Poll: The Hate Train: Desmond Miles

Desmond Miles, we all love to hate him... right?
I'm not sure if I'm weird or am simply blind, but I have found myself attached to the modern story in the Assassin's Creed franchise, as well as the fate of Desmond Miles, as opposed to being hateful towards it. To be honest, I'm not really sure WHY this is the case because, by all rights, after the ending of AC3 (which I will not spoil here) I should have every reason to hate the modern day story. And yet I don't.

So to my fellow gamers I ask you this, do you hate Desmond Miles? If so, tell us why he and the modern storyline deserve the hatred that they get so that others may better understand. If you don't hate Desmond Miles, tell us why he deserves better than what he is given, and why the modern story of Assassin's Creed should be taken more seriously than what it is.

You mean Blandy McBland? I don't hate him. I nothing him. He is utterly unremarkable in every way, which doesn't make for compelling storytelling.

You mean Blandy McBland? I don't hate him. I nothing him.

And swish! The thread is done. Let's pack it up and go home, folks, there's nothing more to say or see here.

Okay, a little more seriously, I didn't muster up any feeling for Desmond until the final five minutes or so of Assassin's Creed III, when he suddenly managed to push me over into hating him by being completely stupid and out of character.

Wait, to hate someone, don't they need at least a personality to hate in the first place?

I quite like him, I think the problem stems from the generally boring gameplay in the majority of AC games when you do control him.
AC1 just had you snooping around a small area, AC2 had a small amount of combat and dialogue, Brotherhood improved it slightly with the freerunning sections and Revelations was unique but far removed from normal play (AC3 was excellent though in that regard.).

I think that all he needs is a game that elaborates on his story more.

Honestly ... I did not mind him at all.

- I had fun with him in AC1.
- I had fun with him in AC2.
- And I had more fun with him in AC3 ... even more so then Connor and the revolution setting. (The ship battles were the best part still)

I thought they were on of the best parts in the game. I liked how they mixed the past and present together.
Definitely thought that Desmond was more fun in the third game, like I said before ... even more so then Connor.

I wouldn't mind if they opened up on the modern end of AC.
Though I can see why people would disagree, I think it could be really good ... or really bad.
I just hope there is a modern dude in AC4.

There's was just no point to the modern day plot, except to create some dragged-in-by-the-hairs convoluted conspiracy bullcrap. It needlessly slowed the game down, and added absolutely zilch to the actual story. When you create a narrative framing that gets in the way of the narrative, that's bad.

And Ubisoft will likely pull the same crap with Watchdogs.

If you took out the modern parts and Desmond, the entire game(s) would not have suffered one iota. What started out as an interesting idea quickly became pointless at best and laughably terrible at worst. It was so bizarre how all the storytelling in the Past was vibrant, rich and enjoyable, while the storytelling in the Present was like an inattentive child trying to retell the events of Blade Runner.

I really don't like either. If the game was just about political intrigue and conspiracies in varying time periods with a loose thread connecting each of them, the games would probably be better.

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I don't love to hate him, I just hate him.
He's simply an awful character, he has zero personality and his role in the games is absolutely minimal. Not only would you not lose anything by not having him appear in the AC games, they would actually be better off as a result, no more blinding white screens that literally tear you out of your game. (Seriously, fuck those white screens)

The only reason he's there is to be a flimsy excuse for having sequels.

As far as modern games go, I don't think I found a character with less personality than Desmond Miles. Master Chief is literally just a big faceless thing that goes around shooting aliens and even HE has more depth and charm.

I have never been so unbelievably pissed at a games' ending as I was with AC3's ending. Why? Because I've been waiting to play as Desmond Miles since the first game and now that will never fucking happen. Sure, the time spent inside the Animus was fun, no doubt about it, and I enjoyed playing as both Altaïr, Ezio and Connor. But what really drew me in was the modern stuff, learning more about Abstergo and their plans, and I was just salivating at the chance to take control of Desmond and bring Abstergo down. I played 5 damn games only to have Ubisoft shove 2 fingers up my ass and say "haha, gotcha!"

I didn't love Desmond Miles, but I had absolutely nothing against him. Kinda liked him, I have to say. Loved the modern day story, it was what kept me coming back.

Yes I hate him, I want to see him destroyed. I want him to fall.

As a plot device he is pretty serviceable, however as a character alongside Altair and Ezio he is Mr Bland McBoringpants.

I don't hate Desmond.

He doesn't have much going for him, I'll admit, but that doesn't make me hate him.
And I'm okay with the modern-day storyline. It confuses me from time to time but I like it.
I remember looking at previews whenever a new Assassin's Creed would be coming out and thinking "Yeah, yeah, that's cool, got some good looking gameplay and settings and all that... But what's going on int the modern setting? What's happening there?"
I don't know, I just like it is all.

You mean Blandy McBland? I don't hate him. I nothing him. He is utterly unremarkable in every way, which doesn't make for compelling storytelling.

Yep, exactly my words. He's uninteresting, unlikable, and just boring. The entire story in the present day is uninteresting and pointless - the game is better off without it. It should just be the stories of history, connected by the various artifacts and events, not using this soft-science shit to lasso it.

