What game were you excited for but got canceled?

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I was really looking forward to the world of darkness MMO. But it seems that if it isn't sci-fi, CCP doesn't want to do it.

It's a shame because if anyone could make a sandbox MMO in a style that would do justice to the World of Darkness series, it would be CCP.

Eternal darkness 2
Sta4craft ghost
And the warhammer 40k space ma4ine mmo

Hero. The idea was tried again by many of the same people, but Project: Awakened seems to have had even less luck getting interest. It's had a couple of failed fundraising campaigns. I don't get this, because Phosphor seems more than capable of delivering quality games. They're now working on Nether.

Spore is another one. I know that a game called Spore came out, but it's not game we were promised. It's so far removed that I feel that this is a valid option.

Battlefront 3. Yes, this one will be getting a second chance at life, but now that Dice is on the job, I've lost all interest.

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