Most Preferred Champion in League of Legends

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In my case, I am very partial to use Garen most of the time, I really love using him.

Mine changes over time but at the current moment, Xerath. Incredibly long range skillshot attacks on short cooldowns to keep you busy as well as a stun and some great defence from his passive ability. Allows you to reliably use a siege strategy in teamfights which is more risky with the other shorter range champions. Also he looks completely badass and has my personal favourite voice acting and lines in the game.

I can see why Garren is really easy to use and it is extremely difficult to punish him.

Why none other than the Might of Demacia himself!

But other than him well I just learned how to jungle so I've been playing Shyvanna a lot lately, it's fun to turn a team fight around because "suddenly a Dragon!" I just got Morgana so I've been working on learning support.

Also I play Draven because Draven

Alistar. Just knock people all over the place and don't give a fuck about anything. Can be played as in almost any role except AD carry. Also, is a huge minotaur who punches people. I always come back to him.

I've really gotten into Evelynn the past few weeks, and I love hiding in plain sight and then just running up to unsuspecting squishies and slashing the hell out of them. They usually get so scared of the initial burst that they run despite the fact that they're slowed and have no armor anymore. I usually play with Ahri, Lux, or Leblanc or someone like that, so the in your face part of Evelynn is a nice change.

Amumu is my go-to jungle, whenever he's not banned that is. Hugs OP.

I really like Miss Fortune, whenever I have to go AD Carry (which is not that often thankfully,) I can at least get to play my favourite Champion in the League. Her lines are pure gold.

"I've got a... Good feeling about this"

"Nothing but powder monkeys!"


Love her ult so much...

Ezreal is good and all but I have to actually go and use my autoattacks. I'm constantly spamming Q,W and nothing else. Just landing those is bad if you can't y'know, Be a carry and autoattack! You noob!

I've fallen out of AP mids... Sad really.

I've been jungle Hecariming since he's come out, love him so much.
I'm also a Sona player if I'm not jungling but I'll play anyone really.

Depends where I'm laning. Eh It's a tie between Morgana and Leona with Oriana coming in a close second....maybe Cho'gath...ana

Renekton, Sejuani, Leona and Darius. ive been on a ridiculous sejuani kick the last week - yeah, she is UP, but it seems like no one remembers how to play against her and her ultimate is so crazy strong.

Katarina is so much fun to play as. She can beat the shit out of a lot of mid laners and her passive makes it very easy for her to get lots of kills in a team fight. Timing is key though.

My best champion is probably Malphite but he gets banned so much that I rarely get to play him anymore. I'm also pretty good with Nocturne, Olaf and Riven.

I'm good with Soraka too but that's not exactly an accomplishment. Do your best to keep the ADC alive and don't steal CS. Buy wards. There, you can play Soraka.

Captcha: COURTYARD DEALS. Eighth time getting this... Is anyone else seeing this one way more than others?

Like a lot of people have said, depends on the role, I'll give what I prefer for each role:

Mid: Karthus. Ever since I saw his kit, he made me think of Zeus from Dota, who was always amazing at snagging those runaway kills. He has not disappointed me since I picked him up, though I do wish they would stop nerfing him, haha.

Top: Riven. She's so spammy and tanky and really fits into my aggressive playstyle. I love being the bully in lane.

Jungle: Amumu. Dat ult, and his ganks are so brutal. he's just so fun to play.

AD carry: Ezreal. Love the skill shots, the poke potential, and getting amazing plays off with his ultimate from across the map.

Support: Leona. Again, very tanky, and allows me to be the bully in lane. I used to play blitz, but I find that Leona brings more to the table, as she can just stun a single person for around 3 seconds by herself, usually enough for someone else to come in and kill her.

Ummm... Lately its been a rotation of whoever seems fun:

Master Yi Hybrid AD/AP carry. So funny to walk in, Q, R, laugh as i get a kill, Q, R, kill again, W under a turret, spamming laugh the whole time. Almost nobody plays him AP. Its so much fun.

Wukong (AD Carry, off tank)

Cho'Gath (Tank, or AP carry)

Ahri (Soooo awesome AP Carry)

Singed (Tank, All around damage dealer)

Hecarim (I don't jungle with him, i bully out of lane with him)

Tryndamere (AD carry with max attack speed, move speed and lifesteal. I'll throw in an Infinity Edge if i feel like being mean)

Veigar (Ap Carry, so much destruction)

Kog'Maw(AD Carry all the way. So hard to kill once Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer hit.)

Teemo (AD/AP hybrid. Lifesteal and Debuffs on hit are so funny)

Nocturne (AD Carry. I will Mid all day long with him and win.)

Gangplank (AD Carry. Plus Global Ult means i have yer back matey!)

