Battleships are Forever! (A custom ship discussion and showcase topic.)

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@Ifinity squared: Very nicely built ships; Not sure about the colouring, but the construction is very nice.

Also, done some more work on an alternative fleet (with some very badly written fluff)

The second fleet (first is started above) based around a large human confederation, shattered by some great cataclysm, and blown back to the dark ages technologically: various different factions have, over the millennia, advanced back to a level of technology comparable to pre-cataclysm times, and encountered each other, resulting in conflict, as newly formed and differing social, economic and religious ideals clash.

The Terran Confederation
The remnants of the original confederation, they are the only faction with any pre-Cataclysm technology remaining. However, after the panic preceding the Cataclysm, society was rent by disorder and, later, opportunistic raids from secessionist systems on the rim of their remaining territory. The knowledge of the initial construction and maintenance of the mighty pre-Cataclysm behemoths was lost, and rational thought and experiment gave way to superstitious paranoia about technology, and most pre-Cataclysm technology is revered as a religious artefact, and it is only in moments of need that the full fleet is utilised, at other times, the ships sit in drydock, slowly deteriorating, maintained by mechanics who don;t understand the technology, and crewed by officers who don't know how to fully control them. The majority of the Terran Defense Fleet is composed of cheap, mass produced frigates and destroyers, armed with primitive weaponry, and lightly armoured, with only basic deflector technology for protection. What they lack in strenght, hover, they make up for in numbers.

Eurasian Systems LS17 Sloop
Armed with 2 missile launchers, a rapid fire cannon, and two point defense guns. A staple of the fleet, it is designed for close range support, overwhelming enemies' defenses with barrages of missiles in large numvers

Eurasian Systems LS24 Destroyer
Heavier than the LS17, this light destroyer hhas two large and (relatively) advanced fission reactors in offboard nacelles, powering the main deflectors and beam weapon (one of the few examples of energy weapons in TDF fleet). However, despite being the pinnacle of post-Cataclysm technology, it is still outperformed in every area by any other faction's comparable ship.

Roost Class Carrier

-Basically a modified Adarna Class Cruiser Hull, those white things sticking out of the circular sections are modded Vulcan Cannons.

Adarna Class Cruiser

Those white bumps are modded Vulcan Cannons.

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