I don't hate him, I just found the modern day AC parts brought nothing to the games. I never felt any investment in Desmond's story/plight, he felt more like a nuisance that was keeping me from playing the more compelling Animus parts.

I started out as a really cool framing device but by the second game it was boring and annoying.

I'm not a fan. He's got some sweet duds in the second game, but his story is overwrought and boring, he's boring, his segments are exposition dumps about a side-plot that takes second fiddle to the stories of his ancestors that they facilitate, and biggest crime for me, they're boring to play. You're constantly walking, and being told what to do, and doing linear shit. It's incredibly frustrating to slog through that to get to the open world. It's a clipping of the player's wings.

I'd like him more if his gameplay was better. And, to be fair, his gameplay gets better and better as he learns, but I've already done that shit with Ezio and Altair, and I don't want to learn it again, especially to participate in the horrible platforming sections.

I loved Desmond AND the modern story.

... I don't know what's wrong with you people. Who wouldn't want to watch a doofus climb crates and stuff?

I don't like or dislike Desmond. I am completely apathetic about him. When a game has characters such as Altair and Ezio that have been characterized well, and the player spends the bulk of their gameplay time with those characters, having a Desmond type character/sections is very jarring and doesn't fit well with the gameplay or narrative. Desmond had a lot of potential, but was just done terribly and has been continually used as a contrivance to keep the game series going.

I can't hate Desmond because there's no character there to hate. He's too bland for me to care about. As for the modern day story, while I'm not a big fan of the overall story itself, I do think the stuff you get to play of it is pretty decent. I mean, I rather like the Abstergo facility stuff in Assassin's Creed and II, the warehouse in II is a fine interlude, running around Monterrigioni in Brotherhood was kind of neat and all three of the modern day levels in III were pretty enjoyable. So yeah, the modern day sections of the game are all fine, it's just the overall story I'm not fussed about.

I said I hate Desmond in the poll, but I don't really hate him - I don't really have strong feelings one way or the other for him. The modern story is saved by the presence of Danny Wallace and John de Lancie though.

The entire modern day story is completely pointless and the series would be stronger if they simply didn't bother with it. Nobody cares about Desmond, we spend about 10 whole minutes with him each game, all 10 of those minutes are spent wanting to return to the interesting stuff in the Animus.

Desmond is a completely bland character yes, but that's just the result of him never getting any time for character development.

I loved Desmond AND the modern story.

... I don't know what's wrong with you people. Who wouldn't want to watch a doofus climb crates and stuff?


The modern day story isn't bad, but I HATE the dumb ancient aliens/"those who came before" story line. I would have preferred a story about assassins and templars having their modern war without the world ending, or racing to find ancient technology.

Desmond is a more boring version of Nathan Drake. He has the same voice, and some of the same types of witty comebacks with his companions, but without the charm. They tried to make him more interesting as the series continued, but they failed miserably.

I really don't get the hate. I don't like Desmond, but that's only because we hadn't been given any reason to. I didn't see any reason to dislike him either.
As for the modern day story, I didn't mind that at all, but I didn't properly play past Brotherhood, so yeah. I can see why the occasional sudden shift from renaissance Italy to post-modern America would take a lot of people out of the game, but personally I didn't have a problem with it.

How does one feel emotions towards a dull character.

I might feel angry because he's the framing device to a series dedicated to faffing about and a dull character doesn't suit that I suppose. I hate him because we could get a better character.

Hate Desmond? I guess I can see why people don't like him, and while I don't think he is an AMAZING character or anything, he alone was the reason I got through AC1. I didn't care for Altair (thought he was insufferably boring), and I just couldn't wait to get out of the Animus, talk to Lucy, and read some of Vidic's emails.

And while I loved Ezio in AC2, I was actually pretty sad when you really aren't forced out of the Animus to talk to your friends that often. Even when you left after a few segments, they still didn't really have much to say. I loved how important they made Desmond seem with that game's twist though. Brotherhood fixed most of the modern day problems I had with Desmond, giving his friends a lot more to speak about and seeing some Abstergo enemy footprints through eagle vision while walking around was especially creepy.

Then Revelations came around and didn't give us much of anything. Oh sure, we explored his backstory in some nice rooms that dealt with his past and stuff, but he didn't interact with anybody of consequence. In AC3 he once again had a lot more to do which was nice, except for the end that just sort of left a sour note about him. Connor had a tendency to be boring and not boring, switching back and forth for me, so it was nice to take a break and do something else, even if it was only for barely 20 minutes.

So yeah, I actually like Desmond though I don't place him on a pedestal. I mean, the past stuff was nice, but I wasn't really attached to much of the characters. I saw AC as the story of Desmond, and trying to piece together what was going on, who was friend or foe, why he was so important, was the main draw for me. That's why I played the games. The other gameplay stuff sucked me in too (Must get every Bank, Tailor, destroy ever tower, Codex pages, etc), but I kept coming back for Desmond/the modern day stuff.

Though I will wait a bit on AC4. A bit too soon for me, especially since I played Revelations and AC3 almost back to back. I'm actually really interested to see where they take the modern day stuff next.


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