Shaco (AD carry, Jungler, Mischief Maker) Plus his One-liners kill me "The jokes on YOU!"

and Ashe (Just stared learning her again, level 1 double kills are so simple)

I should learn support so i can be more all around. I have Soraka but i build her as AP. She can wreck shit and just laugh at minions and counter attacks

Man, the start of this thread was a nice surprise.
I'm going to haaaave to say Garen (Rugged of course)

Udyr. Tanking or bruising, I just can't find anybody I like more. The damage on tiger is just so silly, and the stun has such great utility. I just love it.

Prior to a few days ago, I gave up League of Legends a long time ago. It's a fun game, but the metagame is so bloody stale that I just couldn't bear it. I got into other MOBAs, namely DOTA 2, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience simply because the gaming felt fresh again.

Recently, I came back because of the release of the character Kha'zix. That hero has been quite fun to play, as he reminded me vaguely of Bounty Hunter, because of the active stealthing and high burst capability. I still don't like LoL as much as I used to, and I still hate the metagame, but I can ignore all of my doubts when use Kha'zix and begin hunting down fools. Especially the Rengars.

Lee Sin whenever I can :3 Such a fun hero once you get the hang of him.

Depends on the role:
Solo-top: depends on the who I'm laning against
Against champs who I can keep at a distance: Cho'Gath. Rupture->scream is amazing harass and his ult makes people scared to stay in lane with low health.

Against champs who close distance too well: Warwick or Irelia because dat sustain.

Jungle: Nocturne. amazing clear times, terrifying ganks post-6 and can regain a huge amount of health with his passive if he needs to linger in lane

Mid: Depending on the enemy champ its either Ahri for the range and sustain, Kat for the amazing damage and bating, or Cass because she is just fun to play even if I'm kinda terrible with her.

ADC: By far my worst role but if I must its either: Graves because he is a bit more tanky than other ADCs and his Q goes well with Blizcrank's grab and a buddy of mine mains Blitz. Failing that I go Draven because he is just kinda awesome.

Support: By far my least played role, on the very rare occasion she isn't banned Morgana is amazing with her shield and snare, but more often I play Lulu as a aggressive poke support because that way I'm still doing something even if the ADC I'm chained to is useless. here's hoping Riot actually manages to make support more fun in S3.

I'll go position wise.
Jungle: I really enjoy Darius in the jungle, he's an all around balanced jungler. He has decent ganking, moderate speed, incredibly hard to invade, can duel very well early, has a wide variety of builds/transitions well.

Top: Rengar, he is just so hard to budge out of lane, you can pretty much farm all day and have free harass with you abilities. Granted pre 6 he has no real escapes, but his mobility through the bushes makes it really hard for a jungler/top laner to coordinate a gank. Also, there is a reason so many teams picked him up for a solo laner in ipl, his ability to farm under a turret is hilariously easy.

Mid: I still prefer the old school mid laners, I know the meta really doesn't fit them well anymore but my heart goes out to Malzahar. You toss an E out into the minon wave and you can go do other things while your ability clears out the minons, his ult is a great stun/suppress to remove someone from a team fight and/or grab them out of position;and he is one of those few APs that you can build tanky and still get away with it.

AD carry: My least liked position, but I always go with Ezreal, he is just such a safe pick, he has an escape, and his early/mid game numbers are so good that very enemy carries can actually engage in a full out fight with him and expect to win. Also I love that he doesn't have to go the traditional AD carry route for items, trinity force is just all around fun and lets you snowball hard.

Support: I like Nunu, a ranged slow to constantly harass the enemy, you can constantly trade off with an enemy and come out on top because a simple Q will bring up your health. Unlike some other supports who fall off late game, Nunu's W is constantly good for the carry and his item build is very flexible. Also, how can you hate a champ that made the bottom lane empire move.

As a side note, I'm amazed at the ammount of people who said Garen, the poor guy got hurt so hard by that update late summer. Just shocked that people still play him, he had a hard enough time to maintain a position in games before, and the update just hit him like a rock.

I drift between the champs I have in my stable...

I love Shyvana, Akali, Ashe, and Riven the most though. Occasionally I'll get Ahri out for some foxy goodness, but I seem to be avoiding champs with mana constraints for the most part. >.>

Mondai Randy:
In my case, I am very partial to use Garen most of the time, I really love using him.

Garen is also my favorite champion. I find it incredibly stupid that most people try to build him as a main tank. Garen has some of the best AD ratios for a bruiser, and judgement and decisive strike can crit, so what about that implies people should build nothing but armor and magic resist on him? He already has great base defenses with courage and his passive and they are there for the SOLE PURPOSE of making him able to do risky things (like get in melee range of 5 enemy champions and spin) and deal massive damage. Yet everytime I see any other garen besides me the only thing they ever build is a sunfire cape and then all tank items.

Sejuani, Morganna, Leona, Zilean (best champ of all time) and Sivir are the 5 that I normally play. Zilean especially as time bomb kills are the most enjoyable kills you can get in LoL. Knowing they ran away while they knew there was no hope...
I normally only play with friends though as we tend to compliment each other really well and It lets us try out risky Ideas without being raged on, such as winning by feeding.

