Not Renewing XBox Live Gold

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I don't have an Xbox, so maybe this invalidates my opinion, but I can't believe Microsoft has the gall to charge for Xbox Live and have advertisements everywhere on the service. I'm surprised more people aren't pissed off about paying for a service that shoves ads down their throats.

Look, I'm not trying to hate on Xbox, but if Sony can offer the same services with no ads or subscription fee (which is better is a different matter, but they both pretty much offer the same stuff), then why does Microsoft get away with having both?

Well yeah, cancelling a service you are not using is kind of a no brainer.

Does it really need a thread? Was there a question or discussion?

My gold account ran out last month, don't plan on getting another 3 month card.

As someone who doesn't play Fifa, CoD or Gears but more niche games that have dead servers I just don't use it enough, The only MP games that I got any use out of it was Dark Souls and a bit of Spacemarine.

The main reason I had gold was due to all the good XBLA games that were on sale to gold account only, but the last 3 or so months there's been a big drop in the quanity of XBLA discount sales. Nowadays it's mostly just AAA DLC, Even then sometimes there's not enough to fill every box on the screen, so they've just put some XBLA game still at full price or an advert.

Meh I suppose it stops me from spending as much money in impulse buying, With the crappy dash i've stopped using the dash completely this past couple of weeks, now I just put my disk in or use quickplay.

I usually play lot's of games with my cousin online (L4D2, the odd game of Halo) But I haven't renewed in ages, I have a 12 month card (which I bought for 25 dollers on holiday) and will use it once I get my Xbox online again.

I can understand this reasoning, as I havent played a MP game in about a month, and dont plan on playing one anytime soon, when my Gold membership expires this month, im not gonna bother with it either.

There is nothing buy multiplayer that I use Gold for.

I've only spent $2 on Xbox Live across the original behemoth and the 360 (although, I just had long-term access to my brother's, never owned a 360). I played a lot of Halo 2 online with about 3 or 4 different trial account codes. Once, on the 360, I did their one month for $2 deal. I watched some Netflix on it (cause why not, while I'm subbed xD) and played Trials: Evolution online. It was so incredibly laggy. Didn't renew.

PC has party chat too (it goes by several different names :D) and free online almost-everything, not to mention better online everything, so I'll stick with that, thanks. @OP: good on ya!

What was the point of my post? Yeah, sorry, I'll leave now.

So, my XBox Live Gold membership expires tomorrow, and I've decided not to renew. The only time I ever actually use the service is for a very rare game of Halo, which only occurs when the planets align and my buddies are all free on the same evening.

I know I lose some perks for bumping on down to Silver, goodbye party chat, but is this even stuff I should actively be paying for in the first place, especially considering what PSN offers for free? I'm seriously considering getting a PS3 simply for beat em ups and other online multiplayer titles because, frankly, screw XBL.

I use my PS3 for multiplayer because it's what all my friends use, the xbox never even managed to appeal to me in the first place. My PC (soon to be vastly upgraded - to a point of actually being future proof for a few weeks) is for most single player games or games where I don't intend to use the multiplayer (I'm looking at you Spec Ops: The Line).

Anyway, PSN is decent enough, sometimes updates can take a while but they aren't that frequent to me, Steam seems to update more often as of late, and you can always tell it to automatically update at like 2am when you're asleep. It's functional and it's free, though I've known people have difficulty with certain games online but not others. I for one have trouble with COD and finding a stable connection to a match, but never had an issue with any other shooter, a friend of mine has the opposite, think it's to do with the connection setup but oh well.

If you dont want XBL Gold, don't pay for it, if you want a PS3, get one, if nothing else it's a staggeringly good DVD player and you can get them well priced if they're used.

EDIT!: Also, fuck party chat, use Skype like real men. :P PSN doesn't have cross game sadly but none the less I have skype and a PC that is never off.

Good job, you have just proved that you have a functioning brain.

Okay, are you saying that because it makes sense to cancel a service you don't use, or because paying for Xbox live means you have no brain?

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