Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of games you have?

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Steam users probably know what I'm talking about, what with their famous sales and free games:
(not my library, just an example)

So, for those of you that have a big library of games, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of games you own? That is, you have a lot of games you want to play but can't decide which one to play with your limited free time?

I ask because I have recently purchased quite a few cheap games (and some free ones), and don't exactly have enough time to play all of them between work and non-game stuff.

So, I guess my real question is (for those of you in this situation): How do you decide which games to play? I was actually thinking of assigning numbers to my games, then using a random number generator to decide which one I should play, haha

EDIT: To clarify things and counter some of the assumptions made, I don't buy games simply because they're on sale or cheap. All of the games I buy are ones that I have strong interest in playing; the issue is that I sometimes can't decide what to play or don't have time to play all of them

Every day. I own 400 or so games on steam, finished maybe 40. It's a process. I have about 2-3 times as many games -not- on steam too.

Yep, I'm definitely feeling this. I bought the D&D games bundle from GoG, and each of those ten games are pretty long. I'm actually a little disappointed with some of the games, since they've have aged poorly, but I have yet to try them all, so I'll just have to see.

Nope, I have never been a big buyer. I had the Xbox 360 since release(2006?) and have only bought about 25-30ish games *I have traded a few in and I also include Arcade*. I only have 17 games on steam, and I don't think I have used more than $100 to get these games, I only ever buy when on sale, and sales never make me buy more.

I have about 6-7 games on my PS3, but I have only had it for a year and I plan on buying much more for it.

I only buy a game if I know I will love it. KNOW. I do a bit of research and listen to a few opinions from people on youtube. I have never been one to want more, more, more. I also usually wait for the 'complete' edition to come out before buying, like Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen. I didn't buy Dragons Dogma, because I had a feeling something like that would happen.

I do have a list of games I want that I haven't gotten yet, so when a game like....let's say Watch Dogs comes out I won't be getting that game for a long while after release anyway. I still need games like L.A Noire and Valkyria Chronicles first, which I haven't bought yet. I just bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution the other day. So when everyone is excited for playing Last of Us, I am looking forward to playing Dishonored and Bioshock: Infinite.

I always make sure to stay 'behind' the times, so everything is complete, patched and cheaper. Same rule for consoles. I also can't get things like the Indie Humble Bundle because I don't want everything in the bundle. I don't like owning games I don't want even if it is for a cheaper cost. I don't mind putting in a bit of extra cash for a game I know I will love, helps the developers.

Yes, I am a very patient person.

Nah. Not really. I usually make a solid attempt to finish a game before getting another one. Not completely finished mind you, I don't go after achievements/trophies/whatever and ignore optional tedious bits in games. I tend to play a lot of RPGs, so it takes awhile to get through a title. That's the only part I feel overwhelmed by. They are time consuming. And there's plenty I'd like to pick up.

I feel the opposite. I'm a console gamer who doesn't like to buy games digitally, so I only buy games when I go to a shop, which is rarely. I've played the shit out of my games, but often feel like my library is too small, and I'm really sick of the ones I've got. Guess I should stop being so lazy...

Not really. The most games I own are for the PS2 and I no longer have a PS2.. sold most of my xbox games along with my xbox and now I'm down to maybe 20 games on PC. Don't have enough I'd say :(

Short answer, no.

Long answer, no. Because quite simply I don't simply buy every game on sale if I know that I'm not going to spend the time to beat it. Personally I think most people who have the hobby of video games honestly waste their money buying games simply because the game is on sale which is a really bad consumer practice. My video game collection in terms of Steam is actually quite small simply because I choose to not throw what little money I have and know that if I am going to buy a game I'd rather cherish the game than simply throw it in the pile of all the other games I'll never complete.

I can still keep up with all the games being released and not actually have to buy them all if I don't have a real interest in the game or beating the game.

Oh god yes, so much. Currently I have 93 games in my Steam library. I have probably put in game time for about 1/3 of those games. Unlike assumptions that others have made in this thread, I am dying to play every single game in my inventory, so I picked them all up for next to nothing during the sales. My situation was a little unique, I went on about a two year long hiatus from gaming due to a living situation I don't want to go into. Now that I am back into gaming, I am going back to all the games that I wanted to play but missed during that time frame.

So yeah, there aren't any games in my inventory that I don't have an intention of playing and enjoying the heck out of at some point (ok, maybe just a few from bundle deals). But I am also a completionist where I want to be satisfactorily completed with a game before I move onto the next one in my backlog.

In terms of selecting which game to play next, for me there is really no rhyme to my madness. It really comes down to what mood I am at the time. I have a nice cross section of genres, so it just boils down to what I feel like playing. Though when I own a franchise, like Assassin's Creed, I lump my playthrough of each title close together. I don't play them one right after the other so that I don't get burnt out, but close enough where the storyline is still fresh in my mind.