On the other end I absolutly hate going against Blitzcrank, Darius, Alister, Volibear (worst champ of all time) and Janna
Zilean vs Zilean in blind pick is fun :D.

Love Mordekaiser, Malzahar and Swain personally.
Never really see em used much despite the fact they can steamroll hard if played right.

Top: Olaf, Darius, Garen
Mid (My favorite role): Katarina, Diana, Ahri, Vladmir
Bottom ADC: Ezreal all the way, I love a lot of ADC but EZ takes the cake.
Support: SONNAAAAAAAAA and more recently Nunu, but seriously, Sona!
Jungle: Malphite, Rengar, Nunu

Top lane I prefer Olaf, Darius or Garen.
Mid: Morgana, Orianna or Gragas
AD Carry: Ezreal, Graves or Urgot
Support: Sona, Taric and Leona
Jungle: Maokai, though it's not my favorite..

Udyr. Tanking or bruising, I just can't find anybody I like more. The damage on tiger is just so silly, and the stun has such great utility. I just love it.

I used to main Udyr, then they removed Innervating Locket :(

I love to play top lane Riven or Irelia. They are just so much fun. I love Irelia's speed and her Q ability. I love how tanky and powerful Riven is.

Bot lane I love to play Miss Fortune. Great damage and easy to use. I tried playing other bot laneish champions but I just couldn't quite do well with them.

I also love to play AP Janna. People think I troll but I actually do well! Occasionally I play Ahri.

I've never mastered jungling. I just can't really do it, I should practice more, but I really can't get the grip of it.

PANTHEON is my choice. He's a beast in Dominion

Jungle: Maokai, Amumu, Khazix,
Mid: Diana, Brand (zombie skin ftw),
Support: Soraka, Janna, or aggressive support Voli
ADC: Ashe, Varus
I dont play top lane, but it's usually Volibear

But my absolute favorite is Fizz on mid. He's just so badass. He can escape anything, does tons of damage. I know it's not the best, but my favorite boots on him ar mobility boots. I love walking really fast to and from lanes. It just makes the guerilla style of Fizz much more effective.

Fiddlesticks! Woo!

Doesn't matter if I play 3v3 or 5v5 or what lane I'm in. Fiddlesticks all the way!

Nothing beats throwing a bird in someones face so they die :D

There is only one champion who should be played in League.

The reason? Well. Let me tell you jonny. This bad ass man of a man has the only 'global' teleportation spell that has damage. That's right. He's Twisted Fate with so much MANLINESS that it kills anyone around him when he enters the area!

Not only that, but he's also playable in any lane with any role. AP mid? No problem just max his W and R. AD carry? Just max your Q. Jungle? Cloth armor, 5 pots and Q. Support? Just buy GP10 items. Top lane? Only the motherfucking king of it.

He's also the most ethnically diverse champion in the League. He's so ethnically diverse that his skuin changes colour in his skins.

Also, did I mention he's a spartan?


Because this.

Also because I almost inevitably win when I play as him, as I have been for about a year and a half now.

All life exists to feed the fiddlesticks!!!

Sure he isn't as grand at punishing people with zero map awareness like he used to be and relies ENTIRELY on a responsive team/idiotic enemy team to go off like the good old days but he still holds his charm to me.

Also Caitlyn. I have more fun with Twitch but I can usually pretend I don't have a support down bot with her since she's such a self sufficient AD carry sometimes. A good support it welcome but if I don't have one I hate it a LOT more if I don't have her.

Special mention goes to Jungle Nunu and Viegar... Those guys are a hoot!

I own every champ in the game and I've played them all to a fairly ridiculous extent, as one might expect from someone who's played the game since beta, but I'm very partial to three in particular at the moment.

Wukong is just a champ I've always clicked with. His burst is ridic, his itemization is incredibly easy, and his potential for game-changing, unbelievably funny jukes is up there with champs like Leblanc.

Karthus, because I was watching him in the IGN IPL5 2 days ago and decided to give him another shot, since the last time I played him I was absolutely dreadful. Think I ended up going like 18-7-15, after my team gave me shit for playing him thinking I was going to be awful again.

And finally, Varus. Just, so damn cool. He's the only champ with a backstory written by an actual decent writer, he has a ridiculously cool model, a great voice actor, badass dialogue, and awesome animations. Not only that, but I clicked with him the second I played him. Harrassing with autoattacks, throwing out blind arrows for max range kills, he's got a heal reduction, he's got a slow, he's got a stun, he's got mad auto-attack damage thanks to W and his passive, he's got tank killing capabilities, and he's got SILLY burst.

But no one plays him. Which I'm fine with. Just means people don't know what to do when I come out as him and carry yet another game.

Veigar, especially with his Superb Villain skin. His abilities are suited for trapping targets and then pounding on them before they can recover. Though when his abilities are on cooldown he sorta has his pants down. But still, he's fun to play, and great working with others.

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