Anyone excited for Aliens:Colonial Marines ?

am for one pretty excited. been watching all Alien movies in a marathon session since last couple of days to warm myself up for this game. are you excited too ? or you dont really like the Alien franchise ? are you gonna buy this game or not ?

I was interested, then I remembered how my younger self handled playing Doom 3 and FEAR... and my interest ran away screaming. I'll be watching Lets Plays on youtube though.

In the middle of the day.

With all the lights on.

In an underground bunker.

Yes, I scare easily, how could you tell?

I was excited for it.

Then they delayed it.

Then they delayed it.

Then they delayed it.

Then they delayed it.

At this stage, I'm still curious to see how it turns out, but I'm not even bothering to read up on any new hype or anything.

Nah, not really.

It just looks so, well... derivative. No departure from the movies at all. It's Aliens, The Shooter, with all the characters swapped out for their twin brothers and sisters. It's as if the people making it are huge Aliens fans and are therefor incapable of doing anything at all that hasn't already been done by the movies.

I realise that it's a licensed game and that's kind of what they're for, but personally I'd prefer to see a developer try to do something interesting and unexpected with a respected property rather then pump out an extended circle jerk "tribute".

I have no reason to believe it won't be a decent sort of shooter, but that only qualifies it for Steam sale fodder. The kind of thing I snap up six months from now for about $15, play through, moderately enjoy, then completely forget about within 24 hours.

After numerous delays and several years of waiting I am more than happy to finally play it

While I'm excited for it, I'm not day-one or, pre-order excited for it. I plan on buying it yes but there's a long list of games I haven't played yet that are higher up on my 'must buy' list. I'll probably grab a copy when the price dips a bit unless it's proven as a perfect 10, in which case I'll grab it...when the price drops but I'll grab it at $40 instead of $20.

There have been plenty of Alien games and I really don't feel like I need another. As a huge fan of the movies I would like this game to be good but I can't see how Colonial Marines is going to breathe new life into this franchise.


gimmeh mah smartgun!

There's a few of my friends that are looking forward to that game as well.

When I heard about it I wasn't too bothered - I imagined another lacklustre title to add to the extensive back catalogue of very average Alien franchise games.

Then I saw the 'Escape' trailer and decided to be more hopeful. I know it's only one multiplayer mode and probably not worth getting too excited for but the prospect of having L4D-Versus style games in an Aliens setting proved too much and I am getting kinda edgy waiting for the 12th to roll around.

Which probably means I'll be posting somewhere on The Ecapist on the 13th about how I got suckered into pre-ordering yet another disappointing Aliens game, but we shall see. I remain desperately, and most likely foolishly, hopeful.

I'll be excited once it's in the $30 range because it quite honestly looks very cheap, models are poor, animations are poor, textures bare minimum, and they really don't have the proper Aliens vibe going... you just recognize the figures and sounds but that is it.

And I'm pretty sure the entire story was given away in the trailers so there isn't much left to pay for.

Looking forward to a solid coop experience for sure.

Still worried it will be too actiony and not enough tension/horror, but we will see. Worst case scenario i get a decent shooter to play with friends.

Already preordered it. I'm a sucker for horror-themed shooters. It doesn't matter what the action to horror ratio is, as long as it tries to be scary and gives me a gun to kill stuff with, I'm satisfied.

Yeah, i`m having my eyes on it too. I liked the 2010 Aliens vs Predator game and this is a sure buy (i love the Predators but their campaign was the weakest in my opinion, so i don`t mind that they focus on marines vs Aliens only). Maybe not on release at full price but i`m going to get it.

I'm interested... not a day on purchase, but assuming the reveiws are generaly positive, I'm up for it, (especially with female character options).

My only nays at this point is my usual morbid fear of being face-huggered, and the fact I'd like to see a colonial marine themed game that either ignored the aliens entirely, or had several campaigns of you dealing with normal stuff, then dropped you into xenomorph territory.

I already own games with marines versus aliens, and I also own games where a team works to get to the end of a level.

So no. Plus it's Gearbox. I really don't like Gearbox.

playing as the aliens sounds cool and im looking forward to the classic alien style horror.

As someone who actually liked the 2010 AVP, I'm cautiously optimistic. Despite sometimes operating like a tumble dryer, I loved playing as the Xenomorphs, crawling along walls at top speed, striking with my tail before getting the hell out of there in record time.

Which is why I'm upset that the Xenomorphs will be third person only. The animations don't look that great on them, and not having your camera set with the xeno's "eye" makes me feel like they won't control as well.

The survival multiplayer mode is completely lifted from Left 4 Dead. 4 survivors running to the extraction point, while the other four players constantly respawn as Xenomorphs to try and take them out before they get there.

At this point, I'm a little burned out on Aliens. I want a Far Cry Predator crossover.

I'm interested... not a day on purchase, but assuming the reveiws are generaly positive, I'm up for it, (especially with female character options).

Same here. I've kept up with some of the development, but I'm waiting to see how things turn out for it first. I'm more interested in the aliens side of the game. I don't care much for the marine side. Just a little tired of "Humans vs X-things", especially when the human-shooter gameplay doesn't change much from game to game. I'll be keeping an eye on this game after release, and I'll be watching many Let's Plays before deciding if I want to get this game for myself or not.

I am hopeful, since Gearbox handled Borderlands pretty well in my opinion. I am simultaneously hesitant, since Duke Nukem: Forever was in a similarly ridiculous development cycle and it was pretty terrible.


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