Nope I'll get around to them eventually even if it is a years from now. Besides there will be a dry period of games so it's perfect to keep me entertained. Also I know the games I buy will work in the distant future so I don't have to finish them before servers go down or anything.

Hoooo boy yuppers.
I buy too much stuff on sale and often don't get around to actually playing the stuff I do get so I get longer stuff and end up playing that and then I have like 20 shorter games just sitting there mocking me. It's annoying.

I've never really gone crazy in terms of games I buy. At most, I've only ever had 3-5 games unfinished at a time. In those cases, I'll generally follow one of two methods:

1. The shorter games go first. This just gives me the opportunity to get through as many games as possible before I start investing a lot of time in them. It makes me feel less like I just wasted money knowing I'm getting through them all.

2. I start with the ones I want to play most, though I don't play them each separately. I'll probably play one and play another the next time I'm on. Over time, the better games just take over my time. It gives me the chance for me to make sure I play the better games and if any ever got left out then it would be the ones that are most likely to be disappointments.

Of course, in these situations I don't continue buying games. It's just a waste of money to keep buying games and not play them, even if they are on sale.

Damn Steam sales and indie bundles, it never ends! They are everywhere. Too much, too many... can't handle it. Must...stop...buying. MUST ST... Oh look, 8 games for $1. *Clicks Buy button* *sigh* I give up.

yes due to steam and gog sales, especially gog at the moment, well let's say 10 rpg games for a fiver means an instant buy even if it takes months or years to get round to playing them. Still as long as I keep to a monthly budget it's ok. In regards to order, well depends on my mood and sometimes if I start to feel burned out with 1 game I'll play a different one for a bit...that reminds me still haven't finished twilight princess yet, really should.

The more depressing thought I have is when I don't feel like playing any of the games I own...I need to get out more...

Yes. I have even started hiding some away when I have guests (people I wouldn't call "close friends") over, just to seem less ....... Obsessed.

Definitely I've had to put most of my pc gaming on hold so i could catch up on my PS3 backlog. Unfortunately due to this years steam summer sale my back list will only grow for the pc.

I currently working on Kens Rage 2, Uncharted 1 and The Mass Effect Trilogy. After i get through those I'll still have Alan Wake and Shadowrun Returns on the PC to Finish.

Constantly... Just looking at my Steam library makes me go "WTF?!" every time I look at it... And that's not even counting the 15 or so PS3 games I own and haven't gotten around to playing yet... :(

It feels that way with PS+. DeusEX:HR, Xcom, and couple of PSN games. Then I've been meaning to go back to Bioshock Infinite, and Last of Us. Then I have some good humble bundle games that I've bought on a whim. So yeah, definitely.

I'm currently playing FarCry3 which I bought 4 - 5 months ago and just got around to playing it last week. I'm going for 100% because it turns out that I really like the game. Will probably take me a month at this pace before I move on.

Steam users probably know what I'm talking about, what with their famous sales and free games:
(not my library, just an example)

So, for those of you that have a big library of games, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of games you own? That is, you have a lot of games you want to play but can't decide which one to play with your limited free time?

I ask because I have recently purchased quite a few cheap games (and some free ones), and don't exactly have enough time to play all of them between work and non-game stuff.

So, I guess my real question is (for those of you in this situation): How do you decide which games to play? I was actually thinking of assigning numbers to my games, then using a random number generator to decide which one I should play, haha

EDIT: To clarify things and counter some of the assumptions made, I don't buy games simply because they're on sale or cheap. All of the games I buy are ones that I have strong interest in playing; the issue is that I sometimes can't decide what to play or don't have time to play all of them

I'm pretty much in the situation in that picture. I've got a Steam account with something like $6,000 worth of games on it (though with the number of games I've bought on severe sales, I probably only spent about $4,000), and I'm almost certainly never going to play a significant portion of them. It's disappointing, because I never buy a game that I'm not definitely interested in playing, but I'll buy it then get distracted by real life or something I never tried in a different game, etc, etc until it just never happens.

I've got a steam library of around 150 games or something like that. Honestly not interested in playing the majority of em. I wish Steam had some sort of give away or trade in option :(

Nah, I still have one wall not covered in "to-play" games... If that gets covered, the walls will start closing in...

Oh, and those don't count the games for older systems in the next room.

Real answer = yes

Got 179 games on Steam, but that's padded out by humble bundles so I don't feel overwhelmed by that, physical games are another story. Got about 1000 I'm trying to go through them all and get rid of the crap and the ones I'll never play again but it slow going and I haven't even finished the 8-bits yet.

