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I've been playing a lot of BioWare games recently, specifically Dragon Age 2, and I have played my fair share of BioWare games overall. But for everything that BioWare gets right with their companions (Garrus, Varric, Alistair, Minsk), there are some pretty dreadful ones to boot. What are some of your least favourite across all of BioWares games?

In no particular order:


ahem, sorry, I have a lot of feelings about him. Baldur's Gate II being one of my favourite game of all time and me being generally fond of Bioware romances, it pisses me off to no end that female pc were stuck with that holier than thou self-centered asshole. thank fucking god for the modding community! speaking of BG II, Nalia was also pretty unlikeable and entered my party a grand total of 1 time. Then I just learned to sprint past her.

I will second Anders, but admittedly, he did kinda fuse with Justice and it corrupted him because of his rage or something. Doesn't excuse the butchering of his character, but I can understand the motivation behind his new personality. Still, that whole blowing up the chantry thing was just piss poor writing all around. Me being extremely pro-mage somehow made him almost bearable though. almost.

Merrill was cute and all, but god, was she the ultimate numbskull. that mirror thing totes look super safe.

That's about it. On a side note, I freaking loved Samara, so different strokes and all. Also my lust for Fenris can be summed up in one word: Balthier. swoons.

Pretty much every male character in Dragon Age 2 is God-fucking-awful. Anders did a complete 180 in his attitude. He went from a charming, flirt to a brooding emo. Fenris is just a massive asshole. Carver is somehow an even bigger asshole than Fenris. Bitching every two seconds as to how he isn't as good as you. Maybe if he spend the amount of time he complains about Hawke training, he might be as good as Hawke.

James Vega and Kaiden I really don't care for. James is just... boring. And Kaiden is even more boring. Getting through their conversations is one of the most painful things I've done in gaming.

I'm replaying Mass effect(because I'm playing the trilogy straight through, so I can finally stop avoiding the ME3 ending spoilers).

I almost never use Kaidan or Ashley when I play. Kaidan just seems really....dull and Ashely kind of annoys me. The low grade racism is only part of it, frankly. (which is why I usually let her die when given the choice). I usually use Liara, Wrex or Tali for the missons and let the humans babysit the Normandy.

/everyone/ in dragon age 2 sans Aveline

and Jacob from Mass Effect(s), even Kaiden is slightly more interesting than Jacob

I actually just finished my most recent run through of Dragon Age: Origins, and boy do I not care for Zevran. I guess I don't really have anything against his character, but more against how the romance system works in that game. It gets super awkward when you're simply just trying to get your companions' approval, and all of a sudden your other companions are congratulating you on your relationship with him.

I'm about to start Dragon Age 2 again, but the first time I played it, I remember really not caring for Fenris or Carver, and I didn't really like Anders very much, but I used him a lot.

For me it would probably be Merill or Anders. Merill, mostly because I found her to really be the least interesting out of all the companions.

Fenris and Anders seemed to represent an "opposite sides of the same coin" idea which makes it odd that Fenris is my favourite companion while Anders was my most hated. I think it's because I found Fenris fascinating from a psychological standpoint and I found his personality interesting. Yet with Anders his escalating extremism (thanks in no small part to the whole Spirit thing) and some of the things he said in his banter segments just outright annoyed me to the point where I almost never took him along.

OP, you picked one of the less terrible ME2 squad members.

Miranda would have been spaced immediately (her intro is running up and executing someone, calling him a traitor with no evidence beyond telling her partner she's "always right". If there's any character development later on, I wasn't interested in seeing it.)

Or Jack, the uber-confrontational and ridiculous-looking biotic who thinks it's cool to tell everyone how 'hardcore' she is, and is the very definition of Cutscene Power? Spaced.




Unless you're talking about Baldur's Gate 1 Imoen... I wasn't a fan until her hair went anime inexplicably pink.

Edit: I suppose I'd better say something on topic.

The worst Bioware companions are all of the DA2 companions. I don't remember any of their names any more- mercifully. I just recall enough about them to say that they collectively represent a low point for Bioware in terms of writing, voice casting and design.

I think DAII Anders takes the cake. They managed to ruin not only one but two characters in one fell swoop. Quite the achievement. And as the OP already noted: Bonus points for forcing him into the party by virtue of being the only support character who could revive party members.


"I'm so happy you brought me with you! I never imagined that we would do such great things!"

Fuck that elf.

Anders from Dragon Age 2.

And Merril from Dragon Age 2.

And Carver from Dragon Age 2.

