Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of games you have?

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Yes and no?

One half of me is all 'Oh God, I'm never going to play all of these'. The other half is 'Don't care; need them all'.

My backlog makes me cry a little at night, both the physical one and digital one.
Also I'm running out of cash to pay for them all.

Right now, (while I don't have a job) I'm getting through as many as possible but my love of JRPGs shall be my downfall.
Seeing only three of my games and knowing it's about 150 hours worth of gameplay is daunting.

*looks at 150 games on steam*
*looks at 45 games on gog*
*looks at 4 games on origin and 12 games sitting on shelf*

hell no!

actually, i do get the " and work are being anal bitches right now, i won't get through half of these new games by the end of summer.."

which thanks to kickstarter, i have another 6 games on top of everything coming in the next year, and i KNOW i want to play those until my fingers fall off.

so yes and no, i don't regret 99.9% of those purchases (fuck you mass effect 3) but it is a bit daunting to look at sometimes.

With hundreds of physical copies alone, I can say with confidence that I have never been overwhelmed. How do I choose what game to play? I will feel like playing a certain type of game, and scan the shelves to see what I have to decide from.

Yeah, it can be pretty bad. I've got loads of games to finish like Darksiders 2, Ass Creed 3, Star Wolves 1, 2 and 3, Crusader Kings 2, the new content for X3: Albion Prelude and Eador: a broken world but I spent all last night playing the StarSector alpha. Just as I was going to bed I saw that The Secret World was on offer and I bought that as well.

I think what I need is to be involved in a really bad car accident that mangles my legs up real bad so I can take several months off work to get all caught up.

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of JRPGs I have...I'm kind of in the middle of moving (only not right this second because complications) and only have a fraction of my JRPGs. Sure, I've beaten Final Fantasy VI, IX and, X but that still leaves me with Final Fantasy I, II, V, VIII &, XII...and Legend of Dragoon, Pokemon Leaf Green, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, Blue Dragon, Dragon Quest VIII, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger and, Wild Arms...Those are just my unbeaten JRPGs...that I have right here right now and not counting the ones in my home-to-be (complicated).

That's not counting the action games, horror games, puzzle games, compilation discs (those fucking compilation discs!) etc that I still haven't got to the end of yet. I do make some progress though...I just beat Donkey Kong Country Returns yesterday. I'm also on the verge of fighting the Elite Four in Leaf Green (I consider beating them to be the ending and everything else after to be post-ending content). Also, since my Xbox Classic decided to be a dick, there's one console's worth of games I don't have to fucking worry about for a while!

I have 182 physical games both for handhelds and consoles and 21 downloaded games on various systems. It's a lot but there is a decent chunk of those that I don't play often if not at all, but I keep them around purely for collective purposes.
I make sure to finish one game at a time, unless I get more than one all at once, so I don't have a backlog at the moment.
There's a group of games I replay a lot so I rarely ever feel like I have nothing to play, or too much to play.

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