No, but let me just say that if these case were to fall then I'd be seriously injured by Nintendo and Sony cases. XD
As for Steam games I only have like 20, and the only ones I truly care about are the Fallout games, Oblivion GoTY Edition, Sonic Generations, and Audiosurf. There aren't any other games that I personally want for my Steam since those games are the only ones I need. Man I love the mods for those games.

The only thing that truly sucks for me is that my Let's Play channel and the projects causes me to not be able to play the games I want to play for too long before I have to go back and record.

Yes, I do feel overwhelmed. And as soon as I start making a dent in my backlog, I get sucked back into WoW or GW2 and can't get back out for a long time.

I have around a thousand legit console and PC games, systems ranging from Atari 2600 to XBOX 360.

I'm a gamer since the age of seven and played a fair share of them. But in the end, it's probably less than 300 altogether. I used to visit stores with used games and video rentals that sell unprofitable games quite frequently. Before I bought my 360, spending ten bucks and more on a game felt like a waste to me. Unless it was something rare/epic like Star Ocean 2, Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia.

So yeah, I have plenty of games I haven't played. Probably more than one can play in a lifetime. Do I feel overwhelmed by them? Hell no.

In fact, seeing my collection grow bigger is satisfying on its own. Doing the research, looking/waiting for the best offers, the thrill of waiting for the arrival; it's an unique sensation. When and if I play the games is a different story. Sometimes I just feel like pulling a game from the shelf I've bought five years ago and genuinly enjoy it. I'm also trying to avoid outright crap, though I did make some purchases I regret (Suikoden IV, we could have been very good friends...).

Though lately I buy 360 games because I wanna play them right away, most expensive of those so far being Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (new and sealed for 20€ plus shipping). Maybe it's the thrill of the new system (and the fact I have a TV now that wasn't made in the last millenium), but the urge to play games that aren't at least five years old has gotten onto me.

Yes I have 100-200 Steam games so much that I've almost stopped buying many genres especially 2D platformers. When the Summer Steam Sale comes up I'll refrain from buying as many titles I like until I clear some of my backlog away.

That said physical console games are different since I have rather niche and wide tastes I buy a few games every month just because if I wait until I'm ready to play them I might have to buy from collectors and resellers. That and the fact some games I want to buy near launch to support the dev.

I've only had a PSP & DS for under 3 months and I already have about 50 games and there's still 20 or so I want to buy.

Damit and I haven't even bought a PS3 yet, lol.

Then again that's why I'm in no rush to buy a next gen X180 / PS4. I'll be happy with my backlog for atleast a couple of years to come once I've bought all that I want from this gen. (most of them are on console keepers and timesinks not 8hour SP FPS', my PC is for those type of games)

I put all the ones I want to play in my favourites list, and play them alphabetically. Right now I'm playing the new Hitman. After that I have Legend of Grimrock to play and my backlog (on Steam at least) is completely dissolved.

Just gotta get through (or at least try) Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 with their expansions, and The Walking Dead. EDIT: Also want to play FF12 again on the PS2. Then I'll wait and see what else I can pick up on sale (preferably Skyrim and Dishonored).

All of this before the tidal wave of games coming this winter. Good god.

This problem has been growing and growing for me for the point of absolute insanity at this point.

I have entire game systems that I have tons of games for and have never gotten around to playing at this point. Why? Because there are good games on the system, I want to eventually play them, and I can't help picking up games that look good when they are on sale.

I have both the PsP and DS game systems for instance. Probably around 50-100 games on each one...mostly RPGs, Action RPGs, Action games etc. I've played oh maybe 20-30 hours MAX on either system....the concept was great...have a portable game to play....the reality? When I was out and about I would read instead of playing a handheld game. Heck I even read books on my PsP instead of playing games.

But I still thought...eventually I'll play them!!

Then I got an Ipad a year ago or so. Now I do actually play games when I'm out and about sometimes....but it's on my IPAD!!!

So yeah, Like 100 games I own that I probably never will actually get to right there.

I still have a good 40+ good games...some really good games, on for my Ps2 that I never played. Now I did play hundreds of good games on that system, but I did have a backlog that I never caught up on. Then came the Ps3 and Xbox 360....I was doing fairly well keeping up with them for the first year or so, but in the last few, sales (especially chrismtmas sales) and game stores/video stores going out of buisiness and having huge sales have led me to buy tons of freaking games for both system. I have honestly played maybe 4-5 games on my xbox 360 all together, I've played way more on my Ps3...but I have a freaking TON of games to play on both systems that I havn't touched..and probably won't get a chance to with new systems coming out soon. That doesn't even take into account my large # of games on Xbox Live Arcade (they had a special that let you get 1500 microsoft points for the cost of 500 I bought most of the games in the arcade at 1/3 the normal price)...and of course all the games I either bought on PSN....or got for free from being a PSN_ member.