And pretty much just Dragon Age 2. The writing quality plummeted with that game, and nothing else really took it's place to make the game better. Fingers crossed that Inquisition will be anywhere near worthwhile.

I also really dislike Leliana, not because she's poorly written, I just hate what she talks about. I don't want talk about shoes. I don't want to talk about small yappy dogs. I sure as hell don't want to get preached at about the Maker or told some long, boring story about a lady knight from Not France. Every conversation with her is like watching paint dry.

Ya kno I never could stand Liara. She was really truly just annoying and the fact that she was the only lesbian option (i'm gayyyy) for so long just made it even worse. I WISH I could have her be killed. But alas, plot coupon.

Honorable Mentions: Garrus (ugh talk about a whiny pissbaby), Anders (in general, not even bc of his little mistake at the end of DA2, dude never seemed to actually care about other human lives, only his.), and TALLIS (they had the opportunity to do so much with an elf Qunari and they did spunky thief ugh uhg uhguhg especially when Isabela was right there already doing spunky theif 100x better ugh i hate her so much).

Though it is kind of cool to realize that those four were the only ones I could think of. I like almost everyone else a lot! (esp. Zaheed and his smoooooooooth voice i want to high five him).




Unless you're talking about Baldur's Gate 1 Imoen... I wasn't a fan until her hair went anime inexplicably pink.

Edit: I suppose I'd better say something on topic.

The worst Bioware companions are all of the DA2 companions. I don't remember any of their names any more- mercifully. I just recall enough about them to say that they collectively represent a low point for Bioware in terms of writing, voice casting and design.

you summed it up perfectly HOW DARE YOU INSULT IMOEN ! and no you are not entitled to your opinion when its that :D

yes on topic. the evil ranger guy in neverwinter nights who you couldnt get rid of, murder or stick his ass in a dungeon cell and was so obviously going to betray you from the second you met him it was stupid

A lot of people don't like Jacob or Kaidan from Mass Effect. I actually really liked Kaidan. Jacob wasn't great, but I thought he was ok. They were my buddies. The only Mass Effect companion I disliked was Miranda. I guess it's just hard to take someone seriously when they're marching to battle in high heels. It also annoyed me about Samara but not enough to dislike her. I guess I can't pinpoint why exactly I didn't like Miranda, but she always just came off as annoying and whiny. Miranda was my only squadmate to not survive the suicide mission, so maybe she gets redeemed in Mass Effect 3, but I'm not interested in another playthrough.

Outside of Mass Effect...I dunno. Never played either Dragon Age to completion, so I can't comment about those. I guess I never really liked Mission from Kotor 1, but I didn't dislike, I just never used her.

Henpecked Hou. That henpecked bastard promised me drunken boxing. I was gonna be Jackie Chan! But sadly, it does not level along with other styles, I need Henpecked Lou to use it..



Damn you Henpecked scam artist Lou!

Edit: I feel old, everyone else is going for Dragon Age and Mass Effect. ;_;

[Spoilers for the Mass Effect games.]

Ugh, Liara, definitely. I never used her in any of the games unless it was absolutely necessary and I always hated how sometimes the games seemed like they were trying to make her the default romance for Shepard. I also didn't like how much you had to comfort her when Thessia is attacked, I get that she's distraught but Earth and Palaven had both already been attacked already and Shepard and Garrus were handling it pretty well compared to her.

Also, Miranda. I usually did her loyalty mission then forgot about her, especially as MaleShep since it was fairly easy to start her romance. And that fucking fight between her and Jack that can easily screw up a playthrough where you're trying to get everyone to survive the suicide mission.

Let's not forget Jacob. Oh my good lord, I'm not sure what the people at Bioware were thinking when they thought up that character but it must have seemed awesome on paper. He's bland, his loyalty mission is horrible and his romance makes FemShep the creepiest she's ever been, the dialogue is just so horrendously sleazy. Also he cheats on Shepard after like eight months, gets another woman pregnant, then he wants to name the kid after the woman he cheated on. Because what could be weird about that?

So many of the companions in DA 2 were complete basketcases. Hard to choose. I will start by choosing Merril, the crazy supposedly cute elf who is trying to fix a demonically possessed mirror. She saw this thing east one of her friends in the Dalish elf origin in DA:O and is still mucking around with it. Idiot. It was only a little blood magic, the spirit (ahem demon) helped right? Idiot. This obsession of hers got her shunned from her clan and her clan matriarch sacrifices herself to save her from becoming an abomination. And that is the fucking best case scenario. Idiot. I want to hate Anders more, but he has a fucking fade spirit in him mucking with his emotions so I can understand his actions even if I still want to mount him on a pole Vlad Tepes style over them. Merril is just fucking stupid.

