Oregon Trail is first person survival adventure for PC being promoted on Kickstarter. The game aims to create a zombie game that isn't about shooting zombies. It's about the tough decisions you will have to face in a post-apocalyptic world in order to get your family and friends safely from one side of the country to the safe haven in Oregon. You will have to contend with starvation, disease, looters and the environment and every one of your choices will have consequences. Backers who support Zombie Oregon Trail will gain a digital copy of the game or even a chance to help influence the game's design.

There seems to be kind of this sort of "Space Race" going on on KickStarter right now, apparently there's a lot of people that want to do things with space ships, but I couldn't tell which are going to be viable or successful right now :P


At the same time another game appeared on Steam called "Endless Space", 4X that's apparently very good if what people are saying is to be believed and if people Pre-Order it they can already play the "Alpha" Version:

I've become interested in an exploration kickstarter that was put up. Realm Explorer.

Your person's actually wearing a backpack/sack! That's what sold me on it. xD

Newest project is Tex Murphy: Project Fedora, a reboot of the old FMV Sci-Fi/Film Noir Adventure series:


I recently funded this on Kickstarter:

You can find out more about it on the actual page, but supposedly it is a remake/reimagining of a game that was on the commodore 64.

I can see that has already been mentioned it so just ignore this.

So at this point, Kinetic Void is looking increasingly like it won't make it. Which is a shame, because it's showing some real potential. They've even got a demo (of sorts) available.

Oh yes, the "Dead State" KickStarter went finally Live:


The video shows gameplay and explains the game somewhat.

There's also a few recent articles:

*Note: I'm trying to get all the new info to all the forums I can as fast as I can so no, I haven't read all of the thread, I'm sorry :D


I just wanted to give a shout-out to the amazing Space Quest fans that put together this little one-room adventure game in loving support of the Two guys (creators of space quest of course!) and their Space Venture Kickstarter!

Also: Have you gotten a look at the stars of the show?: Meet Ace Hardway, His faithful robotic Toolbox Dog Rooter & Cluck Y'Egger! Cluck Y'EGGER SPEAKS!

Also for your convenience the two guys have Created an Official Inventory VIEWER so you can see what your rewards may or may not be depending on your wallet!:

Want to know what the hell Ken Williams has been up to and hear him reminisce about the good ol' Days of Compuserve and the Imagination Network? OH YEAH YOU DO:

Oh look! A Video interview with Ellen GLaDOS Mclain, herself:

THIS is a BIG Item folks: Introducing the official Two Guys from Andromeda REDDIT AMA!!! This was a good one with lots of info to be gleaned for what to expect from this SpaceVenture:

Her husband joins the fray too! (also a voice actor for this space gig):

Did I miss anything? I hope this whets your appetite, shows you how ridiculously hardworking and imaginative these guys have been and makes you want to pledge or up that pledge!

This is funny as shit to watch xD

Hi, Neal Stephenson here. My career as an author of science and historical fiction has turned me into a swordsmanship geek. As such, I'm dissatisfied with how swordfighting is portrayed in existing video games. These could be so much more fun than they are. Time for a revolution.

In the last couple of years, affordable new gear has come on the market that makes it possible to move, and control a swordfighter's actions, in a much more intuitive way than pulling a plastic trigger or pounding a key on a keyboard. So it's time to step back, dump the tired conventions that have grown up around trigger-based sword games, and build something that will enable players to inhabit the mind, body, and world of a real swordfighter.

CLANG will begin with the Queen of Weapons: the two-handed longsword used in Europe during late medieval and early renaissance times. This is a well-documented style that has enjoyed a revival in recent years thanks to the efforts of scholars and martial artists worldwide.

There's also something special about it at about 3 Minutes in :P

This Adventure game also looked interesting:


And this sounds like a really interesting idea, but it's not one of the "big" projects, he's only asking for 5000$ and his greatest inspiration seems to be Dwarf Fortress.

I also added Ground Branch and SKYJACKER:



The first of which is a tactical shooter and the second is a space game, which also has a demo:

I don't know who showed me this originally but the kickstarter for Cult: Awakening of the Old Ones is finally up.
There have been videos on youtube of this for a while now and it looks like this is going to make it's goal at least. Here's a link to his channel on youtube.

Also now there's CLANG which actually looks pretty awesome.
EDIT: Ok I should have read your post more thoroughly since you listed those 2. Sorry.

I just heard about CLANG today through Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The intro video is, if nothing else, pretty fun to watch.

And it's Neal frickin' Stephenson. Give the man some money.

Most of the Kickstarters I contributed to are already finished. But here are some of them.

When I heard about the famous gaming Kickstarters that people around here and so forth tend to talk about, like the famous Double Fine Kickstarter, I figured it wasn't for me and I wouldn't find much I cared about. But later on somebody showed me some Kickstarters relevant enough to my interest and I gave it a join. Definitely the Kickstarters I tend to hear about, are not the ones I care about.