That is just the consoles though....Steam, GoG, Humble Bundles etc have bogged me down with freaking tons.....hundreds...of PC games waiting paitently for me to play some day. I have over 100 still waiting to be played on Steam alone...and yep, the Summer Sale is just about to start....I have way too many games already but you better believe I'll be picking up more on sale.

I'm also waiting for a few games that will be out soon.....I can't wait for Shadowrun Returns for instance....and I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 (even though I still have never finished or even gotten very far in Kingdom hearts 2...and any of the versions I own on my DS and PSP (like 6 or something).

So yeah...I'm overwhelmed...and what is makes it hard to actually finish any game...because once you get to the part that winds down..where there isn't much new to the game, I often get bored now and try something else. I don't have the patience for long games that are repetative or require grinding, instead I get distracted by a new game I am playing at the same time...and the other one gets played less and less till I stop all together.

Right now I am playing.

Original Sega Shadowrun game. Penny Arcades Precipice of Darkness part 4, Prime World Defenders, Knights of the old republic part 1 (on ipad), Knights of Pen and Paper +1 (on Ipad), Sword of the Stars The Pit, Nino Wrath of the White Witch (on Ps3), Arcanum of steamworks (from GoG) and I'm keeping up with new flash games (espeecially TD flash games) on kongregate and armor games.

Each of those games have a current save game that I have played within the last 3 days. I'm having a hard time going back to Penny Arcades game's not as fun as the first 3 to me, and I have gotten bord with it by the third tower....Gonna try and force myself to finish it though.

I also want to start playing Xcom on my Ps3...since it's free right now...but I need to finish up my current frun on Sword of the starts first..and either finish or give up on precipice of darkness. Also almost done with the original shadowrun..which I was just playing to tide me over till Shadowrun Returns comes out (got delayed a month).

Too many games....makes any one game harder to really least for me.

I have a heroi... Indie bundle addiction. I just dropped 30 bucks on more than 50 games and that's counting steam alone. I used to be a bit more wary of purchasing indie bundles, until I played Dungeons Of Dredmor. Ever since that game turned out to be everything I ever, I started buying more indie game bundles to find the little stuff that I didn't think I'd like, but was pleasantly surprised at. I still buy damn near every bundle that comes my way that I can afford on a meager $30 a week paycheck.

Do I feel overwhelmed at my 150+ steam games? No. I feel overjoyed that I have so many. It's the console games that all my friends own that gets me a bit overwhelmed. I want to sit and play a console, and I'm bombarded with too many boxes, and no idea WHAT I want to play.

I have close to 200 games across PC, 360, PS2, PSX and Gamecube. I've played just over half of them.

The thing is, I'm a serial replayer and I have a hard time getting into new titles. It's like I get too immersed in a game's universe and have trouble adjusting to new environments. I'm trying what I like to call "Indie Therapy", where after playing something deep and time consuming, I'll relax with a few short games or try out a few early release titles.

e.g. I recently played Just Cause 2 for like a month. I then tried to dive straight into The Witcher. I wallowed in the depth and bailed out. So I wound down by playing Little Inferno and FTL. The only problem there is that I lost interest in starting The Witcher over and I've now started playing Rome Total War for the millionth time whilst trying to get the hang of Kerbal Space Program.

So in conclusion... having too many games is great but also confusing. And if it all gets to daunting, turn the screen off and pick up that novel you stopped reading 6 months ago.

Yeah I'm at a 50% steam game percent plus having mass effect 2 and 3 still to play for xbox 360

A little bit, especially with my PS2 backlog. For every game I finish I seem to purchase two or three more. Some I've been dragging along for years without never really touching because of all the hype or the fact that it'll take me ages to finish (the Final Fantasy games, for instance).

Nope. My crappy internet has locked me out of any and all online gaming, much to my chagrin. So I have no problem beating everything in my library. Although I do have quite a number of games.

Crapple iPhone 4 - 9 games
Compaq Presario 7000 Craptop - 4 games
Nintendo Funcube - 11 games
Nintendo Wii 180° - 4 games
Nintendo TriDS - 17 games
Nintenderp 64 - 22 games
Sony JoyStation 3 - 22 games

I used to be seriously big into MMOs. But I can't play them anymore and it makes me so upset. So I just play one of those other 88 games o' mine, instead.

(the grand total is 89 but one of them is an MMO I play when I go to a friend's house, so it doesn't count) Although technically, a few of those are Collections, so it's actually 96 in all.


Physical copies not so much but I have a backlog a mile long digitally.

Not counting games I have on emulators and most games I've gotten on iOS, my Backloggery says I've got about 210 games.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like that isn't enough.

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