I'm going to go a little off base with my number 2 hate from MAss Effect 3. Jacob and Miranda are obvious choices and I get why people are annoyed by them. Javik on the other hand...they put a fucking Prothean in the game and it still manages to have almost no impact on anything. You get very little insight on the Protheans from him, he knows nothing about the MacGuff-er Catalyst, and he's pretty useless as a squaddie too. Plus you have to pay for the privilege of having him in you team. Thanks Bioware.

Zevran from DA:O was pretty annoying. It was like his VA was trying too hard to sound like Antonio Banderas or something. I found myself giggling every time he opened his mouth.

Jacob because I liked fem shep tell him. he took one of the galaxies most powerful women and turned her into a booty call. All of male shep women remain loyal. Now when ever i try and play her I get this sound track of fem shep sucks in bed.

I am just going to leave the two companions from DA2 I liked here, because the rest of the cast qualifies for "worst". Aveline wasn't totally bad, between her role as party tank and her personal storyline of learning to balance work and personal life she was pretty alright. Varric, possibly the only good companion out of DA2. While I never cared much for archers I did like his snarkiness and care free attitude, it is no wonder it is Varric who does the narration for the entire game.

No complaints about BG1, even though Garrick was useless
Anomen, Cernd & Haer D'alis from BG2. Pain in the ass, useless & useless pain in the ass in that order.
Bishop from NWN2 - Total jackass
Sten in DA - Deadly dull
Fenris, Carver & Anders from DA2 - just shut up
No complaints about ME1
Jack & Zaeed - ME2 - Cut scene badasses with annoying attitude issues
No complaints about ME3

Sten from Dragon Age Origins. Early in the game, I decided to take him along on a trip to Denerim, and get ambushed on the way. The first fight he's in, and Sten goes down pretty much immediately. When I finally get to Denerim, he starts going on about how I'm a rubbish Grey Warden. I wish I'd left him in the cage for the Darkspawn.

Carth from Knights of the Old Republic. For everyone who found Kaiden to be a bit whiny, I give you Carth - moaning his way across the galaxy and dragging everyone down by complaining about all of his problems. Nobody cares, Carth.

Am I the only person alive who actually likes Jacob and James? Jacob is the least interesting of the squad members personality-wise, because they didn't give him some offbeat quirk, he is just a straight-up person.

James gets dismissed for being an obvious draw for the gears crowd, but they actually did something with it, and we were given another genuine person. You need normal to counter the oddball, if you are not going for completely oddball.

My least favorite bioware companion is Jack. They ruined the reveal long before the game came out. They tried too hard with her attitude. The tattoos are not even that esthetically interesting. Her romance is by far the worst in a pool of awful poorly written romances. Bioware romances are 'we conversed twice, now we are deeply in love.' Her biotics in combat are by war the worst in ME2, particularly on insanity.

I liked her in ME3, but by that time, she is no longer a companion.

Mine are Samara and ME2 Jack.

Although I disliked Fenris intensely, it was always for who he was, not because of bad writing or acting. In fact, I could completely understand his motivations, and in his position, I would probably feel the same way too. Good acting, good writing. I liked all the DA2 companions, although I never saw Carver (after the opening scene), but found Sebastian a bit tacked-on and inconsequential. (He was DLC).

A few that I didn't like much were:
T3-M4 in KOTOR, he got better in KOTOR 2 and seemed to develop more of a personality, but in the first game he was just boring and felt like dead weight whenever I had to include him in my party for hacking or something.
Ashley, she was always so darn bland, Kaiden was pretty guilty of this as well, even if you romanced him, and there was nothing that either of them could do that couldn't be done better by Tali, Wrex or Liara (in ME:1)
Although I've not used him I get the feeling that I'd absolutely hate Sebastian partly because of what he does during the last straw (I won't spoils)

Also I feel like I'm the only person who liked Anders in DA:2, I actually quite liked him in that, and really like his romance plot, but I can understand people being angry about the change in his character, but it's kind of understandable that he'd be traumatised after some of the stuff that Justice has made him do.

Couple of honorable mentions:

I feel old, everyone else is going for Dragon Age and Mass Effect. ;_;

I do remember Jade Empire, I had it on my old Xbox, but I think the game broke and I never got to finish it. I think there is a version on Steam, but last I checked, it didn't work on something that I had so I never picked it up.