Echoes of Eternia looks really awesome. I'm really glad that it succeeded. And I can't wait to play it. I hope that it makes it onto Steam despite it's, err, format.

Most of the time there's really nothing worthy of mention on Kickstarter. But every once in a while, there's some really gems like the game I mentioned.

not a video game but still a game. the mighty traveller 5th edition table top RPG is on kick starter

i heard about nexus 2 coming to kickstarter but i don't think its showed up yet

Well, there's Haunts: The Manse Macabre, which is a neat looking turn-based horror game set in a haunted mansion where you can play as either the people exploring the mansion or the monsters haunting it. The art style is probably the coolest thing about it; it's all black and white with touches of red, like the sort of art you'd expect to find in a book of Edgar Allen Poe stories. You also get an extra free copy of the game for every $5 donated to give away or even sell for a profit.

CultRL is live!

And... apparently it's already fully funded. I still threw in some money because it's an awesome, ambitious project that I really want to see happen.

My team has a kickstarter up:

We're doing a six-axis shooter, so think Descent but modernized. We've got a lot of work into it already, and the kickstarter is going to let us release our tools alongside the game's release and to keep all of the content we have planned instead of cutting to meet deadlines.

The kickstarter is up for $75k total (we're at a shade over $6500 right now). I'll check in here if anyone has any questions on it!

KickStarter has an interesting Stats page now that is apparently being updated weekly :P


Also according to this market research firm, Crowdfunding Worldwide has grown from $1.5 Billion in 2011 to $2.8 Billion in 2012:


Updated the first Post with some of the new/promising games, nothing "super exciting" though and some of them are likely to fail.

Also, the Wasteland 2 guys released their first conceptual Screenshot:


Banner Saga new Screen:


Any fans of Ice-Pick Lodge about?

The makers of Pathologic, The Void and Cargo! have a Kickstarter up for a new game. Kind of a side-scrolling survival horror with the requisite Ice-Pick Lodge oddness :D

Almost at it's total but the extras they are looking to include if they go over their goal look quite interesting.

Here's the link:


Are tabletop game kickstarters acceptable to share?

Cause I've got a rather cool one to share.

28mm scale modular buildings for miniature gaming.

we cant forget project eternity on kickstarter as well .. go obsidian :D

Haven't updated this in a while, since interest seemed to wane xD

Obviously the largest two "winning" KickStarters recently were Planetary Annihilation and Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse.

Also that Homestuck thing, and Faster Than Light saw its release to glorious praise as one of the first somewhat bigger gaming KickStarters. Updated OP to reflect so.

Here's some KickStarter related humour :P

And some interesting Stats and a Infographic:

Some of the most interesting and biggest projects running right now are:

Project Eternity:



Nexus 2:

Are tabletop game kickstarters acceptable to share?

Cause I've got a rather cool one to share.

28mm scale modular buildings for miniature gaming.

Looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, my war gaming days are mostly over due to a lack of other people to play with and such.

I get my tax back soon though, so... Hmm.... Maybe....

Glad you like the look of it too Razor. I'm just one of their backers from the first time they tried, but failed. It looks more than likely they're going to make it this time though. And once they get up and running, they will have their own store front, so even if you miss out on it now, they'll be around as long as they can sell. I've had the considerable pleasure of having had them ask my personal oppinion on several of their prototypes. They really want to know what people think and really do listen to what we say.

If anyone was interested in the building models for table top gaming, there's only 4 hours left to go.


The last few weeks have obviously been mostly all about Star Citizen, which has reached over $6.5 Million through Crowdfunding:


Elite: Dangerous is the biggest project still running right now, another Space game:

Meanwhile Mr. Molyneux himself has started off his own KickStarter with his apparent goal being that he wants to make another God game:


And ThorValla is another RPG project by Guido Henkel (Realms of Arkania, Planescape: Torment) and Neal Hallford (Betrayal at Krondor, Might & Magic III, Dungeon Siege) which hasn't quite taken off and is asking for an awful lot:

Shadowgate might also be interesting for Adventure fans, it has 4 Days left in its campaign and almost reached it's goal:


Also, updated the OP again.

An update from a Kickstarter on a project, Elite: Dangerous, is not as well received as Star Citizen. It has yet to meet it's goal & stands at 77% with 8 days left. I only say not as well received because the Space citizen asked for 500k and received as of now about 7 million.

A quick description, Space flight sim, open universe MMO, the universe could easily be the size of the milky way (previous game in the series in 1993 had 100 billion star systems). You can play as a bounty hunter, military, Space Police, pirate, assassin, merchant or smuggler.

Thank you for your time.

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