The Unofficial Friendly Steam Trading Thread

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One 50% off coupon for Payday 2.

One 50% off coupon for Hotline Miami.

Two 50% off coupons for Nidhogg.

Free, just ask.

I have a couple of steam keys.

Half Life 2
Gone Home

4 Beta keys for Dead Island: Epidemic (sort of a Moba)

I have a few games to give away and they are:

Guacamelee! Gold Edition
Takedown: Red Sabre
3 beta keys for Dead Island: Epidemic
3 Copies of Murder Miners
Space Farmers
Gun Monkeys

A few coupons to give away:

(2) Pixel Piracy 25% off coupons
Payday 2 50% off coupon
Hotline Miami 50% off coupon

And lastly a couple of games that I want to trade. I would prefer if they were from my wish list but I will listen to any offers. (Wishlist- ) :

Borderlands 2 Season Pass
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

just got a newsletter and are giving away 3 free games, picked them up myself and can confirm they are legit

3 free games on steam:
East India Company Gold Edition
Knights and Merchants HD

helps if i actually post a link to the news

I have one code for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that I got from Nvidia. Willing to trade.

Hello guys i want to share this Tropico 3 game is free,your have 1:40 hours to claim it Enjoy :)

'Ere, make me an offer 4 dese or I'll fihgt u IRL!


I am interested in hearing your offers. Thank you very much indeed. Peace, out!

I have one 50% off coupon for 140, that I'm giving away for free.

Trading away;

Steam gifts;
The Ship - 2 Pack Gift
Gun Monkeys

Origin Keys from the Humble Origin Bundle. (all unclaimed as of 30/9/2014)

-Dead Space 1
-Dead Space 3
-Mirror's Edge
-Medal of Honour
-Burnout Paradise
-Red Alert 3 Uprising

Open to offers, interested in anything.
First one to claim an origin game, gets the one he claimed and another one for free.


Selling valve complete pack (steam) add me on skype; maziucas or reply, we will discus the price :)

Have a spare XCOM: Enemy Unknown key. PM me and we can discuss the price

Who has a copy of Wasteland 2 they wanna get rid of? What do ya want for it?

origin are giving away "crusader no remorse" free at the moment with the origin on the house program. fiddly controls but a brutal isometric shooter one definitely worth playing

Humble Bundle is giving away free steam keys for Teleglitch:DME to anyone that wants one until the 25th. I whole heartily recommend it to everyone that likes retro styled games and survival horror. The widget is just below the games list for Humble Indie Bundle 13.

I've got 4 Risk of Rain keys from Humble. Highly recommend this game. Free to anyone who contacts me.

And they's gone.

I have 2 Risk of Rain keys from the recent Humble Bundle to gift. - they're gone

Also: free Metro 2033 at the Humble Store.

Captcha "that will not work". Wat.

Time to jump on some things:

Insurgency - works 3 times

Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy -


Grid 2

I'l' have more to add later, hope you enjoy them!

Another insurgency key, works three times like the one above.

It's been used up, enjoy guys!

I have a 25% off coupon for pixel piracy if anyone wants it. Steam name tilmoph.

My Steam name is Schadrach42, I'm going to post a large number of steam keys in a spoiler below. Get 'em while they're hot, being openly posted means they'll get snapped up pretty quickly. If you're really appreciative, just PM or Steam gift/trade me anything I don't already have.

Enjoy and Happy holidays guys!

I also have the following on those Humble Bundle gift links. For everything below here, I have to ask for something in trade for these (mostly because it requires me to expend effort beyond posting this to give it to you), but I'm unlikely to be too picky, unless it's something truly terrible.

I also have the following in my Steam inventory. Most of these are tradeable, Contraption Maker is giftable only for 30 days, though:

Just bought a Saints Row IV key that turned out to be locked to the US(yeah, I wanted to save a small amount of money by going the Amazon-route instead of Steam :'C), so I'm looking to trade it for something of around equal value.
I'm not overly picky, but I already own a shitload of Steam games and I'm not very intrested in strategy, sport or indie games.

Once again, the key is region locked to the US, so only trade with me if you're from there.

I have Empire Total War for trade, if anyone is interested.

Add me on Skype My name is:Amizzzzy

I have two Insurgency keys from a previous Humble Bundle that expire tomorrow. If anyone wants them, they're up for grabs:

[EDIT: All gone!]

I have a spare Brutal Legends key up for trade. Feel free to send me any offers, I promise I'm reasonable :)

Give away to a good home. one copy of lord of the rings: war in the north on steam. PM me if you would like it


I've got some free steam keys to go to a good home for the following games:

911: First Responders 7TYYI-AVXZH-2KE42
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines X4QLC-5GMQT-8TRVP
Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty EM93N-F04RN-2MDJG
Commandos 2: Men of Courage LBH2F-8LLQ4-LAQ8P
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin FTNEL-JP0LD-MXIJR
Imperial Glory NDA6X-7W3NY-FD9M4
Guardians of Middle-earth B0GLW-AWHVI-I877M
Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug's Treasure CE8N3-CZ4IK-29TYC

Happy holidays and enjoy :)

Looking to trade a few games:

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition steam key
The Swapper steam key
Nuclear Dawn steam key

Any of the final fantasy games or most other J/RPGs on steam (valk chronicles, ys, DA etc) I'll be interested in.

From the HotS betakey giveaway thread, because nobody seems to read my post there.
It's gone

It seems like I can't read. I realized too late (after joining the contest) that these keys were only for NA region, but I'm from the EU. Now I've won one of the keys and can't use it.
PM me, if you're from NA and still need a key.

Keys for games from the current SE humblebundle that I know I won't play.

Supreme Commander 2; M3G20-G08BP-8T39K
Thief; KCWV8-5RA7Q-BKAR4
Murdered: Soul Suspect; JVJC6-EMNHN-V7F32


Thank you for your generosity (!). Unfortunately they were already taken when I got here.

Deus Ex HR DE free up for grabs, just hit me up.

It's gone.

More keys from the Squ E 2 humble bundle.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light; TZYCA-J3KHP-I2XYJ
Startopia; 45BTT-C6WHG-42PZY
Kane & Lynch Collection; BK9N5-EI3FY-ND2MJ

Due to reasons of my laptop being a dick, I've now got a spare key for Kerbal Space Program from the Humble Bundle up for trade.

Game cost me about £13 so I'm hoping for something of similar value in return. Not too bothered about genre, just as long as it's not something I already own. If you've got any offers, feel free to PM me.

EDIT: Annnd, it's gone.

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