Dota 2 low priority pool, I'm stepping away for awhile.

Hello everyone, I haven't done a post here in forever, quite crazy really. Lots of work, still working on the small game. Let's talk about Dota 2!

I'm sure I'm not the first person who's ever put this down, but I think I'll be retiring from the game for awhile after this recent incident.
In my younger years when I first started the game I used to rage quit to hell and back and I understood why I was punished in low priority, I hated it so. As I grew to mature and accept my fate if I'm unable to win or get paired with the most abnormally silly team, I could accept it.
So I was thrown into low priority again, not for abandonment. But being reported, being reported because we were winning. I'm practically wishing my team a happy holiday season, to then find myself thrown into low priority.
They of course let me know the reason why. I was playing as Huskar (you know... the guy who's built for ganking). We won, but I was reported for stealing kills. Now some of these were questionable as I was clearly the one doing the labor, but the later ones were accidental (from his fire/poison damage over time). The entire team reported me on this and I was actually rather shocked. I find myself in low priority for 16 games and had my mmr go down.
Usually this wouldn't effect me as it gives me an excuse to try out all the characters in low priority that I haven't tried yet. What bothers me is the fact that I was actually reported for being good. I love this game dearly but due to this incident I just can't see myself playing this again for awhile. To put it bluntly, I feel betrayed.
Call me a nagging bitch or man up and get over it but that honestly really just baffled me. I at least hope this doesn't happen to you guys, Happy holiday!

Same here. How do you view the message(s) that tells you why you were put in low-priority? I've been threatened with being reported many times (usually for dying a lot during team fights) but it didn't tell me the reason.

A friend of mine had a particularly lucky game where he just did absurdly well. I guess he got in the zone... anyway the people on his team decided that he must be a pro player who was just doing it to be mean to nooby players, and reported him -.-

But yeah, sometimes the community is just thick. I've been reported by people for all sorts of stupid reasons. Pretty sure someone reported me for killstealing when I was playing the freaking hard carry. But I put up with it, because the good games make it worth it.

You can't see the exact messages, I only assumed because right after that same game after everyone was stating they were going to report me I was thrown in low priority.

That's a pretty tragic tale. There aren't many things League does better, but the Tribunal thing is one such thing. But then DotA isn't that great in recent months anyway; the report team don't care, the balance department has been on indefinite vacation since last year's Halloween and the quality control team have got to be Solitaire experts by now.

Not sure if it's worth emailing them (do they even have email address?) or not. I've never been punished by them, despite saying some ungodly things in that chat and intentionally throwing games just because my 'allies' were tools and I enjoy dispensing whatever justice I can. It's silly how unsuccessful their systems are. Let's hope the future is kinder to you.

If you were placed in low priority it wasn't because a few players decided to report you after match.

Reports are tracked over time and aren't viewed as singular incidents. The system looks for patterns of behavior. In general, a few matches worth of reports aren't really enough to warrant a response from the system.

Also, you can't actually see the reasoning behind your placement in a low-priority pool. You might see a message alerting you and your party that you're in low-priority, but for the most part you can't see the specific who's and why's.

Don't take this personally, but maybe it's the way you behave in many of your matches and not that a few assholes decided to be mean after a match. Being placed in the low-priority pool because of player reports means you likely received consist player reports over a lengthy period of time.

Barring that, you could always try changing the ways in which you play. Not just in terms of your own play-styles and behavior but also the modes you're playing. Try avoiding All-Pick for a while. All-Pick is the quintessential cluster-fuck of Dota 2 Matchmaking.

Same here. How do you view the message(s) that tells you why you were put in low-priority? I've been threatened with being reported many times (usually for dying a lot during team fights) but it didn't tell me the reason.

In most cases those reports will either be bluffs or duds.

While the system is automated it needs a pattern, a certain amount of reports over a certain time, to actually kick in. The amount of reports per game doesn't matter, it just counts games you were reported in.

Then there are some... special cases. People who got for whatever reason hit by the system. They have a smaller tolerance for reports which may result to neverending LPQ phases or mute phases.

It was over reports over time. Possibly due to some games that I either did incredibly poorly in, or if I ended up just muting my team because I was tired of listening to them trash talk. Again this isn't the first time I was hurled into low priority, either due to abandonment (early years) or because I ended up just ignoring the other players due to their incessant bitching. I don't usually trash talk and most of the time I've been assaulted is when I play as Huskar, it's like the online community hates the shit out of him or something...

OP.. I am gonna call some BS here.

It takes A LOT of Reports to get thrown into LP. LOts of Verified Reports over time. In short One game's worth of reports is not gonna get your thrown into LP... you must have been seriouslyv racking up some reports and bad behaviour and as such you have earned your fate.


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