Bishop from NWN2 - Total jackass

Dear Lord, I'd forgotten about him...
But yes, agreement.

Also, the whole "damaged heroine who is really mean to hide her past/issues" trope gets old a little fast.

Part of what made me dislike Dragon Age 2 was how there was only one companion I really enjoyed having around (Varric I think...the narrating Dwarf). While most other people have pointed out Avaline and, Fenris my absolutely most hated companion in DA2 was Isabela. Her personality was grating to the point of being painful and she was such a poorly constructed poc*-character it took me until JUST NOW to realize she was meant to be a poc and not just have that thing Megan Fox has where it looks like she's covered in a constant layer of dirt and, grime.

* = person of color. I have nothing against PoC companions, it just seemed like Isabela was an incredibly lazy attempt at trying to make one.

It has to be that half elf whatever in BG2. I think her name was Aarie or something. All dwarves in Dragon Age. I dislike my European styled fantasy settings with dude sounding like he came from a biker bar in the American Southwest. Yes, I want my dwarves to sound like drunken Scotts. But since we are on worst, how about best? The robot in KOTOR, HK somethingorother. Exclamation: Die, meatbag!

I like that people don't agree with eachother, and that some people's picks are my favourites, AND other people's favourites!.
I was going to go for Anomen, because he's pretty annoying, but he does that so well I just can't. Instead, I'll pick the NWN1 OC henchmen. Not annoying exactly, just useless and uninteresting. SoU expansion partners are only a slight improvement (with the exception of Deekin, but he doesn't really get good til HotU).

I honestly found the cast of Knights of the Old Republic to be boring as hell. They all had wooden dialogue and worse voice-acting. Even the ones that everyone raves about like Canderous or HK-47 just sounded bored. I didn't play long enough to unlock Jolee Bindo, who I've heard is another favourite, so I'm not sure if he bucks the trend. Even if he did, it probably wouldn't matter to me.

Jade Empire was slightly better; Dawn Star, Silk Fox and Sky were dull (the love interests, natch), but the rest of them were pretty decent. I found myself growing quite fond of Sagacious Zu and Wild Flower, and Black Whirlwind was always a pleasure. I wish the guy from the Celestial Bureaucracy had played a larger role, he cracked me up.

As for Mass Effect, I reckon Samara was pretty boring, but that's about it. I seem to be rare among Mass Effect fans in that I don't have the energy to hate characters that makes me want to kill them off over minor personality flaws. I find that attitude childish, and hearing people talk about it just makes me groan.

This might be a weird choice, but here it goes.


Now, I want to be upfront about this: I don't hate Felicia Day, I thought she worked in Fallout: New Vegas. I don't hate celebrity inserts, Mass Effect proved that Keith David, Seth Green and even Freddie Prince Jr. can still be effective in their roles. I don't even mind the constant glibbing, because lord knows Alistair or Varric or Isabela can't go 5 steps without being snarky.

No, Tallis simply doesn't fit into the Dragon Age universe. She's made up of all of these traits that are supposed to make her 'endearing' but instead end up making insufferable. She literally spends 50 seconds showing how awesome she is by killing everyone while Hawke and friends just stare an watch. Every companion has to mention how pretty she is.

Even her humor is all over the place. Again, Dragon Age is known for its humor, but at least they help define a character. Alistair hides his insecurities through his humor. Morrigan doesn't know how to interact with people without her acid wit, even Sten does the deadpan so well, it might be he doesn't even realize the jokes he's making.

Tallis is too in the know. This isn't using humor to hide a character flaw or add weight, this is literally winking to the camera, 'I'm being too smart for my own good'.

I hate throwing this term around, but she really does feel like a self-insert character, and what's worse is that the Bioware writing staff apparently didn't even bother correcting some of the lore hiccups in Day's script. (Day apparently wrote MotA).

So, that's my two cents.

Henpecked Hou. That henpecked bastard promised me drunken boxing. I was gonna be Jackie Chan! But sadly, it does not level along with other styles, I need Henpecked Lou to use it..



Damn you Henpecked scam artist Lou!

Edit: I feel old, everyone else is going for Dragon Age and Mass Effect. ;_;

It's especially bad because Jade Empire basically REQUIRES that you master magic, and a weapon, and a hand-to-hand style (of course you can go shifting and skip all that junk too). Taking Hou not only gives you a middling to crummy fighting style, it robs you of the focus or mana regen provided by other allies, making golem battles all but impossible.

Of course that system was terrible anyway. It's the main reason I haven't played the game again.

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