what free game should i play?

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I wanna be the guy, you'll play it forever....
Until you rage :D

I just got N.

You now owe me a Maths Degree.

2d mirrors edge

I just got N.

You now owe me a Maths Degree.

I dont understand.

Fallen Empires: Legions is a game which I had fun with
too bad my computer won't run it in godspeed

Flash game- Splume its actually quite good :)

League legends, Trackmania, lost saga, Battleships forever, SPRINGRTS
I am an expert and have made a huge list: Free rts list ran88dom99
The three forum thread links are most useful.

Tremulous; an insanely fun online FPS where human space marines are pitted against an alien faction. It features two competing sides which require completely different playstyles along with a base building dynamic. It's also completely free (did I mention that it's awesome).

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